Mech Battle: Full Metal Storm – Chapter 19

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Chapter 19: Emergency Evacuation

Just as the small missiles were about to fly towards the island in the lake.


A whirlpool swiftly appeared in the water of the large lake.

In the whirlpool, a huge shadow can be seen faintly.

In the next moment, several rotating water pillars rose from the lake.

They resembled dragons formed by condensed lake water, swaying as the water pillars spun.

They intercepted all the small missiles coming towards them.

Setting off one fireball after another.

Then, the lake surged up giant waves, with wave heights exceeding ten meters crashing onto the lake shore.

Creating a turbulent flow of water.

Flowing past the feet of the 'Blaze' and two other mechas.

Flowing back into the lake.

Big Lake.

A huge dark shadow broke the surface of the water and appeared on the screen.

This thing has a thick shell like a sea turtle, with thick patches of seaweed covering the shell's back.

Streams of lake water flew down from various parts of this giant beast, like dozens of waterfalls.

This beast has a bird-like head and a tail like a poisonous snake.

It roared towards the 'uninvited guest' on the lake shore.

Its roar sounded like chopping wood.

This is the Spiraling Tortoise!

A middle-rank giant beast of level 1!

In the book "Classic of Mountains and Seas," it is said, "In the Cho Yang mountain, strange water emerges. There are many mysterious tortoises with bodies like turtles and heads like birds, and tails like serpents. They are called Spiraling Tortoises, their sounds are like wooden knocks. Wearing them prevents deafness and can be used as a base."

"Giant beasts of the middle rank are intelligent, and because of this, they can use it to their advantage."

Wei Fenghua's voice is heard.

Attracted the students' attention.

"These intelligent giant beasts all know the importance of 'Youyin'."

"They know that this strange stone can help them evolve, even surpassing their original ranking."

"Therefore, when 'Youyin' is in danger, they often appear to protect the stone."

"We can use this to lure out the giant beasts, and then pull them away from their territory."

"To gain a more advantageous fighting environment."

During Wei Fenghua's explanation.

On the screen.

Leading the way were the three mechas known as 'Flames', they quickly formed handprints.

Pointing towards the Spiraling Tortoise in the lake at the same time.

Three black ropes shot out simultaneously.

Wrapping around the Spiraling Tortoise's body.

The mechas exerted force together, pulling the giant beast in the lake towards the shore.

Is this even possible?

Luo Yan was surprised.

So, mystical art can be used in this way.


After being amplified by mystical mech.

Still Black Rope.

But much larger than what Luo Yan summoned.

In an instant.

Spiraling Tortoise was pulled to the shore.

Three mystical mechs released their handprints, each picked up a rifle, and started shooting.

That giant beast, however, suddenly.

Head, limbs, and tail.

All tucked into the tortoise shell.

Streaks of fire outlined by bullets, pounding on the thick shell like a sudden rain.

Colliding to create countless sparks.

Apart from blasting the seaweed off the tortoise shell, the Spiraling Tortoise's thick shell doesn't even show a crack.

Soon, three mechas emptied their magazines.

The Spiraling Tortoise took the opportunity to stretch out its head and limbs, then its four claws moved like flying spades.

The ground didn't seem to change much, but it appeared almost illusory.

The tortoise's body sank into the ground like that.

This is its ability to "burrow"!

The "flames" immediately gestured.

Three mechas gathered together.

Back to back, guns pointed at the ground.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The rifle, now loaded with a new magazine, fired again.

Jets of fire shot towards the ground, causing rocks and soil to scatter.

Suddenly, the 'Spiraling Tortoise' rose from the ground nearby, releasing a jet of emerald green smoke from its mouth.

This is the "toxic fog"!

Three mechas have cleverly spread out.

Then they unleash all their firepower.

Rifles, missiles, and the back armor of the 'Flame' open up, revealing a barrel extending from the body.

Mounted on the right shoulder.

