Mech Battle: Full Metal Storm – Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: Yanfu


They created a mecha?

When Luo Yan heard the broadcast, he thought he misheard.

After all, he had only seen this kind of thing in movies before.

At that moment, in the truck compartment he was in, there was a buzzing sound above, and the roof unexpectedly split open!

Looking out from the open compartment, Luo Yan saw the sky.

In the sky, at a far infinite height, there was a black silhouette moving around.

It looked like a tree branch.

It suddenly expanded, tearing open a 'crevice'.

Looking into the 'crevice', there was an indescribable, abstract world inside.

In a dimension higher than reality, numerous dark shadows were moving around, and soon a flat, ever-changing dark shadow approached the 'crevice'.

It seemed to be pulled by an invisible force, gradually seeping out from the crack that resembled a 'branch'.

Regarding this phenomenon.

Luo Yan was not unfamiliar.

When the 'Beast Calamity' erupted, there were more and denser cracks resembling 'tree branches' in the sky.

They enveloped the sky.

They formed a vast, despair-inducing 'tree shadow' crisscrossing above.

Giant beasts were released from those shadowy 'tree shadows', from that unknown space.

Because the shape of that alien space is like a towering giant tree covering the sky.

Therefore, it was officially named 'Yanfu Space'.

The "Long Agama Sutra" says, "Yanfu, there is a great tree king, named Yanfu, surrounded by seven yojanas, a hundred yojanas high."

Quite fitting.

At this moment, the carriage where Luo Yan was in was completely opened.

He quickly crawled into the waterproof fabric.

Then he heard the broadcast in the carriage continue to play.

"The dimensional barrier has been breached."

"The giant beast is about to manifest in three dimensions!"

"Blue energy spectrum detected, now matching with the archive."

"...Matching complete, confirmed giant beast deployed is 'Tanuki Power'."

"Rank: lower rank 2."

"Type: Luo Bug."

"Characteristics: great strength, excels at charging!"


As the broadcast sounded, the rope tied with waterproof cloth inside the carriage gradually bounced and untied.

As the front base of the carriage rose, the curtain-like waterproof cloth fell down.

Luo Yan quickly climbed out, fearing he would be crushed underneath and suffocated.

When he wriggled out from under the waterproof cloth, he suddenly noticed a gigantic shadow looming over him.

Luo Yan swiftly turned around.

The raised carriage bottom then functioned as a fixed bracket.

It supported a "giant"!

The silver-white coating with scratches all over it, the engine that started roaring in the chest and emanating a dark blue light...

Wide shoulders, big arms, all made of an alloy that Luo Yan didn't know of.


There really is a mecha!

At that moment, Luo Yan's gaze suddenly rose.

Everything started spinning.

It was only when he was thrown back onto the floor of the carriage that he realized he had been shaken into the air just now.

He saw in the distance a few buildings in the neighborhood rising up dust, and slowly but firmly leaning over and collapsing!

The broadcast in the carriage kept on saying, "the giant beast has landed, repeat, the giant beast has landed."

"The Tanuki Power started to move."

"Based on its movement trajectory, it will enter the 'Galactic Sports Arena' in two minutes!"

There was a commotion outside the car.

Luo Yan realized he couldn't stay here any longer.

He was about to leave.

Suddenly, someone shouted, "Civilian! A civilian has been found in cargo hold 3!"

Luo Yan immediately rushed towards the outside of the car.


"Don't move!"

"Or we'll shoot!"

A sound came from behind.

Luo Yan had to stop.

These people were not scavengers.

They were trained soldiers.

Luo Yan believed they wouldn't miss their shots.

They would end up shooting themselves in the head.

He quickly raised his hands.

"Get down, and place your hands where I can see them!"

Luo Yan followed along.

Soon, his arms were twisted behind him and he was lifted up.

It was then that he noticed two fully armed soldiers in ink-black combat gear standing beside him.

"What are you doing?"

A voice sounded displeased.

"Allowing a civilian onto the transport vehicle."

