Mech Battle: Full Metal Storm – Chapter 22

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Chapter 22: The Brave Warrior

The punch technique 'Broken Bone' has a strong instant explosive power.

By using the technique of shockwaves, it can bypass the protection of armor and muscles.

It directly explodes the bones inside the body.


Luo Yan used it to deal with this clearly mutated python.

With one strike, it shattered all its bones.

This shows its power!

A moment later.

Luo Yan cleared a space and made a fire.

He skinned and butchered the python.

He washed it with spring water.

He skewered it on branches and roasted it over the fire.

After a while, most of the python was inside Luo Yan's belly.

He ate and drank until he was full.

Luo Yan cleaned up the snake carcass and the fire.

Then, he curled up among the flowers and grass near the ‘Youyin'.

And that's how he spent the night.

He didn't know if it was because of the breakthrough yesterday.

Or the nourishing snake meat.

The next day when he woke up.

Luo Yan felt that his injuries had improved a lot.

After a moment.

He used those vines hanging down to the ground.

To leave from the gap above the cave.


"We need to gather at the entrance to the canyon."

Luo Yan looked around.

There were either trees or strange rocks around.

He had no idea where he was.

He thought for a moment.

He found a huge tree and climbed up it.

It was a tall cedar tree.

Even with his Primary Level 3 fitness, Luo Yan spent a lot of time climbing to the top.

He looked out from the treetop.

Most of the forest was below his sightline.

Can see very clearly.

Where he is now.

There is a lonely peak on the northeast side, pointing to the sky like a sharp blade.

Luo Yan silently took note of it.

So he can come back later to get the 'Gathering Yuan Flower' and 'Youyin'.

Looked around again.

Saw the entrance to the canyon.

Just as Luo Yan confirmed the direction.


On his left, there were roars and explosions.

Luo Yan looked over.

There, trees were falling and burning brightly.

A huge giant beast collapsed with a loud noise.

A dark mecha also fell to its knees.

Black Thunder!

It was being driven by a third-grade student!

Luo Yan locked onto the direction.

Quickly slid down from the cedar tree.

He ran all the way.

Before long.

He heard gunshots.

Luo Yan stopped and hid behind a bush.

He activated the 'Illusion Breaking Eye' to see.

Not far from the 'Black Thunder'.

He saw a patch of gray light.

Among it were several human-shaped figures.

The rest were parasitic swarms.

The group of people relied on the shape of the hill.

They set up defenses to resist the attack of the parasitic swarm.

Luo Yan went around to the back of the 'battlefield'.

He arrived at the top of the hill.

He climbed up a big tree and hid in the branches.

From this angle.

He didn't need to use the 'Illusion Breaking Eye'.

Luo Yan could also see that below the hill, five new students from the academy were defending and attacking in an orderly manner.

Fighting off an attack from a group of 'Rotting Fly'.

Inside there.

He saw two 'familiar' people.

Li Bohang and Zeng Shan.

At this moment.

Li Bohang seemed to be playing the role of a commander.

Under his command.

Several students took turns in battle.

In a blink of an eye.

Quickly, they brought down nearly a hundred rotten ropes.

During their break from fighting.

Luo Yan finally arrived next to the hillside.

To avoid misunderstandings, he spoke first, "Zeng Shan."

Upon hearing Luo Yan's voice, Zeng Shan looked up and joyfully exclaimed, "Old Luo, you're not dead!"

"That's great!"

He didn't seem fake.

He genuinely felt happy for himself.

Luo Yan also felt a slight warmth in his heart.

But outwardly, he just nodded slightly.

Then slid down the hill.

Li Bohang nodded at him and asked, "When did you arrive?"

"Just now."

"You were busy, so we didn't want to disturb you," Luo Yan said briefly.

A student nearby snorted, "He arrives and doesn't help, just wants to take advantage."

Luo Yan didn't defend himself.

He didn't carry any weapons.

How can he help?

Fight physically?

Fight 'Rotting Fly' up close?

