Mech Battle: Full Metal Storm – Chapter 23

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Chapter 23: Seeking Revenge for You

"What, did Luo Yan fellow go into the cockpit?"

Li Bohang exclaimed, "This can't be happening!"

"Without wearing a combat suit or helmet..."

"If you can't connect the empathy system, you can't activate the mecha."

Some students next to him started complaining too.

"Attending his simulation class was a waste of time."

"Trying to stand out is fine, but not like this, it's just causing trouble."

"These wild people from the surface just don't understand!"

At that moment.

Luo Yan couldn't hear his classmates' complaints.

When the giant beast 'Tanuki Power' appeared, Luo Yan immediately took action.

He didn't hesitate, and went straight into the cockpit.

He didn't choose to run away.

It wasn't because he wanted to show off.

But when he saw 'Tanuki Power'.

He activated 'Illusion Breaking Eye' and soon discovered another giant beast.


The buffalo-like giant beast was hiding behind a high mountain to the northwest, slowly approaching.

Very cunning.

Luo Yan believed that facing the attack of two giant beasts.

The chances of surviving in a mecha battle would be higher.


Even if he managed to escape the area where the two giant beasts collided by chance.

The parasitic swarm behind was also very dangerous.

Luo Yan knew he was a 'Natural Resonator'.

At that time in 'Flower City', not to mention wearing a combat suit.

He didn't even enter the cockpit.

Connected to the empathy system of the 'White Dragon' aircraft.

So no time was wasted.

Headed straight to the point.

At this moment, he sat in the pilot's seat.

Using the knowledge he learned in 'simulation class'.

Placing his hands on the floating sensor.

Then he relaxed his body.

Recalling the state he was in when connected with the 'White Dragon'.

Luo Yan cleared his mind.

Making sure his mind had no distractions.

Using his mind and body to feel the presence of the mecha.

After a moment.

Suddenly, he seemed to hear someone laughing.

Then, many scenes flashed before his eyes.

Among them.

There were several scenes that left a deep impression on him.

He saw 'himself' dining with his wife and child.

The family of three was inside a tent, with the evening approaching outside.

But there were two suns in the sky!

He then saw 'himself' battling a wild boar.

That wild boar seemed very similar to 'Tanuki Power'.

He also saw two graves in front of 'himself'.

One of them, small in size, had a wreath placed on top.


He saw 'himself' plunging towards the endless sea of beasts below!

In these images.

Luo Yan felt various emotions like joy, anger, and sadness.

And the last image of diving into the sea of beasts.

Made a strange sense of sorrow and heroism rise in his heart.

"Let me..."

"I will avenge you!"

Luo Yan opened his eyes.

The electronic in the cockpit started.

"Empathy system online."

"Neuron connections stable."

"All restrictions lifted."

"Mecha, activate!"

Suddenly, there was a bright light in front of Luo Yan.

It turned out the panoramic window had been activated.

He is in the cockpit, but he can see the scenes around him.

He sees the ground right beneath his feet.

The forest looks like a green carpet.

The towering mountains have now turned into a gentle slope that is easy to climb.


He turned into a giant!

On the ground.

Zeng Shan exclaimed, "Look, it moved."

"The robot moved!"

Li Bohang saw it without needing a reminder.

The engine of 'Black Thunder' started again, and all the signal lights lit up.

There was a roar of energy running through the machine, along with the sound of mechanics working.


'Black Thunder' that was kneeling on the ground stood up.

However, sparks flew from the machine's left arm at this moment.

It seems to be severely damaged.


Luo Yan actually made 'Black Thunder' restart.

It's shocking enough to make your jaw drop.

"Am I seeing things?"

"Did that wild person start the mecha?"

"How did he do it?"

"This is not scientific!"

Just now, he was complaining about Luo Yan's students.

Now, everyone is stunned.

It's like witnessing a miracle.

Inside the cockpit.

Through a holographic display, Luo Yan saw that the left arm of the machine was damaged.

Cannot be used.

His fingers kept tapping on the floating sensor, checking the ammunition supply of 'Black Thunder'.

And the weapon status.

The results came out quickly.

'Black Thunder's Divine Power Rifle only has one magazine left, with 23 bullets remaining.

There are three missiles left in the missile launchers on the chest.

In addition.

'Black Thunder' is not equipped with melee weapons like swords.

Its weapons are large arms and fists that are much bigger than usual.

The 'Black Thunder' arms are equipped with the 'Super Torque' system, giving the robot more powerful strength and destructive force.

Additionally, there is a hidden jet system at the robot's elbows.

It can enhance its punching power when needed.


The pilot should be skilled in various boxing techniques.

Therefore, no swords or similar weapons are provided.

Inspection complete.

Luo Yan activated the 'Illusion Breaking Eye' and saw the buffalo-like 'Siox' retreat two steps to the northwest.

It was clear that it was gathering strength, getting ready to crash into him.

At the same time.

"Tanuki Power" was already rushing towards him.

The system calculated that impact would occur in two seconds.

Just then.

"Black Thunder" was under Luo Yan's control.

He suddenly jumped up.

He somersaulted in mid-air.

Allowing "Tanuki Power" to pass beneath him, missing the collision.

Almost at the same time.

A loud rumble came from the northwest.

Li Bohang and the others looked over.

They saw a 'Siox', like a black cloud, crash through the mountain.

It rushed out.

It collided head-on with 'Tanuki Power'.

The two giant beasts crashed together with a loud bang.

The ground shook violently.

Knocking Li Bohang and his friends to the ground.

The other side.

'Black Thunder' has landed on the ground.

Slid forward for a while.

Quickly turned around.

Then the chest armor opened, launching three missiles in a row, emitting flames.

Flew out from the launch pod.

Struck hard on the head of 'Tanuki Power' and the side of 'Siox'.

In a fierce explosion, several fireballs quickly expanded.

Ultimately turning into a wave of fire sweeping all around.

'Black Thunder' didn't stop attacking.

Holding up the Divine Power Rifle with one hand, the pilot shot out bullets specially designed for the giant beast.

The bullets left a clear trail in the air, trailing with sparks, disappearing into the thick smoke and flames.

A student shook his head in disbelief.

"Can't he wait for the giant beast to come out before shooting?"

"Shooting like this randomly is just wasting bullets."

Inside the cockpit, Luo Yan's eyes glowed red, with specks of silver light flickering.

He still maintained his 'Illusion Breaking Eye'.

This allowed him to see through the thick smoke and flames directly.

And with the help of the computer, they locked onto the head of 'Tanuki Power'.

In his eyes.

The fiery red light of Tanuki Power was fading.

The appearing numbers kept decreasing.

It can be seen.

When the missile hit its head just now, 'Tanuki Power's health dropped significantly.

Now, each bullet can cause more than 200 to around 300 damage to it.

And 'Tanuki Power's blood level is now less than 4000!