"Get him down quickly, I need to start the mecha."

Luo Yan looked and saw a man in a suit similar to a diving suit, but covered with many circular sensor discs, staring at him with a dark expression.

His hazel eyes scanned Luo Yan with a disdainful and even disgusted look.

"Yes, Yang Rong the pilot, we will take the person away immediately." A soldier responded and rudely pushed Luo Yan off the carriage.

Luo Yan fell from the carriage that was two meters high.

He fell heavily.

At that moment, there was a loud mechanical noise in the carriage.

Then the ceiling dimmed.

A tremendously huge 'foot' appeared above Luo Yan's head.

He could see underneath this 'foot' there was a sophisticated framework and intricate machinery.

Luo Yan quickly rolled aside.

However, as the foot shifted slightly to the side, it heavily stomped on the ground, causing even a heavy-duty truck to shake.

Afterwards, the 'giant' in the carriage stood up.

Due to the backlight, Luo Yan couldn't see the full appearance of this mecha.

But the roaring of the engine and the heavy metal sensation brought an unprecedented sense of oppression to Luo Yan.

The broadcast continued to sound.

"Captain Di Zheng and pilot Cai Hua have already gone to the sports arena."

"Pilot Yang Rong, please stay put."

At this moment, Luo Yan was lifted up by two soldiers.

He was taken to an off-road vehicle.

The soldiers didn't give him a hard time, or rather, this convoy was not in the mood to argue with Luo Yan, a civilian.

Just a few shiny gun barrels were right next to him, so Luo Yan didn't dare to run away.


From far away in the city.

A dull roar came from the direction of the sports arena.

Luo Yan looked over.

And saw the 'Galactic Sports Arena' collapsed like a stack of building blocks.

Crumbling to pieces!

The ground violently shook.

Faint sounds of beasts roaring were heard.

Soon, the convoy's radio started playing.

"Watch out!"

"A huge creature called 'Tanuki Power' is approaching the convoy!"

Upon hearing this broadcast, the silver mecha piloted by Yang Rong stepped forward and pulled out a heavy, high-tech silver rifle from its back.

Luo Yan heard a soldier nearby whisper, "It's just a lower rank Level 2 giant beast, Yang Rong can take it down on his own."

At the same time,

Luo Yan saw billowing smoke.

In the thick smoke, a giant beast resembling a wild boar with one eye and tough skin was charging towards them.


Luo Yan's eyes felt slightly hot.

In his field of vision.

Other than the gray light representing 'Tanuki Power'.

Behind that giant beast.

There was another cluster of gray light!

Luo Yan instantly understood that Tanuki Power was not approaching the convoy.


Something was chasing after it!

"There's another one!"

Luo Yan shouted, "There's another giant beast!"

No one paid attention.

Or rather, everyone's focus was on the giant beast named 'Tanuki Power'.

Luo Yan was being ignored.

Just then,

From the thick smoke behind Tanuki Power, a similarly huge but slender shadow pounced out.

It had a goat-like head with two curved black horns adorned with mysterious patterns.

Its body resembled that of a human, but its skin was dark green and rough with many wrinkles.

It spread out its arms, and the two human-like hands had claws glistening like metal in the sunlight.

It suddenly hugged the Tanuki Power.

The running giant beast, followed by the strange creature with a goat face and human body, soon seemed to run out of energy.

Its front legs went weak, and it fell to the ground.

The agile creature on its body somersaulted skillfully and quickly pounced back.

Its mouth widened suddenly, revealing a large bloodthirsty mouth full of fangs.

It bit down on the Tanuki Power's neck in an instant.

It chewed and tore fiercely.

The Tanuki Power was brutally consumed, the scene was bloody.

Watching this, Luo Yan's mind went blank.

Luo Yan snapped back to reality when the convoy broadcast suddenly started.

"Orange spectrum! It's the orange spectrum!"

"Match conditions with the database immediately!"

"...Matching complete!"

"Attention, this is 'Gluttony'!"

"Rank: middle rank 3."

