Mech Battle: Full Metal Storm – Chapter 17

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Chapter 17: Do You Have Any Evidence?

A certain location in the collection area.

Ren Zhong followed closely behind Luo Beichen.

The two of them arrived at a deserted place.

Luo Beichen smiled and said, "You did a great job."

"You managed to get the Phoenix Tail Sunflower, which is so difficult to obtain."

"Truly my brother."

"When I go back, I will inform the company."

"Next month, let your brother start working at the company."

Ren Zhong quickly said, "Thank you, Brother Luo."

Then he hummed and said, "That guy named Luo got lucky."

"I didn't expect Wu Renfan to switch his backpack with him, that guy named Luo survived, such good luck."

Luo Beichen calmly said, "It's alright, even though he survived, he also got injured."

"During the Deathmatch, it must have an impact."

"My chances of winning will be greater."

Ren Zhong chuckled and said, "Even if Mr. Luo knows now, he can't do anything to us."

"When we go back, do you think the school will inform the master?"

Luo Beichen said with a dark expression, "Inform? Does he have evidence? Don't forget, Wu Renfan is already dead."

"Moreover, my dad doesn't want me to lose this match."

"I don't mind dying."

"He wouldn't want to lose face."

"Besides, it's a Deathmatch."

"It's a fight to the death, so we have to do whatever it takes."

"Who would naively think that the battle must wait until the match day to begin?"

"When Mr. Luo agreed to the challenge, the deadly fight had already begun!"

Ren Zhong took the chance and gave a thumbs up, saying, "Brother Luo is wise."

The two of them gradually walked away.

After a moment passed.

Suddenly, a figure appeared at the spot where they were just talking.

In the blink of an eye.

It was dusk.

Luo Beichen and Ren Zhong started to walk back.

Ren Zhong was carrying a small bag.

The backpack bulged.

It was stuffed with various herbs.

"There shouldn't be any collection tasks tomorrow."

As they walked, Luo Beichen said, "These past two days, I've made you carry things, I'm sorry for the hard work."

Ren Zhong originally felt sore shoulders from the weight of the backpack.

Upon hearing this.

He quickly replied, "Not hard work, not hard work."

"This task is nothing, it's a small matter."

Just then.

A glass bottle flew above their heads.


A stone shot from somewhere.

Hit the bottle.

The bottle shattered.

A clump of green powder spilled out.

The wind blew.

Lightly scattered.

Flew towards the two people.

Luo Beichen reacted quickly.

When he saw the bottle shattered, he immediately fell sideways.

Create distance.

He only got a little green on him.

Ren Zhong was too busy showing off and reacting a bit slowly.

Got splashed right on.

His head, face, and body were covered in this grass powder.

Even a bit got into his mouth.

"Phew, phew, phew."

He spit out all the grass in his mouth.

Looking around, he shouted loudly, "Who's so mean?"

"Get out of here quickly."

But there was no one there.

Luo Beichen dashed out like a leopard and pounced towards where the bottle had just flown.

But apart from scattered rocks, there was no sign of anything.

He frowned, feeling a bit puzzled.

He went back to Ren Zhong and asked, "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine."

Ren Zhong brushed off the grass on him and sniffed it hard before expressing his confusion, "Strange, this smell seems oddly familiar."


Upon hearing this, Luo Beichen's face turned pale.

"What's wrong, Brother Luo?"

Seeing Luo Beichen's reaction, Ren Zhong couldn't help but move closer.

"Stop right there!"

Luo Beichen yelled and even raised his rifle.

Ren Zhong jumped in fright, "Brother Luo, what are you doing?"

Luo Beichen quickly brushed off the little grass on him.

"This might be powder ground from a 'Phoenix Tail Sunflower.'"

Luo Beichen looked at Ren Zhong and said, "You stay here, don't move. I'll go back to the camp to get reinforcements."

While they were talking.

Not sure if it was a illusion.

Luo Beichen always felt like the distant plants and trees were becoming blurry.

It seems like the fog is rising?

When Ren Zhong heard it was the 'Phoenix Tail Sunflower,' he was shocked, "Could it be? Where did the 'Phoenix Tail Sunflower' come from?"

Then, he shouted loudly, "Luo Yan?"

Ren Zhong quickly said, "Brother Luo, let's go back together. The camp is not far from here, let's run faster, we should be able to get there before dark."

Luo Beichen didn't think that way.

They are not too far from the camp now.

They might not make it back to camp before dark.

If they let Ren Zhong follow along this way.

Wouldn't there be danger at any time?

After all, Ren Zhong is covered in 'Phoenix Tail Sunflower' powder now.

He is like a lighthouse in the dark night now.

Attracting the attention of that Overlord-level giant beast at any time.

Luo Beichen suddenly lowered the gun and shot Ren Zhong in the leg.


With a heavy gunshot, a stream of blood splashed on Ren Zhong's left thigh.

He looked confused.

It seemed like he didn't expect Luo Beichen to shoot.

Then he screamed in pain and fell to the ground.

Ren Zhong lifted his head, his eyes instantly turning bloodshot.


"Didn't you call me brother this morning?"

"Is this how you treat your brother?"

Luo Beichen coldly said, "I shot your leg because I thought of you as a brother."

"Otherwise, that shot would have hit your head."

"Same thing."

"Wait for me."

After saying that, he turned around and ran.

Without even looking at Ren Zhong.

Ren Zhong roared, "Luo Beichen, you cursed demon!"

"You will not have a good death!"

"Won't have a good death!"

"I curse you to be taken down by Luo Yan!"

Breathing heavily, Ren Zhong suddenly saw.

Mist was spreading in the corner of his eye.

He didn't know when.

All around was a white fog.

He suddenly felt something and shivered.

Turned around.

Saw the sunset not completely sunken, dyeing the thick fog with a hint of orange.

It was in this hazy red light.

In the thick fog.

Squatting quietly is a huge figure.

A figure like a cat.

Suddenly, behind that shadow, three tails wagged.


Ren Zhong just let out a scream.

In the mist, a shadow suddenly surged.

A tongue with numerous thorns.

Licked over him.

Ren Zhong's half body instantly exposed bones!


Luo Beichen rushed in and fell to the ground.

He was sweating profusely.

Finally made it back to the campsite before dark.

People passing by were all pointing at him.

Luo Beichen ignored them.

Rushed into Luo Yan's tent.

Inside the tent.

Luo Yan and Zeng Shan were having a conversation.

As soon as Luo Beichen walked in, he rushed towards Luo Yan.

Zeng Shan immediately stopped him, "What are you doing?"

Luo Beichen's eyes almost shot out fire as he pointed at Luo Yan and yelled loudly, "It's you! It's you who threw the bottle, it's you who sprinkled the powder!"

His shouting attracted Wei Fenghua and a group of students over.

Luo Beichen pushed Zeng Shan aside and took Wei Fenghua's hand, saying, "Teacher, catch him."

"Catch him!"

"He's ambushing us."

"He sprinkled 'Phoenix Tail Sunflower' powder on me and Ren Zhong, he wants to kill me!"

Luo Yan smiled slightly.

"You say I want to harm you."

"Do you have any proof?"