Mech Battle: Full Metal Storm – Chapter 25

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Chapter 25: The Value of Luo Yan

He Hao groaned a few times, gradually opening his eyes.

At first.

His vision was blurry.

After a moment passed.

Their eyes slowly started to focus.

Then, they saw a huge figure that seemed metallic and heavy.

He felt a bit confused.

It felt familiar.

Suddenly remembered, that wasn't his own machine.

'Black Thunder'?

After defeating the giant beast, 'Black Thunder' stood up.

The armor on its abdomen and fists were still falling off.

Bright sparks jumping out from the damaged parts of the machine.

Telling a story of fierce battles.

The sunlight is intense.

The heavy body of 'Black Thunder' outlined a golden light.

Like a black war god.

Standing tall between heaven and earth.

At this moment, the cockpit of 'Black Thunder' opened, and someone climbed out.

The person held onto the black outer shell of the machine, lifted their head, and closed their eyes.

Carrying the sunlight all around.

On the ground.

The crowd watched the figure dyed golden by the sunlight.


All were stunned.

After a few seconds.

He Hao suddenly shouted, "Who opened my 'Black Thunder'?"

Li Bohang and Zeng Shan, a few students, just noticed that the third grader had woken up.

Li Bohang hurriedly explained, "It was Luo Yan, a classmate."

"Senior He Hao, please don't blame him."

"If he hadn't killed two giant beasts, we might have been in danger."

"He killed two giant beasts?" He Hao looked around and saw the bodies of 'Tanuki Power' and 'Siox'.

Then he felt his chest, "Wait, my combat suit is still on me, how could he operate the mecha?"

Li Bohang raised his glasses and said, "I guess, Classmate Luo might be a 'Natural Resonator'."

"Natural Resonator?"

Zeng Shan and the other students looked puzzled.

They had no clue what that was.

He Hao, on the other hand, felt a shiver through his body.

Then he muttered to himself, "I see, I see now."

Luo Yan turned out to be a 'Natural Resonator'.

I wondered why Di Zheng would support him to the extent of participating in a 'Deathmatch' for a wild kid from the surface.

If he is a 'Natural Resonator', then it all makes sense!

By this time, Zeng Shan and the others were all asking, "Classmate Li, what is a 'Natural Resonator'?"

Li Bohang smiled faintly and didn't keep them in suspense.

Let me explain.

"Us backup Mecha Masters, even after graduating from the academy, may not necessarily be able to pilot mecha."

"Teacher Zhao Yidan already mentioned this in our mecha common sense class."

"That's right, we can't just 'resonate' with any mecha."

"Even the simplest mecha could fail to resonate."

"Some people may never find their own mecha in their entire life."

He Hao stood up and said in a serious tone, "But the 'Natural Resonator' is different, these guys are just born for this."

"They can resonate with any type, any grade of mecha."

"Even without wearing a combat suit or connecting neural wires."

"They can still pilot a mecha."

"The entire Guangling City used to have only one 'Natural Resonator,' but now there is a second one."

Zeng Shan puzzled, "In that case, the 'Natural Resonator' has more choices."

"And they don't have to worry about not having a mecha to pilot."

"But, Classmate Li and Senior He, do you both seem to admire the 'Natural Resonator' a lot?"

He Hao asked sarcastically, "Is that so?"

"You don't really understand the meaning of the 'Natural Resonator'."

Li Bohang seemed to be knowledgeable about this, and he smiled and said, "Teacher Zhao also mentioned that the Visualization Technique has different levels."

"The same goes for the mecha body."

"Based on its performance, it can be classified as basic, intermediate, and advanced."

"Above advanced mecha bodies, there are even higher levels like Guardian, Divine General, and others."

"From basic to advanced levels, and even Guardian, by modifying and adding external parts to the mecha, its performance can be enhanced."

"To improve the evaluation level of the mecha."

"However, 'Divine General' level and higher level mechas cannot be artificially upgraded."

"These mechas have their levels fixed from the moment they leave the factory."

"The higher the level of the mecha, the more difficult it is to establish 'resonance'."

"Especially mechas above the 'Divine General' level have special abilities, allowing only Mecha Masters to pilot them."

"They are all valuable assets."

Zeng Shan suddenly realized, "So, the 'Natural Resonator' can establish resonance with all mechas."

"In other words, they can easily establish resonance with advanced mechas, enabling them to pilot 'Divine General' level mechas with ease."

"Is that their value?"

He Hao chuckled, "You're finally not too foolish."

"Yes, a 'Divine General'-level unit is already capable of destroying a city on its own."

"But not just any Mecha Master can 'sympathize' with them."

"However, this is not a problem for a 'Natural Resonator'."

"Currently, Guangling only has one 'Divine General'-level unit, if we can train a 'Natural Resonator' to become a qualified Mecha Master."

"Then our city of Guangling can request another 'Divine General'-level unit."

"With two 'Divine General'-level units, Guangling City gets a ticket to enter the 'Dead Zone'."

"The significance of this is beyond your imagination."

While they were talking.

Luo Yan had already gotten off the unit.

He Hao walked over.

He gave Luo Yan a stare.

Passed by him without saying a word.

Then studied 'Black Thunder' carefully.

Finally said, "Outsiders shouldn't casually pilot other people's machines."

"Look, 'Black Thunder' has been ruined by you."

Luo Yan remained silent.

But then, He Hao added, "But for an outsider, you did quite well."

"Remember to wear a combat suit next time before going up. 'Natural Resonator' may have advantages, but one small mistake could be fatal."

Luo Yan turned around.

He Hao had already boarded the aircraft.

A moment later.

'Black Thunder' restarted.

He Hao's voice sounded through the speaker, "Let's go, I'll escort you to the assembly point."

He piloted 'Black Thunder', picked up a rifle, and walked towards the entrance of the canyon.

In the evening.

Luo Yan and the others arrived at the assembly point.

After reaching the temporary camp, He Hao went to give a report.

It was night time.

Luo Yan was called into the tent by Wei Fenghua.

Inside the tent, Wei Fenghua picked up a glass of water and swallowed two capsules.

Only then.

"He Hao has already told me that you drove 'Black Thunder' to kill the giant beast and protect your classmates."

"Well done."

"When you return, the academy will reward you."


"You are a 'Natural Resonator,' your potential is enormous."

"In the battlefield, I hope you prioritize your own safety."

"If you have extra strength, then help your comrades."

Luo Yan looked at him and asked, "I heard from Zeng Shan that 'Natural Resonator' is a valuable 'treasure'?"

Wei Fenghua nodded, "That's right."

Luo Yan looked slightly puzzled and said, "If that's the case, why don't the school and Commander Di stop me from participating in the Deathmatch?"

"If I die, wouldn't I lose a valuable treasure?"

Wei Fenghua smiled and said, "A sharp sword is tempered by hardship, and plum blossoms bloom from bitter cold."

"Do you understand?"

Luo Yan's doubts faded away.

Nodded vigorously, "Got it!"