"Type: Luo Bug."

"Characteristics: energy absorption, voracious eating, Swift Movement, invisibility!"

"Weak point is between the legs!"

The sound from the broadcast seemed to attract attention.

Not far away, the giant beast known as 'Gluttony' stopped, turned around, and looked at the convoy.

The four small eyes on the sides of the goat's head narrowed to slits.

Then it dashed forward.

It was very fast!

The only silver mecha in the convoy took big steps forward, holding a high-tech rifle pointing at the giant beast.


Bang bang bang bang!

The loud gunshots sounded like thunder.

One by one, yellowish-brown bullet casings with special patterns engraved on the surface kept falling to the ground.

Each bullet casing was as big as an oil drum!

Despite being hollow, when they hit the ground, it was still astonishing.

One of the bullet casings even rolled to the side of Luo Yan's off-road vehicle.

Accompanied by the popping of the bullet casings, from the silver rifle shot out bursts of orange-red tracer rounds, which were the 'traces' left by the bullets rubbing against the air.

They headed straight for the giant beast.

Gluttony suddenly stopped.

It opened its big mouth.

With a strong inhale!

The fiery line rushing towards it suddenly twisted, all shooting into the giant beast's mouth.

In the blink of an eye, the rifle magazine emptied.

The rifle stopped firing.

Gluttony closed its mouth and 'swallowed' all the bullets.

This is 'ravenous'!


Almost like the size of an off-road vehicle, the empty magazine fell to the ground, and the mecha swiftly replaced it with a new one.

But by the time the magazine was replaced, there was no trace of Gluttony in sight.

It disappeared!

Luo Yan's eyes burned.

The world turned dark in his eyes.

On the left side of the humanoid machine, Luo Yan saw a slim gray light stirring restlessly.

"It's on your left!"

Luo Yan pointed towards the left side of the mecha.


The pilot inside the mecha couldn't hear this instruction at all.


Suddenly, the silver-white mecha received a heavy blow and kept retreating.

With each step, the earth and rocks shattered into pieces!

A huge shadow enveloped Luo Yan and the off-road vehicle.

He couldn't care about much, shouted loudly, and fell to the ground.

Behind him, the off-road vehicle was crushed like a toy under the mecha's foot!

The mecha kept sliding backwards.

When it finally stopped, Gluttony had silently appeared on its right side.

The mouth on the goat's head suddenly opened wide, and from its dark gaping mouth, the fiery lines that had just been swallowed flew out again.

Intensely spraying across the ground, sweeping over the mecha's left leg knee joints, and passing through several off-road vehicles.


Mecha's knee suddenly exploded, spraying out orange flames from inside, and huge armor fragments flew in all directions.

This caused the silver giant to kneel down on one knee.

Gluttony took advantage and pounced, skillfully landing on the Mecha, spinning around, then fiercely kicking with its leg.


With a dull sound, the external armor of Mecha's chest engine caved in, the upper body crackling with electricity, and the giant groaned and fell to the ground.

The violent shaking shook the earth, toppling numerous buildings.

The broadcast came on again.

"The pilot is unconscious!"

"The empathy system has been disconnected!"

"The hatchway malfunctioned and the escape pod couldn't launch!"

"Captain Di Zheng was on his way back."

In a series of loud noises, Luo Yan felt a buzzing in his ears.

He shook his head, and stood up.

Suddenly, a chill ran down his spine.

Luo Yan turned around slowly.

He saw Gluttony crouched on the ground, slowly standing up.

Throughout the entire process, the four small eyes on the goat's head were all staring at Luo Yan.

Luo Yan suddenly felt intense fear and despair in his heart.

Am I going to die here?

Just then.

He seemed to hear a strong heartbeat.


Suddenly, his sight was replaced by a blurry light and shadow.

In that light and shadow, Luo Yan vaguely saw the burning land.

He saw the silhouettes of numerous wild beasts.

He saw some figures wielding weapons, releasing lightning and thunder.

Engaged in battle with those wild beasts.