And not just one or two, but a group.

He didn't want to die yet.

Li Bohang stopped and said, "We are classmates, don't do this."

"Besides, Luo Yan has no gun."

After speaking, respect filled Li Bohang's eyes.

No gun.

But can survive in the forbidden area.

And all alone.

This is a true hero!


Not everyone has as much vision as Li Bohang.

Some new students remained silent, but their eyes showed discontent.

Luo Yan didn't let such a small matter bother him.

Look at 'Black Thunder'.

"What's going on?"

Li Bohang said, "We bumped into Zeng Shan nearby yesterday."

"We were supposed to go to the assembly point together this morning."

"Suddenly, they encountered a huge creature. They thought they were done for, but luckily, Senior He Hao arrived just in time."


Li Bohang frowned, then exclaimed, "Oh no, Senior He Hao is still not coming out."

"He might be injured."

He rushed towards the robot.

Luo Yan silently followed behind.

'Black Thunder' knelt down, offering plenty of places to climb and get leverage.

Soon after.

Luo Yan and the other two arrived at the robot's head.

The cockpit of the spaceship is at the head, and the hatchway is at the back of the brain area.

At that moment, Li Bohang knocked on the hatchway, "Hey Captain, are you okay?"

"Can you hear me?"

After calling out several times, there was no response.

Luo Yan said in a deep voice, "He might be unconscious."

He searched around the hatchway for a while.

In the 'mechacommon sense class', Teacher Zhao Yidan said.

There is a manual device next to the cockpit that can forcefully open the hatchway.

This is prepared to rescue the unconscious pilot.

A moment later.

Luo Yan found the device and slammed it down hard.


Gas vented beside the hatchway, keeping the internal and external pressures balanced.

Shortly after opening, the mecha cockpit appeared before Luo Yan and the others.

Having taken the "Simulated Driving Course," they were familiar with the cockpit.

Upon entering, they saw He Hao unconscious, slumped in the seat.

His helmet and combat suit had neural wires plugged into them.

This was the connection point for the "empathy system."

Connect Mecha Master and the mecha together.

Luo Yan and the other swiftly disconnected the neuron wires from the interface driver, then lifted He Hao out of the mecha.

When He Hao reached the ground.

Li Bohang removed his helmet and activated the life detection system on He Hao's combat suit.

Finally, the system displayed.

He Hao had only temporarily lost consciousness.

There was no danger to his life.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief.


The roar sounded.

Near the giant beast knocked down by 'Black Thunder' in the distance.

Another 'Tanuki Power' ran over.

The giant beast ran quickly with its four hooves.

Shaking the forest.

The students panicked even more.

This made them capable of dealing with parasites.

But it was too difficult for them to fight the giant beast.

"Run, let's run quickly."

"What should we do about He Hao, the senior student?"

"How about we hide him until we find a teacher, then we'll get the rescue team to save him?"

"Otherwise, Senior Ho would have passed away by now."

"Then what do you think we should do?"

The giant beast was getting closer and closer.

Li Bohang suddenly stood up and said, "Quick, help me take off Senior Ho's combat suit."

"I'll give it a try."

"To see if I can pilot the 'Black Thunder.'"

Zeng Shan was surprised, "Are you capable?"

"Have you piloted a mecha?"

"I haven't."

Li Bohang said in a low voice, "But there's no better way now."

Zeng Shan and a few classmates nodded in agreement.

They glanced admiringly at Li Bohang.

They hurriedly helped He Hao out of his combat suit.

Just then,

Everyone heard the hatchway closing.

Li Bohang stared and looked towards the 'Black Thunder.'

Sure enough, the hatchway at the top of the mecha had closed.

"Who went in?" Li Bohang asked in surprise.

Zeng Shan looked around and then shouted, "Old Luo, where's Luo Yan?"

He then looked at the 'Black Thunder' as if he had seen a ghost. "Could Old Luo have entered the cockpit?"

"Is he going to pilot the mecha?"