Mech Battle: Full Metal Storm – Chapter 26

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Chapter 26: Three Rewards

Sunday afternoon.

Luo Yan and others finally returned to school.

65 people left, but only 60 people came back.

Five new students died.

Returned to school.

Luo Yan immediately went to exchange for 7 bottles of 'Soothing Agentia' and a 'blood poison palliative'.

This cost him another 9 credits.

But he didn't feel any regret.

It's been a week since entering the Forbidden Zone.

There's only one week left until the 'Deathmatch' now.

Luo Yan needs to practice harder.

As for the other participant in the 'Deathmatch'.

After arriving in Guangling City, Luo Beichen didn't go to school.

Instead, he went home.

Just as he entered the house, he was informed.

His father, Luo Tianyi, was waiting for him in the study.

Luo Beichen went to the study and knocked on the door.

"Come in."

Inside, there came the father's cold voice.

Luo Beichen pushed the door and entered.

He saw another person in the study besides his father.

The person was sitting on the floor, eyes closed.

Being able to uphold this demeanor in front of Luo Tianyi was remarkable.

Luo Tianyi said simply, "This is Gao Lin, Mr. Gao."

"Mr. Gao is a master of 'Mystery Achieving Level Three'."

"A true master."

"Don't go to the school next week."

"You will be guided by Mr. Gao."

"Also, I have prepared weapons, armor, resources for practice, and potions for you to use in the arena."

"Just focus on one thing."

"Practice and defeat your opponent in a week."

"That's it."

"You may leave now."

From beginning to end.

Luo Beichen wasn't given a chance to speak.

He doesn't care if he accepts.

This is his father.

Luo Tianyi!


On Monday morning, it was Xiao Shi's common sense class.

The teacher who looked most like a senior walked into the classroom.

He squinted his highly nearsighted eyes to look at the students.

Then he exclaimed, "Has student Luo died?"

Laughter erupted in the classroom.

Zeng Shan hmphed and said, "Good riddance."

Just then, a student stood up and said, "Teacher, Luo Beichen has taken a week off."

"I heard he's undergoing special training."

After speaking, he glanced at Luo Yan.

Obviously, this 'special training' is for preparing for the 'Deathmatch' in a week.

"I see..."

Xiao Shi then said, "Well then, let's start our lesson."

"Today, let's talk about the 'Doomsday Prophecy'."

Doomsday Prophecy?

Luo Yan, who was usually zoning out, couldn't help but look up when he heard the word.

Xiao Shi used a projector to display some photos on the blackboard.

The photos were all about a monument.

"This is the 'Doomsday Monument'."

Xiao Shi said, "We found this in that 'world', and it predicts that doomsday will come when people discover that 'world'."

"And in the next one or two years, there will be gradual signs of doomsday approaching."

"So, countries around the world started secretly building underground cities."

"That's how we have our Northland Eighteen Cities now, and the Southern Nine Capitals."

There was a pause in Xiao Shi's speech, and a student raised their hand and asked, "Teacher, if there was a prophecy, why build underground cities in advance?"

"Why wasn't it made public to the people?"

"Was it to avoid causing panic?"

Luo Yan nodded silently.

He was also very conflicted about this issue.

When he saw Guangling City, he was a bit indignant.

Building an underground city to avoid natural disasters.

Obviously, some people knew early on that a disaster would happen.

But until the 'Beast Calamity' erupted, the common people had not received any information.

If it had been announced in advance.

Even though they couldn't stop the disaster.

It didn't result in such heavy casualties.

Xiao Shi sighed and said, "Worrying about causing panic is one aspect."

"On the other hand, it's because the prophecy of the 'Doomsday Tablet' predicted the disaster to happen a century later."

"But nobody expected the disaster to suddenly erupt just half a century later."

"Perhaps this is what they mean by 'Man proposes, but God disposes'."

Disaster struck early...

Luo Yan closed his eyes.

As if he could see some familiar figures flashing before his eyes.

Originally, it was not a mistake in the prophecy.

Those figures were not supposed to disappear.

Next, Xiao Shi talked about other things.

Until the end of the class.

When leaving the classroom, the school broadcast informed Luo Yan to go to the principal's office.

Luo Yan was surprised.

Why was he being sent to the principal's office?

Was it for the school rewards?

Luo Yan suddenly felt motivated.

Principal's office.

When he walked in.

Luo Yan saw Wei Fenghua and a short old man.

The old man was dressed casually, wearing flip flops.

He had white hair tied in a small braid.

Wei Fenghua introduced, "This is the principal of the school, Pan Renfeng."

Luo Yan nodded slightly, "Principal Pan."

Pan Renfeng chuckled, "Luo Yan, your performance during the forbidden area excursion was excellent."

"Especially at the critical moment, driving 'Black Thunder' to kill two beasts, your courage is admirable."

"After studying."

"Decided to give reward as encouragement."

"Teacher Wei, it's your turn."

Wei Fenghua stepped forward with a smile and said, "There are three rewards."

"First, 300 credits have been transferred to your student ID card."

"Second, a 'Heavy Weapon,' I will send you a list of options later for you to choose from."

"Third, advanced Visualization Technique."

"Once you have successfully practiced and mastered 'Viewing the Mountains and Seas' and made a breakthrough, then I will teach you an even higher level of Visualization Technique."

"No need for any conditions."

Luo Yan felt a bit dizzy from all the rewards raining down on him.

Getting 300 credits was expected.

Getting just one 'Heavy Weapon' was a bit unexpected.

As for the advanced Visualization Technique, it was even more surprising.

This meant that there would be no obstacles at least until reaching the 'Mystery Achieving level'.

Collecting himself, Luo Yan nodded.

Wei Fenghua handed him a tablet.

The tablet displayed a list of 'Heavy Weapons' collected by the school, for Luo Yan to carefully select and report back on.

Returning to the dormitory.

Luo Yan couldn't wait to start choosing.

Weapons, including various weapons used by mechas, are divided into grades.

The lowest grade is 'Craftsman Item.'

Such as the rifles and knives they are equipped with for missions.

Such as the Divine Power Rifle used by mechas.

All belong to the 'Craftsman Item' grade.

The second grade is 'Heavy Weapon,' the weapons at this grade.

Are much more powerful than 'Craftsman Item.'

The third grade is 'Divine Weapon,' the weapons at this grade, with materials said to come from that 'world.'

The 'Divine Weapon' is not considered the highest level.

But with Luo Yan's current status, he cannot access it yet.

He doesn't even know what a 'Divine Weapon' looks like.

In the meantime, Luo Yan is focused on selecting a 'Heavy Weapon'.

Finally, he chose a standard longsword called 'Crack Star'.

Besides being sharp like a 'Heavy Weapon'.

It can also split the blade and shoot fragments to harm others.

And the presence of the 'Magnetic Attraction System'.

Can reassemble the split sword fragments!