Then he heard some sounds.

That was a language he didn't know.

But Luo Yan understood some of the words.


He saw a person covered in blood, rising up again.

Roaring, he charged towards a wild beast.

Tragic, desolate, and unbowed.

A surge of passion overwhelmed him.

In that moment, Luo Yan couldn't tell if it was himself or someone else.

Vision returned to normal.

He saw Gluttony standing up, already lifting its foot as if to crush an ant.

Stepped down.

I am not an ant!

I will not die here!


Luo Yan shouted and reached out towards the oversized foot coming down from above.

As if trying to block Gluttony's attack.

Making everyone witnessing this scene feel overwhelmed.

Gluttony was about to squash Luo Yan with its foot.


With a loud bang.

Gluttony was knocked back!

At that moment, a silver giant figure squeezed into people's view.


The silver giant that had just fallen down, now had blue light shining in its eyes and pounced forward.

Hit the giant beast away.

The convoy's radio broadcast immediately started again.

"The empathy system is online!"

"Hmm... This signal, this signal is not from Yang Rongpilot."

"What's going on with this foreign signal?"

"How did it connect to the system?"

For Luo Yan at the moment.

The broadcast voice, the gluttony's roar, and people's exclamations.

All faded into the background.

Right now, he was looking up at Gluttony, his perspective from below.

Yet, he had another perspective in his mind.

This view is straight ahead!

Gluttony turned over, vanished from sight, and pounced towards the mecha.

Luo Yan's eyes burned with intensity, as he saw a grey light symbolizing the giant beast in his 'magical vision'.

He yelled out and reached out his arm.

The robot next to Luo Yan mirrored the exact same movement!

The robot reached out its hand and suddenly grasped tightly.

Grasping onto something.

In the next second, Gluttony's figure appeared in thin air.

Its neck was grabbed by the robot!

Luo Yan raised his right hand and felt as if he was holding a rifle.

He felt like he had merged with the mecha.

He was the mecha!

The nearby soldiers saw the silver mecha placing the rifle between Gluttony's legs.

That was the weak spot.


Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Large bullets continuously fell to the ground.

This time, as the orange-red fire shot out from the barrel, it hit Gluttony, impacting its body.

The person-shaped giant beast grabbed by Mecha kept bouncing.

Sacs formed on the skin of its hindquarters, one after another.

Seconds later, a stream of fire shot out from Gluttony's hindquarters.

Then more streams of fire followed!

One after another, the streams of fire blasted Gluttony's body into two pieces!

The lower half of the body with its legs in one piece fell to the ground.

A dark gray spinal cord hung from the severed upper body.

Mecha raised its rifle again, aiming at Gluttony's chest and fired.

Unfortunately, after a few shots, the magazine ran empty.

Luo Yan suddenly threw his left hand towards the ground.

The mecha made the same movement, heavily slamming the remaining half of Gluttony onto the ground.

Then holding the rifle upside down, gripping the hot barrel with both hands, and fiercely hitting Gluttony's goat face with the butt of the gun.

Again and again.

The warriors turned pale.

Watching the frenzied mecha, using extremely savage actions, gradually deforming Gluttony's head with each strike.

Blood splattered continuously, fangs falling one after another, and finally, one of the four small eyeballs on Gluttony's face was squeezed out, hanging on the sunken and deformed side of the face.

At this moment, the convoy's broadcast resumed.


"The Gluttony's energy spectrum disappeared."

"It's dead!"

If it were normal times, the soldiers would have cheered.

But now, they were slowly backing away.

The silver giant continued its onslaught.

It wasn't until Gluttony's head was smashed into pieces that the mecha finally stopped.

At that moment, the blue light in the mecha's eyes dimmed and vanished.

At the same time, Luo Yan seemed to lose all his strength.

His legs gave way.

Sat down on the ground.

The distorted rifle was still embedded diagonally in Gluttony's head.

Like an indestructible war flag.

This scene was witnessed by a newly arrived mecha, with a sleek design and red and blue armor.