Mech Battle: Full Metal Storm – Chapter 18

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Chapter 18: Watching the Battle

"Do you have any proof?"

When Luo Beichen heard this from Luo Yan, his face quickly changed color.

Of course, he had no proof.

At that moment, Wei Fenghua coughed twice and asked a classmate to inform the Exploration Legion.

He told them to send people to search and rescue Ren Zhong.

Then he asked, "Luo Yan, did you set up a trap for your classmates Luo Beichen and Ren Zhong?"

Luo Yan immediately shook his head.

Luo Beichen unwillingly shouted, "You're lying!"

Wei Fenghua looked at him and asked, "Luo Beichen, do you have any evidence to prove that it was Luo Yan who did it?"

Luo Beichen said, "I have no evidence, but who else would want to harm me besides him?"

Wei Fenghua calmly responded.

"Without evidence, we can't just accuse others randomly."

Luo Beichen was so angry he felt like he might spit blood.

There were no words to argue back.

"Scatter, scatter."

Wei Fenghua waved his hand and said, "We have other things to do tomorrow, so please go to bed early."

Luo Beichen glared at Luo Yan resentfully, then pushed through the crowd and left.

After everyone had left.

Luo Yan sighed sadly to himself.

In the morning, he followed Luo Beichen and another person from the camp.

After tracing their route, Luo Yan ground the Phoenix Tail Sunflower into powder.

Finally, he successfully sprinkled the powder on the two of them.

As soon as he succeeded, Luo Yan withdrew.

Originally, they thought these two people had no way to escape.

They didn't expect Luo Beichen to come back alive.

But as for that Ren Zhong.

They feared the worst.

At least it wasn't all for nothing.

The next day.

Luo Yan received news.

Ren Zhong was dead.

And he died in a gruesome way.

Upon hearing this news, Zeng Shan just grunted and said, "Serves them right."

Luo Yan didn't say anything.

Not sad.

Not happy.

Death, he struggled on the surface for those three years.

Seen too much.

After having breakfast.

Students gather.

Wei Fenghua cleared his throat a couple of times with his hands behind his back before saying, "There is no collection task today."

"Your main task today is to watch the Exploration Legion go on a mission."

"You need to study hard, as it will be very important for your future as Mecha Masters."

While he was speaking, someone had already driven a multi-functional car over.

On both sides of the car's interior, there were screens.

The new students split into two groups, able to witness the entire process of the Exploration Legion.


Images started appearing on the screens.

You could see a convoy driving.

A student asked, "Teacher, what is the Exploration Legion's mission today?"

"Recover the 'Youyin'."

Wei Fenghua replied casually, "This was discovered during our last exploration. Today, they will recover the 'Youyin' in one piece."

"But this task is not simple."

"Near the Youyin, there must be a giant beast."

"Moreover, near the 'Youyin' to be recovered today, there are three giant beasts."

"Two are lower-ranked creatures 'Tanuki Power' and 'Siox'."

"And there is a middle-ranked creature, 'Spiraling Tortoise'."

"Can someone tell me what features the 'Spiraling Tortoise' has?"

As soon as he finished speaking.

Lin Wei raised her hand and said, "Spiraling Tortoise, middle rank level 1."

"Type: Insect."

"Features: thick armor, burrowing, water defense, poisonous mist!"

Wei Fenghua nodded slightly, "That's correct, well done, you earn 10 credits."

He continued, "The other two giant beasts are relatively easier to handle, but 'Spiraling Tortoise' might pose some challenges."

"The middle rank giant beasts already possess some intelligence and should not be underestimated as mere wild animals."

"Spiraling Tortoise is no exception."

"Now, you can see the specific battle process for yourselves."

After speaking, Wei Fenghua walked to the side.

He took out a metal box from his pocket, opened it, and took out two pills from inside.

He took the pills with water.

Then he looked towards the big screen with the students.

Around the camp.

He Hao and two other third graders drove their own vehicles around the camp to keep watch.

At the same time, they communicated through the communication device in the cockpit.

They were also able to see the Exploration Legion's mission progress.

At this moment.

The Exploration Legion convoy was driving through a forest, but when they reached a dead end, the convoy stopped.

Then one by one, the compartments of the mecha transport vehicle opened up, and the Mecha Master entered the driver's cabin.

After a moment.

One by one, the 'giants' came to life.

They all left the carrier cars and stood up.

Their silhouettes immediately towered over the trees.

The dense forest.

Under the feet of these steel giants, it looked like a chaotic thicket.

A total of seven 'mystical mech', led by a main deep red one, advanced towards the target location.

Luo Yan knew.

The red mecha is called 'Flame'.

It is said that Di Zheng's capable subordinate drives it.

Soon, this team of mechas walked out of the forest.

Outside the forest is a plain.

Although it's not yet the heart of the canyon here.

But there is already a faint mist floating in the air.

Making the mountains, scattered trees on the plain, a bit blurry.

However, they are still visible.

There is a large lake in the distance.

In the middle of the lake, there was a small island with a huge, dark, mysterious crystal on it.

It stood tall like a small mountain.


At that moment, a giant beast's roar echoed from the plain below.

The students watching from the camp were very nervous.

On the screen.

The 'Flame' device made a gesture, and two mystical robots shot towards the depths of the plain.

Bang! Bang!

Among the two gunshots, something was launched out.

Drew a curved line.

Fell to the ground, soon, pale yellow smoke rose.

Wei Fenghua explained, "It's a smoke bomb mixed with Youyin powder, it can attract the attention of giant beasts."

"But, it only works on lower-ranked giant beasts."

He had just finished speaking.

On the screen, in the distance of the plain, two dark shadows appeared.

In no time.

Two giant beasts charged over.

One looked like a wild boar called 'Tanuki Power.'

One of them is a ‘Siox' with dark hair.

As the two lower-ranked giant beasts appeared, the ‘Flame' led two mystical mechs to flank them.

The remaining four mystical mechs, two in each group.

Holding the Divine Power Rifle designed for giant beasts, he aimed at the front paws of ‘Tanuki Power' and ‘Siox' to shoot.

Bang bang bang!

The fierce and muffled gunshots came from the screen.

Still as huge as thunder.

Streams of fire cut through the air, sweeping across the front paws of the two giant beasts.

Leaving them with cuts and blood splattering.

Two giant beasts became angry.

'Tanuki Power' rushed towards a mecha, ignoring bullets.

'Siox' lifted its front paw and stomped hard, causing a shockwave.

They fought in their own ways.

Against four mechas.

Then the camera switched.

The screen showed the three mechas led by 'Flame'.

They quickly arrived near a large lake.

Without crossing the water.

The armor on Flame's shoulder opened up, revealing a small missile launcher inside.

Zoom zoom zoom--

Small missiles shot out with flames, flying over the large lake.

Surprisingly, they flew towards a small island in the lake, shaped like a small mountain called 'Youyin'!

Note: Arthropods are animals with shells, like turtles, insects, etc.