Mech Battle: Full Metal Storm – Chapter 20

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Chapter 20: Fierce Battlefield

After Luo Yan and his friend's off-road vehicle passed by.

There was another off-road vehicle following them, zooming past 'Tanuki Power' as well.

But that vehicle wasn't as lucky as Luo Yan and his friend.

Suddenly, it got kicked by 'Tanuki Power'.

The whole car flew out, accompanied by several screams from inside the car.

It crashed into the distant forest.

Soon after, there was a loud explosion.

It seems like bad luck is more likely.

Luo Yan looked back.

The 'Tanuki Power' had already gotten up and was heading towards the black heavy aircraft driven by He Hao.

'Black Thunder' released blue flames from its feet and palms at the same time.

Despite its bulky appearance, the aircraft quickly distanced itself from the giant beast.

Next, 'Black Thunder' formed hand seals.

It used the mystical art 'Black Rope' to entangle the front leg of the giant beast.

With a strong pull.

The huge creature fell down again, and then was pulled away by 'Black Thunder', allowing the following vehicles to pass through.

Just at that moment.


A loud noise.

Luo Yan looked towards the sound.

He saw a mystical mech driven by a third grader, knocking over a 'Tanuki Power'.

Immediately followed by using shockwaves to send the buffalo-like 'Siox' flying.

When the mecha finally stabilized its steps.

Two giant beasts charged in from both sides.

The machine was smashed into pieces, with parts flying everywhere and explosions non-stop.

Finally, the pilot was ejected from the head of the mecha.

Before hitting the ground,

He was caught by a wild boar-like creature with its mouth wide open, swallowed directly into its belly.

This horrifying scene.

Made Luo Yan speechless for a long time.

He sat back in the car again.

Zeng Shan, who was driving the car, also saw this scene just now in the rearview mirror.

"So tragic."

Zeng Shan shook his head and said, "But it's too strange."

"Why did so many giant beasts suddenly appear?"

Luo Yan squinted slightly and uttered a word from his mouth, "Huan..."

Zeng Shan was taken aback.

Just then.

"Old Luo, do you think it's the work of that powerful giant beast?"

Old Luo?

Luo Yan frowned but did not object.

"This possibility cannot be ruled out."

Because of the 'Phoenix Tail Sunflower'.

'Huan' has been seen in the safe area.

Maybe really paying attention to the camp.

Also, among 'Huan's features, there is a description of 'mastery of beasts'.

Now many giant beasts are gathering together.

It's hard to believe it's just a coincidence.

It seems more like being driven by something.

Just at that moment.

A roar sounded.

Under pressure, Luo Yan activated the 'Illusion Breaking Eye'.

Suddenly, the world appeared as a simple sketch in his eyes.

Basic lines outlined the objects.

Luo Yan quickly noticed a large creature in the forest to their left.

A massive beastly figure was approaching.

"There, a giant beast!"

Luo Yan pointed to the left.

Trees in the forest were being uprooted.

Like huge spears, they were flying out one by one.

Luo Yan felt a darkness overhead.

A big tree fell from the sky.

Zeng Shan turned the steering wheel sharply.

The off-road vehicle made a quick turn, narrowly avoiding the tree falling beside it.

It didn't directly hit the car.

However, many branches tangled around the off-road vehicle.

Zeng Shan pressed the gas pedal hard, making the off-road vehicle's wheels smoke.

It couldn't move.

Just then, a creature with dark fur flying and a buffalo-like appearance named 'Siox' charged out.

They ran towards them.

"Run fast!"

Luo Yan acted quickly.

Unbuckle the seatbelt.

Jumped out of the off-road vehicle.

Just as he and Zeng Shan jumped out of the vehicle, the sky darkened and a giant hoof came stomping down.

A matter of life and death.

Luo Yan unleashed all his power.

His Elemental Power surged explosively through his veins.

Luo Yan suddenly dashed out.

Just managed to escape being stepped on by the huge hoof.

Luo Yan looked back.

The off-road vehicle had been run over flat.

It was unclear whether Zeng Shan was alive or dead.

Luo Yan couldn't care about him now.

He turned around and ran.

Behind him, the giant beast resembling a black bull had already left.

It seemed to have just passed by accidentally.

But Luo Yan's danger was not over yet.

There were squeaking noises behind him.

Luo Yan turned around and his scalp instantly exploded.

A group of Giant Beast Parasites were following behind.

They were parasitic creatures that looked like green-headed flies.

Each of them was the size of a small dog.

Their bodies were swollen, with many bubbles on their backs.

They had wings but couldn't fly.

Yet they crawled very quickly on the ground.

These are parasites on 'Siox': Rotting Fly.

The bubbles on their bodies will burst with slight stimulation.

They can spray out a highly concentrated corrosive liquid.

Besides, these creatures like to lay eggs inside living organisms.

Each time they can lay hundreds of insect eggs.

After the eggs hatch into larvae, they will parasitize the host by feeding on their flesh and blood.

A group of rotting ropes closely follow behind Luo Yan.

These creatures are different from Golden-winged Louse and cannot be defeated with close combat.

And now, Luo Yan is without a gun.

Luo Yan saw Rotting Fly getting closer and closer.

Luo Yan activated 'Illusion Breaking Eye' and searched around for a safe place to stay alive.

He hoped to find a scene like a cave.

That way, if he blocked the entrance to the cave, he had a good chance of surviving.

At that moment, he heard the sound of water.

After some searching.

He quickly found a small river.

Luo Yan immediately ran towards the riverbank.

The river was rushing with fast flow.

Luo Yan looked back at the approaching swarm of flies.

With a grimace, he jumped into the river.


He was uncontrollably carried downstream by the current.

Luo Yan tried hard to float to the water surface.

He glanced back.

The Rotting Flies initially chased along the riverbank, but the current was faster.

After a moment, they were no longer visible.

Luo Yan struggled to reach the riverbank, but failed several times due to the strong current.

Along the way, Luo Yan often bumped into river pebbles a few times.

Every time he bumped into them, Luo Yan had to activate Elemental Power in advance to make his skin look like rock texture.

Only by doing this did he avoid knocking himself out.

But what happened next was even more despairing.

Luo Yan was faced with a more desperate situation.

The small river that passed through the forest actually flowed into an underground cave at the end.

Luo Yan struggled to get ashore before entering the cave.

Unfortunately, human strength could not overcome the power of nature.

In the end, he was washed into the cave by the river.

He bobbed up and down in the water, choking on several mouthfuls of river water.

Finally, after passing a sharp bend, the river gradually widened.

The water flow also slowed down.

Luo Yan quickly activated 'Illusion Breaking Eye' and found a shallow shoal.

After a moment, he lay on the rocky shore.

Completely soaked, he now only understood the need to breathe heavily.

He didn't care about anything else.

After a while.

He finally sat up.

Then take off all your clothes and pants.

To avoid getting wet clothes and catching a cold.

After drying his clothes, Luo Yan continued using the 'Illusion Breaking Eye' to look for an exit.

Soon, he found a hole.

Through the 'Illusion Breaking Eye', he saw that the cave led to a more open area.

If he didn't take that path, he would only have one choice left.

That is, to go against the current and leave from where the river entered.

But that was something he couldn't do now.

With no other option, Luo Yan had to enter the cave.

They walked in silence the whole way.

After spending nearly half an hour.

Luo Yan saw a bright light.

He didn't rush out immediately.

First, use the 'Illusion Breaking Eye' to observe the exit.

The creature's gray light was not seen, but the space outside the hole was discovered.

The density of Elemental Power was astonishingly high!