Mech Battle: Full Metal Storm – Chapter 24

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Chapter 24: Fight to the End

In an instant, the Divine Power Rifle had fired 10 bullets.

The head of Tanuki Power was blasted into a bloody mess.

Another bullet was shot.

Passing through the shattered skull, it directly crushed its brain.

Suddenly, Luo Yan saw.

With over a thousand blood value points remaining, it instantly turned to 0!

Took down one!

He checked the ammunition supply.

There were 12 bullets left.

While Luo Yan was attacking Tanuki Power.

The giant beast, a buffalo, stood up again.

Two large holes were made in its left side by missiles.

Blood was flowing heavily.

However, this only made it angrier.

While Luo Yan was attacking Tanuki Power.

It spread its four hooves and charged towards Luo Yan.

Luo Yan saw this scene through the entire screen window.

At the same time, he saw.

Siox has over five thousand blood points left.

Although its blood is decreasing due to the wound bleeding.

But not for long.

Not down to zero yet.

Luo Yan doesn't plan to fight the giant beast head-on.

He remembers Wei Fenghua's words.

First use long-range attacks to weaken the giant beast.

Then finish it off at the right moment.

So when the giant beast charged, 'Black Thunder' rolled away, letting 'Siox' miss.

Siox turned around, and with its front foot, stomped on the ground.

It created a shockwave.

The ground immediately shook violently, creating cracks on the earth.

Luo Yan felt uncomfortable inside the cockpit.

If he hadn't fastened his seatbelt.

He would have been thrown out by now.

The aircraft was shaking like it was drunk.

Seizing the opportunity.

Siox charged forward and ruthlessly rammed its horn into the mecha's abdomen.

The belly armor of 'Black Thunder' was immediately pierced.

Due to the 'empathy system', Luo Yan felt like his stomach was stabbed by a sharp cone.

The pain changed his face color.

A drop of blood dripped from his nose.

In order to better control the mecha, Mecha Master needs to connect with the mecha through the 'empathy system'.

This transforms them into 'giants'.

It also means sharing the damage with the mecha.

Mecha Master's damage is mainly sensory and neurological impacts.

However, if the situation becomes too severe, it could be fatal.

So, Mecha Master needs to wear a combat suit.

The combat suit not only connects to the 'empathy system.'

It also reduces nerve impact and lessens pain.

It has a life detection system as well.

If shock occurs, there's an automatic heart defibrillator system to save lives.

Unfortunately, Luo Yan doesn't have a combat suit.

It's not hard to imagine the great pain he's enduring right now.

Grappling with the pain in his stomach, Luo Yan clenched his teeth, urging 'Black Thunder' to push the rifle into the giant beast's left wound.


Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Loud gunshots rang out, each bullet shattering the organs inside the 'Siox's body.

Bursting out from the other side of its body, creating one blood hole after another.

The giant beast's blood rapidly decreased.

At that moment, the giant beast's eyes turned red.

With a strong upward flick.

Surprisingly, the 'Black Thunder' heavy machine was flicked into the air.

And crashed into the distance.


The dark mecha crashed heavily onto the ground and rolled uncontrollably.

Inside the cockpit.

Thanks to the presence of an omni-directional gyroscope, the cockpit always stayed balanced inside the mecha.

However, under the influence of the 'empathy system'.

Luo Yan still felt dizzy.

Due to the intense impact, many circuits in the cockpit sparked and flickered one after another.

On the ground.

Li Bohang and his companions turned pale with fear.

They were right on the path where 'Black Thunder' was rolling.


"Stop quickly."

The students screamed.

Li Bohang snapped out of it and hurried to hug He Hao on the ground.

At that moment.

Surprisingly, Zeng Shan didn't run.

And he picked up He Hao's leg.

The two of them instinctively lifted the third grader and desperately ran towards the outside of the track.

But there was no time.

Inside the cockpit.

Luo Yan slowed down and saw Li Bohang and others behind him.

Quickly made 'Black Thunder' drop the rifle, freeing his hands to grab the ground with his fingers.

Leaving five grooves on the ground.

Finally stopped just before reaching Li Bohang and the others.

Zeng Shan lifted his head.

He saw the huge heel of the mecha just above his head.

He could clearly see the various structures on the underside of the mecha's foot, along with dirt and grass sticking to it.

If Luo Yan had not stopped in time.

Zeng Shan believed he would stick onto the mecha's foot armor in a different way.

Then the mecha powered out.

It made the ground shake.

Only then did Zeng Shan let out a sigh of relief.

He collapsed to the ground, completely drained of strength.

Inside the cockpit.

Through the full screen, Luo Yan saw 'Siox' charging towards them.

The giant beast was covered in blood.

With each step it took, large amounts of blood and flesh would fall from its body.

At this moment, the giant beast only had a little over two thousand blood left.

However, Luo Yan didn't have a gun.


He could only use close combat skills!

'Black Thunder' dashed away.

Shortly after, he met the giant beast.

The patterns on 'Siox's' horn lit up with a dark green light.

Looking from afar.

It appeared like a burning magical flame.

Obviously, the giant beast went all out.

Luo Yan was no exception either.

He roared loudly in the cockpit.

Activate 'Black Thunder's' Super Torque power in the arm.

Before colliding with 'Siox'.

'Black Thunder' leaped into the air.

In mid-air.

Bending his arm and making a fist.

"Elbow jetpack, activate!"


The hidden jetpack at the elbow of the aircraft lit up suddenly with flames.

Full power output.

A thick blue flame spurted out.

Propelling the 'Black Thunder's iron fist towards the target.

At the same time.

Utilizing the 'empathy system'.

Luo Yan employed the fist technique 'Broken Bone'.

His Elemental Power surged out.

The body was strengthened.

Let a bright light shine between the fists of 'Black Thunder'!

The next second.

The fist of 'Black Thunder' collided with the horn of 'Siox'.

Luo Yan felt a sharp pain in his right hand.

It turned out that the outer armor on the fist of 'Black Thunder' was shattered by the giant beast's horn.

At the same time, the horn of 'Siox' was also shattered.

The broken armor revealed a damaged steel fist with a metal skeleton and artificial muscle fibers inside.

It heavily hit 'Siox' on the head.

The giant beast trembled suddenly all over.

Ripples spread out from the fist of the robot.

It passed through the whole body of the giant beast in an instant.

The long hairs of 'Siox' all drifted backwards.

The parasites hidden in the hair exploded one after another.

The giant beast let out a mournful cry.

It was knocked back by 'Black Thunder' with a punch.

After sliding a distance.

It staggered and took two steps.

Next, from the eyes, mouth, and wounds all over the body.

Spurting out fountains of blood.

'Siox' suddenly collapsed on the ground in a strange position, as if losing all bones.

If the body of the giant beast is cut open at this moment, it would be found that its bones are all shattered inside.

Not a single piece intact.

Inside the cockpit.

Luo Yan was breathing heavily.

Watching the life force of the giant beast finally drop to zero.

Watching the red light symbolizing vitality disappear.

He finally relaxed.

Then he realized.

Feeling warmth at his nose.

He touched it.

His palm was covered in blood.