Mech Battle: Full Metal Storm – Chapter 27

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Chapter 27: Swimming Dragon Step, Open Soul Wheel

City of Guangling, Great Jiangnan Road.

Luo Mansion!

In the practice room, Luo Beichen wore his robes and arrived early.

He waited for about half an incense stick's time.

He heard footsteps.

Take a look.

The old man who appeared in the father's study in the morning arrived.

Luo Beichen bowed, "Greetings, Senior Gao."

"Just call me mister."

Gao Lin carried Luo Beichen on his back and walked around in a circle.

"What level are you at now with the Visualization Technique?"

Luo Beichen answered truthfully, "Primary Level 3."

Gao Lin nodded and said, "You are practicing the 'Swift Wind Technique', which focuses on quick advancement."

"It seems like the instructor who picked this technique for you has good judgment."

Luo Beichen respectfully said, "Yes, my instructor Huang Yong said that if I don't win the Deathmatch."

"In that case, I should focus on practicing fundamental techniques, like 'Viewing the Mountains and Seas'."

"But to win the Deathmatch, I need to reach a higher level, giving me a slight advantage over that person named Luo."

Gao Lin softly said, "Makes sense."

"Even if rushed, if the foundation is not solid."

"But in the future, you can practice other skills, and then come back to fill in the foundation again."

He paused, then added, "Do you know what skills the opponent practices?"

"What level are they at?"

Luo Beichen replied promptly, "The person named Luo practices 'Viewing the Mountains and Seas', currently, as far as I know, it is at Primary Level 2."

"He earned many credits when he enrolled."

"After challenging me to a duel, he exchanged a large amount of 'Soothing Agentia'."

Gao Lin chuckled, "Facing a deathmatch soon, and he's still training in 'Viewing the Mountains and Seas'."

"It looks like his mentor has a lot of confidence in him."

"With the 'Soothing Agentia,' reaching 'Primary Level 2' is not surprising."

"Although there's only a week left, you should prepare for the worst. He may break through to 'Primary Level 3' before the arena challenge."

Luo Beichen squinted his eyes.

"Since he was recommended by Di Zheng, he might receive personal training from Di Zheng in Battle Technique."

Gao Lin sat down cross-legged.

"Di Zheng's Battle Technique stems from two 'basic forms'."

"'Thunder Strike', which is a sword technique."

"'Broken Bone', a type of boxing."

"Both of them have mastered various Battle Techniques."

"Like 'Thunderstorm. Chaotic,' 'Thunderstorm. Flash.'"

"And also 'Broken Bone. Seven Kills,' 'Broken Bone. Heartbreak.'"

The old man seemed to know Di Zheng very well. Luo Beichen listened attentively, not wanting to miss anything.

"Considering the time, as well as the level of your classmate's Visualization Technique."

Gao Lin smiled and said, "Di Zheng won't teach him advanced Battle Techniques, he should only teach him two 'basic moves.'"

"I won't teach you Battle Techniques anymore."

"There's only one week left, there's no time to teach."

"But, I will teach you a set of footwork, or body technique."

Luo Beichen was a bit confused.


What can footwork do?

Gao Lin smiled lightly and said, "Although footwork cannot defeat enemies, it is an important auxiliary technique."

"At the same time, it can also evade attacks."

"And some advanced footwork techniques have other clever uses."

"For example, the 'phantom step' can disrupt the opponent's judgment."

"'Aether step' can step through the void, coming and going without a trace."

Luo Beichen was amazed as he listened.

Just realized underestimated footwork.

Gao Lin stood up and said, "I will teach you a footwork called 'Swimming Dragon', so you can handle your opponent's attacks with ease."

"Then, counterattack when you find an opening, defeat the enemy in one move!"

He raised his hand.

And struck heavily again!


In the afternoon.

Training area.

As soon as Luo Yan entered, he saw Wei Fenghua talking to another person.

The man's face was stern and cold. He was the commander of the Surface Exploration Legion.

Di Zheng!

"Luo Yan is here."

Wei Fenghua clenched his fist and cleared his throat, asking, "Are the weapons ready?"

Luo Yan nodded.

Return the tablet to Wei Fenghua.

There were options he had selected on it.

"Crack Star?"

Wei Fenghua nodded and put away the tablet, saying, "Okay, I'll go collect it for you."

"Di Zheng will teach you in the afternoon class."

After speaking, the mentor walked away.

Di Zheng looked Luo Yan up and down.

Then he reached out his hand and pressed heavily on his shoulder.

Luo Yan couldn't help but straighten his back.

From the pressure of Di Zheng's palm, he felt a sense of encouragement.

Di Zheng must have heard about what happened in the forbidden area.

But he didn't mention a word.

Instead, he asked.

"How is your progress with practicing the Visualization Technique?"

Luo Yan did not hide it, "Primary Level 3."

"Just recently made a breakthrough."

Di Zheng's eyes showed a hint of surprise.

Then he said, "Today I will teach you not 'Battle Technique' or 'mystical art'."

"Instead, it is a method to stimulate yourself and unleash your potential in a short time."

"It is called 'Open Soul Wheel'."

Luo Yan remained silent but fully focused.

"In the Daoist 'Cloud Pavilion Scrolls', it is said that people have seven souls, namely Corpse Dog, Hidden Arrow, Sparrow Shadow, Swallowing Thief, Non-Poison, Removing Filth, and Stinking Lung."

"The seven souls correspond to the seven Wheel Seas in the human body: Origin, Abyss, Spirit, Power, Energy, Wisdom, and Surge."

"When we talk about 'Opening the Soul Wheel', it means stimulating and unlocking these seven Wheel Seas to temporarily unleash greater potential."

Luo Yan nodded, finding it easy to remember this knowledge.

Di Zheng continued, "You only have one week left before the Deathmatch, so I can only teach you how to unlock one of the Wheel Seas."

"I'll teach you the rest when we have more time."

Pausing for a moment, Di Zheng said solemnly, "What I'm going to teach you is the easiest to grasp and the foundation of this 'secret technique'."

"Open the Origin Wheel!"

"Now, let me demonstrate once."

Di Zheng reached out, touching his shoulders on either side and finally lightly tapping his forehead with his fingers, "To open the 'origin wheel'."

"We need to stimulate the 'shoulder well' on both sides with Elemental Power, and then stimulate the 'yintang' to activate."

"Beginners may need external stimulation to help because they are not skilled."

"Once familiar, just use Elemental Power to activate the acupoints."

"This will activate the state of 'yuanlun'."


Di Zheng's body suddenly surged with elemental power.

The Elemental Power overflowing from his body was visible to the naked eye.

Bright yellow light surged, making his hair float unpredictably.

At the same time.

Di Zheng released a strong pressure that nearly made Luo Yan fall to the ground.

As Di Zheng took a deep breath.

The pressure and rising Elemental Power quickly disappeared.

"After activating the Open Yuan Wheel, the body's functions, including the strength of Elemental Power, Battle Techniques, and mystical art power, can increase by about twice."

Di Zheng explained, "Therefore, the stronger your foundation, the greater the potential for improvement."

"But at the same time, activating the 'Open Soul Wheel' comes with a cost."

"Activating different 'Soul Wheels' requires different costs."

"The cost of the yuan wheel is that, during the active state, your physical endurance and Elemental Power will rapidly deplete."

"So, choose wisely."

"If you activate the 'yuanlun', then you need to determine the winner in a short amount of time."

"Determine life and death!"

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