It's a large-caliber cannon specifically designed for giant beasts!

The figure of Spiraling Tortoise is no longer visible on the screen.

Under the concentrated fire of the three mechas, flames soar and debris scatter.

The camera keeps shaking.

It's impossible to see a clear picture.

The students are outside the camp.

Inside the black mech with long arms, He Hao is watching the battle on the screen.

His eyes are twinkling.

He clenches his fist slightly.

It seems like he wants to show off his skills on the battlefield.

Just then, the sensor beeps.

At first, He Hao doesn't pay attention.

Soon, the sensor beeps again.

It's only then that He Hao looks over.

Suddenly, his face changed.

The sensor captured a blue light signal.

This is the reaction of a lower-ranked giant beast.

He Hao immediately picked up the walkie-talkie and said, "Attention, at 7 o'clock from the camp."

"A blue light signal has appeared."

"It has been matched with the database..."

"It's a 'Tanuki Power'."

Just as he finished speaking.

His assistant, Su Jiu's voice also sounded.

"At 12 o'clock, a 'Siox' appears."

"Wait, there's also one at 2 o'clock."

Giant beasts are reported to be appearing one after another.

On the sensor radar.

He Hao sees six lower rank giant beasts approaching the camp from all sides.


An alarm sounds in the camp.

"Everyone pay attention."

"Six lower rank giant beasts are attacking the camp."

He Hao's voice resounded over the camp.

"We will try to intercept, Teacher Wei, please evacuate quickly."

This sudden alarm.

Causing the students to panic.

Zeng Shan exclaimed, "How can there be six giant beasts here? Wasn't this supposed to be the outskirts, a safe zone?"

Luo Yan remained silent.

At that moment, Wei Fenghua shouted, "Divide and conquer!"

"If we gather together, we'll stand out too much."

"We'll be targeted by the giant beasts."

"Everyone left in their groups, each group driving an off-road vehicle."

"Gather at the entrance of the canyon."

"Act immediately."

After hearing that, Luo Yan rushed out immediately.

Zeng Shan quickly followed behind.

The two of them ran towards the nearest off-road vehicle.

But someone else had the same idea.

It was Luo Beichen.

He also noticed Luo Yan and the others.

Stared at Luo Yan.

Instead of stopping, they sped up.

Luo Yan did the same.

The two quickly met.

Luo Beichen called out and kicked up his foot.

His toe jabbed towards Luo Yan's head.

Luo Yan raised his arm to block.

At the same time, he punched with his right fist.

With Elemental Power pulsating, he threw a heavy punch.

Luo Beichen held onto the scaffold.

But he was still forced back several steps by Luo Yan.

Zeng Shan took the chance to jump onto the driver's seat.

Starting the vehicle, he turned the steering wheel and aimed towards Luo Beichen.

Luo Beichen quickly rolled away to dodge.

Luo Yan did not pursue him.

Jumping onto the off-road vehicle.

Zeng Shan turned the vehicle around and headed towards the campsite exit.

Luo Beichen grunted, jumped onto an off-road vehicle passing by.

Regardless of whether the people in the car liked it or not.

Sat down right away.

Just left the camp.

Luo Yan heard a roar.

Looked up.

In front, trees in the forest fell down.

A 'Tanuki Power' came charging straight ahead.

Right at that moment.

Luo Yan felt a bump on his head.

Look up.

They saw a big robot crossing over from their rough-terrain vehicle.

See from below.

The robot's armor showed scratches, blinking lights, and gas escaping from its joints.


'Black Thunder' stomped heavily on the ground nearby.

The ground dented under his foot, making Luo Yan's vehicle jump up.

Then 'Black Thunder' charged towards the giant beast, grabbing its boar-like head with its two massive arms.

Forcefully brought down.


The big animal toppled over on the ground, and Luo Yan and his friend's off-road vehicle zoomed past the four-legged creature from 'Tanuki Power'.