Mech Battle: Full Metal Storm – Chapter 16

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Chapter 16: An Eye for an Eye

"It's my turn now."

"You rest."

Behind Luo Yan.

Zeng Shan's voice sounded.

He held a military knife, his legs trembling slightly.

It was obvious he was scared.

But he gritted his teeth and continued.

Luo Yan nodded and stepped back.

Zeng Shan shouted loudly.

The military knife swung and cut out impressively.

It chopped into the head of a Golden-winged Louse.

But the force was not enough.

It couldn't cut it in one blow.

The bug squealed and its front legs desperately thrashed.

Sparks flew on Zeng Shan's arm guard.

Zeng Shan shouted loudly again.

Holding the military knife, he dragged the bug onto a rock.

Push the knife harder again.

He then chopped off the side of the head.

He was breathing heavily.

Just now, watching Luo Yan kill bugs was very easy.

But when he joined in.

He realized it wasn't that simple at all.

The shells of these things were very hard.

If the force used is too small.

It would be impossible to split open their bodies.

In the crack.

Luo Yan took out a first aid kit.

He took out an 'anti-venom needle' from inside.

He injected his thigh with a needle.

He was worried that being bitten by the parasites would worsen the toxicity of 'blood poison'.

Then he checked on Zeng Shan.

Luo Yan's gaze was intense.

If Zeng Shan hadn't come to help just now.

He would have taken Zeng Shan to feed these Golden-winged Lice in exchange for a chance to escape.

Zeng Shan was considered trustworthy.

This saved his life.


It was only temporary.

Luo Yan didn't know how long he could hold on.

At this moment.

After killing a Golden-winged Louse, another bug grabbed Zeng Shan's thigh and bit down hard.

Zeng Shan cried out in pain and swiftly stabbed the bug in the head behind him.

He didn't even have time to remove the bug's corpse and let it hang on his leg.

He rushed forward and chopped another Golden-winged Louse.

Less than 30 seconds.

Zeng Shan was starting to feel tired.

Luo Yan squinted, ready to take over at any moment.

At that moment, the advantages of "Viewing the Mountains and Seas" became apparent.

Even though Luo Yan had only trained to the second level.

However, his physical strength was stronger than Zeng Shan's.

Elemental Power also recovered faster for him.

Rest for half a minute.

He felt ready for battle again.

But at that moment.

A sound that human ears couldn't perceive was heard outside.

This sound caused the Golden-winged Louse to fall to the ground one by one.

And they started crawling and bumping around like ants on a hot pan.

Luo Yan and Zeng Shan were excited to see this strange phenomenon.


Reinforcements have arrived.

True enough, soon there were bright lights shining from outside the crevice.

Then, the sound of guns firing rhythmically began one after another.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

With each gunshot, the head of a Golden-winged Louse on the ground would explode.

After several consecutive gunshots.

All the remaining Golden-winged Louse had been killed.

After that, Wei Fenghua's voice could be heard outside, "Luo Yan, are you guys inside?"

Zeng Shan's eyes instantly turned red.

Upon hearing Wei Fenghua's voice, he was finally certain.

That he had narrowly escaped death.

"I'm here, both Luo Yan and I are here."

Zeng Shan was about to run out, but suddenly turned back, reached out his hand, and held Luo Yan's hand.

Put it on his own shoulder.

It turned out that he wanted to help Luo Yan out.

Luo Yan hesitated for a second.

Then he didn't refuse.

They walked out of the crack with Zeng Shan like this.

Outside the pile of rocks.

The fog had already dispersed.

The wind blows.

The night sky twinkles with stars.

Luo Yan felt a sense of déjà vu.

Then, they saw a mystical mech standing nearby.

The bright light was shining from the robot's body.

Wei Fenghua led a small team of fighters over.

The team's captain saw dead bugs all over the ground.

His face changed slightly.

"Did you kill all of these?"

Zeng Shan nodded hard.

Then he looked at Luo Yan and said, "It was mainly him who did it."

"I only chopped off a few."

After saying that, Zeng Shan noticed something.

The captain and members of the combat team all looked at Luo Yan with a hint of respect in their eyes.

Wei Fenghua looked them up and down.

He nodded.

"Let's go back for now. We can talk more about it tomorrow."

The young captain gestured and signaled for an off-road vehicle to come over.

When getting on the car.

Luo Yan saw a stretcher passing by.

On it was Wu Renfan's body.

He had dried up like a person.

Terrifying appearance in death.

Upon returning to the camp.

Luo Yan and Zeng Shan received examination and treatment.

Luo Yan was more seriously injured.

He was left on the medical car for observation.

The whole night no words were spoken.

The next day, Luo Yan was called into the tent by Wei Fenghua.

Wei Fenghua asked about what happened the day before.

Luo Yan confessed everything.

Upon hearing that Wu Renfan was following Ren Zhong's orders and switched the backpack containing the 'Phoenix Tail Sunflower' for Luo Yan.

Wei Fenghua muttered, "So young yet so devious!"

He shook his head and sighed, "It's a pity Wu Renfan is dead, there's no evidence now."

"Just having this 'Phoenix Tail Sunflower' might not be enough to frame Luo Beichen."

"Besides, he could just blame Ren Zhong."

"What are you planning?"

After a moment of silence, Luo Yan said, "An eye for an eye."

Wei Fenghua glanced at him and said nothing.