Mech Battle: Full Metal Storm – Chapter 21

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Chapter 21: Getting Rich

Since he didn't see any strange creatures, Luo Yan felt relieved.

Walked out of the cave.

Arrived at a wide open area.

In this place, there was a spring surrounded by flowers and grass.

The sunlight was shining from above.

Luo Yan looked up and saw an irregular gap above.

It could lead to the outside.

However, the gap was covered with thick vines like big snakes.

Green vines hung down, long and short.

Swinging in the cave as soon as the wind blew.

Luo Yan walked towards the spring.

He took a few steps.

Suddenly stopped.

He cleared the nearby flowers and grass, finding a plant emitting a faint, pale yellow light.

It turned out to be a 'Gathering Yuan Flower'!

Wei Fenghua had talked about the situation of 'Misty Canyon' before they set off.

It included information about precious medicinal herbs.

Inside this place, the most precious thing is the 'Gathering Yuan Flower'.

It is the main ingredient for the advanced medicine called 'Yuan Essence Elixir'.

Each 'Yuan Essence Elixir' requires 20 credits to obtain.

While one 'Gathering Yuan Flower' can be exchanged for 15 credits.

Luo Yan quickly looked around.

He discovered that the 'Gathering Yuan Flowers' here were growing abundantly in large numbers.

This unassuming cave turned out to be a treasure trove!


Luo Yan's body tensed up.

Then they walked towards the northwest corner of the cave.

In this corner.

An irregular black crystal was surrounded by flowers and grass, with occasional fluctuations of energy within the crystal.

Conjuring up fierce beastly figures.


It was 'Youyin' after all!

Luo Yan's mind buzzed.

Only one thought flashed through his mind.

We're going to be rich!

The 'Youyin' in front of him was only one meter tall, much smaller than the one he found at the Galaxy Stadium that day.

But there were many 'Gathering Yuan Flowers' in this cave.

If they could get them out, it would be a great fortune.

A remarkable fortune!

Luo Yan immediately calmed down.

He knew very well that without strong power.

Fortune would only bring danger to himself.

He looked around again.

Logically, wherever 'Youyin' was present.

There might be a huge monster.


Maybe because this 'Youyin' is too small.

And it's in such a remote location.

Also, the space here is narrow, obviously not big enough for a huge monster to enter.

Therefore, this 'Youyin' is preserved, saving him a lot of trouble.

Luo Yan decided.

After going out, he decided not to reveal the information and location of this cave for now.

He will wait until he's strong enough.


He stretched his body and then sat down among the flowers to start practicing.

Because he didn't bring his 'Soothing Agentia' with him this time.

Luo Yan could only try to let his thoughts wander.

To calm his own heart.

Settle down.

Probably because the density of Elemental Power in this place is higher.

Luo Yan soon felt the Elemental Power in the space.

Then, through breathing, he brought the Elemental Power into his body.

Following Wei Fenghua's guidance, consciously channeling Elemental Power to strengthen every inch of his muscles.

Shortly after, Luo Yan noticed.

The Elemental Power he drew in with each breath.

Was much more potent than back in the academy.

The surging Elemental Power almost formed tides, constantly refining every inch of his muscles.

Making them denser and more resilient.


Luo Yan immersed in the realm of training.

Completely unaware of the passing time.

Until the last muscle completed its training.

Luo Yan's whole body shivered.

It felt like breaking a invisible prison.

Burst into a brand new world.

He suddenly opened his eyes.

Looked at his own hands.

With a simple clenched fist movement.

He felt every muscle tighten like steel cables.

Unleashing a power he never dared to think of before.


"Am I Level 3 in Primary now?"

Luo Yan still finds it hard to believe.

Stand up.

Threw a punch casually.


The fist cut through the air, creating a low howl.

It also brought up a gust of wind from the punch.

Blowing a few wildflowers in front, making the petals flutter.

Luo Yan could feel it.

After completing the training of his whole body muscles.

His strength increased by more than one level.

He activated 'Illusion Breaking Eye' to observe himself.

He discovered a fiery red light representing his vitality and a bright yellow light representing his Elemental Power.

The colors became richer.

And the two sets of numbers became more clear.


Luo Yan's vitality is 395, and his Elemental Power is 155!

The energy almost doubled compared to when it was at Primary Level 2!

Now Luo Yan knows.

Energy not only represents vitality.

It also shows physical abilities and strength.

The increase in this value.

Also means an improvement in Luo Yan's physical strength.

In the dangerous forbidden area.

With each point increased, there is an extra chance of survival.

Thinking about this.

Luo Yan looked up.

He looked at the gap in the cave ceiling, hoping to escape from there.


When he looked up, he realized it was already dark outside the cave.

Luo Yan was stunned.

He thought when he entered, it wasn't even noon yet.


Did he spend the whole afternoon here?

Just then.

He suddenly heard a faint sound in his ear.


It sounded like the hiss of a snake.

Luo Yan looked around.

Then, at the entrance, he saw a glowing gray mass.

The thing was long and flat, probably a type of python.

From the outline of the gray light, this python had a large head, and the fiery red glow representing its vitality was very bright.

Next to the red glow, a number popped out.


Only a few points less than Luo Yan.

And much higher than when he was in Primary Level 2.

This python is very dangerous.

Very quickly.

The python had already swum into the cave, it seemed to be the owner here.

As soon as it entered, it immediately looked at Luo Yan.

Then it looked at the 'Youyin' stone, its snake eyes flickering with a dark flame.

Luo Yan immediately understood.

This 'Youyin' stone was not ownerless.

The python's forehead slightly bulged.

It seemed like it was going to grow horns.

A clear abnormality.

It may be related to its frequent closeness to 'Youyin'.

Now Luo Yan is standing near 'Youyin'.

The python suddenly spat out its tongue, hit its tail on the ground, and swiftly dashed out!

The snake moved incredibly fast.

It quickly arrived in front of Luo Yan.

Luo Yan squinted his eyes and calmly observed the python's movements.

When the python opened its mouth, showing its sharp teeth.

It bit towards Luo Yan's neck.

Luo Yan suddenly took a step back.

The python closed its mouth, biting air.

But exposed its head to Luo Yan's gaze!

Luo Yan crouched down.

His right hand clenched into a fist.

Suddenly a burst of elemental power surged.

His iron fist punched out.


The fist hit the python's head squarely.

Striking its slightly protruding part.

The python was shocked.

It bounced up instantly.

Landing among the flowers and grass, thrashing wildly.

It took a while before gradually stopping.

Luo Yan coldly stared at it.

In the view of the 'Illusion Breaking Eye'.

He saw the python's fiery red glow quickly fade.

The number next to the red light kept decreasing.

Finally reached zero.

Looking back at the python in the bushes, it was completely still.

Especially its head, unable to maintain its original shape.

Because its skull had been shattered by Luo Yan.

Just used by Luo Yan.

That's right.

Fist technique: Broken Bone!