Mech Battle: Full Metal Storm – Chapter 28

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Chapter 28: Decisive Battle Day

Next, Di Zheng explained in detail.

And showed Luo Yan where to stimulate the acupoints step by step.

Finally, let Luo Yan practice on his own.

An afternoon passed by just like that.

As the class was about to end, Di Zheng said, "Come, activate it once for me to see."

Luo Yan nodded.

Activate the Elemental Power within his body, while pressing acupuncture points with his hands to guide the surging Elemental Power.

When he pressed the acupoint 'Yintang' between his eyebrows.

Luo Yan's whole body shook.

The released Elemental Power inside his body created a strong wave.

Subsequently, the Elemental Power manifested and surged up.

Luo Yan's hair floated, his crimson eyes seemed to burn with flames.

He could feel the immense power continuously flowing within his body.

It felt like he had endless strength.

Di Zheng nodded, pointing to a training wooden dummy beside them.

"Show me how to do 'Broken Bone', please."

Without saying a word, Luo Yan approached the wooden dummy.

He raised his arm and clenched his fist.

With determination, he struck out.


His fist hit the wooden dummy.

The wooden dummy flew three meters away.

Then it fell to the ground.

Wei Zheng walked over and patted the chest of the wooden dummy.

The surface of the wooden stake cracked open immediately, revealing the shattered wood inside.

Luo Yan couldn't help but look at his own fist.

He wondered if this punch landed on someone, it would probably break bones to pieces.

This is the power of the 'Open Yuan Wheel'!

"Alright, stop now," said Di Zheng.

Luo Yan followed his instructions and gathered his breath.


He felt tired for a moment.

It was indeed as Di Zheng had said.

Opening the Yuan Wheel will speed up the use of physical strength and Elemental Power.

Di Zheng added, "That's basically how it is."

"Next, you should practice diligently before the Deathmatch."

"You need to practice until you can open the wheel with Elemental Power without any assistance."

"Only then will it have practical significance."

Luo Yan nodded.

Di Zheng patted his shoulder and said, "I have a task on the day of the Deathmatch and can't watch the match."

"As compensation, when you come back, I will teach you how to 'Open Ghost Wheel.'"

Luo Yan nodded vigorously.

At the same time.

This is Di Zheng's encouragement.

At that moment, Wei Fenghua came back holding a wooden box.

Di Zheng greeted him and then left.

Wei Fenghua coughed and asked, "So, did Di Zheng teach you any new Battle Techniques?"

Luo Yan shook his head and said, "No, he taught me the 'Open Soul Wheel' secret technique."

Wei Fenghua was puzzled for a moment.

Then he said, "Wow, he really is generous."

"You must practice hard. This 'secret technique' was earned through risking his life and military achievements."

"Don't waste his efforts."

Luo Yan finally understood how valuable this 'secret technique' was.

Wei Fenghua handed the wooden box to Luo Yan again.

Luo Yan opened it.

Inside was a long sword.

The long sword was entirely black, with irregular dark blue lines scattered across the blade.

It looked like it was pieced together from fragments.

"Crack Star?"

Luo Yan looked at his mentor.

Wei Fenghua nodded slightly and said, "Try the feel."

Luo Yan lifted the long sword and felt it was just the right weight.

He turned around and took a swing at the wooden dummy.

One arm of the wooden dummy fell off.

The cut was smooth.

Wei Fenghua reminded him, "Don't forget to read the instructions in that wooden box."

"Also, your three hundred credits have been credited."

"I suggest you go to the logistics department to exchange for some first aid kits and stimulants."

"You'll need these in the Deathmatch later on."

Luo Yan nodded, "Okay."

One week passed quickly.

In a blink of an eye.

It was the day for Luo Yan and Luo Beichen to have their 'Deathmatch'.

The 'Deathmatch' was scheduled for 10 o'clock in the morning.

It would take place in Training Hall No 3 at the academy.

The preparation of the arena and maintaining order in the training area.

It was the responsibility of the student council.

Early in the morning.

He Hao, as a member of the student union.

Reluctantly followed his partner, Su Jiu, to the student union office.

The president of the student union, Bai Zixi, stood by the window, the sunlight shining on this gentle and elegant young man.

Making him look even more handsome.

He Hao scoffed, "Mr. Bai is showing off again."

Smiling, Su Jiu said, "The president is always handsome."

"Don't be discouraged."

"You and him are not the same type of player."

"You've grown more casually, so don't worry."

He Hao glared and said, "Su Jiu, are you still my partner?"

Su Jiu smiled and asked, "Is there a problem being partners and liking President Bai?"

He Hao snorted and looked at the ceiling, "Silly girl."

Su Jiu giggled, "Big man."

Just then, Bai Zixi cleared his throat, "He and Miss Su are here."

"So, everyone is here now."

"Hello, everyone."

"I'm sure you all know."

"The two main characters in today's Deathmatch have quite the reputation."

"Third Prince of Bright Star Heavy Industries."

"Also, the 'Natural Resonator' recommended by Commander Di."

"I have received the message."

"Many important people from the city will come to watch the competition today."

The room immediately filled with discussions.

"President, should we, the student council, stay out of this matter?"

"Exactly, it would be easier if it's just campus staff."

"But how can we handle the important city figures?"

He Hao slapped the table with a loud bang.

Look around.


"What does it matter, big shot."

"This is Battle Academy. Even if the mayor comes, they have to stay quiet and watch."

"Anyone who dares to criticize will be kicked out!"

Next to Su Jiu, she was already holding her head in pain.

The other student union members directly pointed at He Hao's nose.

"Who are you to call someone junk."

"You rough fellow, if you can't speak properly, then keep quiet and don't embarrass our academy."

Bai Zixi smiled, "Okay."

"He, we are all classmates, let's speak politely in the future."


"He may speak harshly, but he is logical."

"What he said is correct."

"Whoever comes to Battle Academy must follow our rules."

"Also, the principal spoke to me yesterday."

"The principal said he fully supports us."

"So today, everyone can give it their all."

"But remember, try not to use your hands if you can help it."

"Visitors are guests, we should respect our guests."

Bai Zixi spoke lightly, but the meaning was very clear.

Even if they are important people, if they don't follow the rules and don't care about their reputation.

When it's time to act, then act!

He Hao stood up suddenly.

He walked towards the main gate without looking back.

Su Jiu followed, asking, "Where are you going?"

"Training Hall Number 3"

Bai Zixi smiled and said to the others, "You all go ahead, I will join later."

Training Hall Number 3.

Some students were already setting up the stage here.

Suddenly, a student rushed in and said, "Teacher Huang is here."

A student union member in charge asked, "Is it Teacher Huang Yong?"

"How many Teacher Huang do we have in our school?" the student asked back.

The student union member frowned and said, "According to the school rules, neither mentor of the students participating in the Deathmatch can watch."

"This is to prevent mentors from intervening when students are in danger, interfering with fairness," explained the student union member.

"If Teacher Huang is Luo Beichen's mentor, why is he breaking the rules knowingly?"