Mech Battle: Full Metal Storm – Chapter 15

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Chapter 15: Seeing Me as Seeing a Demon

In a flash, Luo Yan dashed into the crack of the tall rock.

He rushed in about two or three meters in one breath.

Luo Yan stopped and quickly took out a magazine and placed it beside him.

Zeng Shan also entered.

"Crouch down, get ready to fight."

Luo Yan quickly checked his weapon.

Then raised it towards the entrance of the crack.

The space here is limited.

It's difficult for Golden-winged Louse to swarm in at once.

And now.

They still haven't returned to the camp.

Wei Fenghua should have noticed already.

Maybe just need to hold on a little longer.

They could then receive reinforcements.

At this moment.

Outside the cracks in the rocks, the sound of flapping wings began.

Golden-winged Louse followed closely behind.

However, due to the fog.

Many of them flew over from the pile of rocks, searching for Luo Yan and his friend like headless flies.

With the help of the 'Illusion Breaking Eye', Luo Yan saw this scene.

He let out a sigh of relief.

But there were still many Golden-winged Lice hovering outside the rocks.

At least a hundred of them.

If it were in a spacious place, a hundred Golden-winged Lice would swarm up.

They could gnaw Luo Yan and his friend to the bone.

For now, they were safe.

Many of them were crawling on the rocks.

Only one or two climbed up towards the high rocks' cracks.

Luo Yan thought for a moment.

He put down his rifle.

He drew out his army knife.

He pressed his hand on Zeng Shan's shoulder.

He rolled down in front of Zeng Shan.

Ambushed at the entrance.

When a blob of pale light creatures crawled in.

Didn't let the Golden-winged Louse see clearly inside.

Luo Yan slashed down!

Then, he made a horizontal pull.

The head of the Golden-winged Louse dropped off.

Seeing this scene,

Zeng Shan's breathing became rapid.

He felt a bit more awe towards Luo Yan.

Luo Yan used the power of 'Illusion Breaking Eye' to see through the Golden-winged Louse's movements in advance.

He silently took out several of them.

Unfortunately, the good times didn't last.

I wonder if their blood attracted them.

About a hundred Golden-winged Louses started gathering towards the high cliff crevice as they wandered around the rocky pile.

Luo Yan knew it was hopeless.

Return to the original place.

Whispered to Zeng Shan, "They are coming."

Zeng Shan didn't have the 'Eye Technique' and it was getting dark.

It was pitch dark inside the crevice, you couldn't see your hand in front of your face.

The sound was audible.

Sizzle beep...

The sound of messages from the Golden-winged Louse became louder at the entrance.

He nervously gripped the rifle tightly.

The rifles distributed by the academy were light machine guns, easy to carry, and suitable for use in tight spaces.

The small grip and trigger guard were combined into one, using a rotating bolt locking mechanism.

The firing mode can be adjusted between single and automatic.

The magazine capacity is standard at 30 rounds, suitable for reconnaissance missions.

Luo Yan and his friends each only had two magazines.

If they wanted to save ammunition,

Luo Yan should use the single-fire mode.

But now, he was using rapid fire.

In the past two weeks, he only did some organized shooting practice.

His shooting skills have improved since last time.

But he still has a long way to go to become a sharpshooter.

Using single-shot mode at this time could lead to serious consequences if he makes a mistake.

Time passed bit by bit.


A Golden-winged Louse peeked out from a crevice in the high rocks.

And around that crevice.

The Golden-winged Lice were crawling everywhere, densely packed and buzzing constantly.

Using his 'Illusion Breaking Eye' to locate the enemy, Luo Yan adjusted his angle and gently pressed the trigger.

Zeng Shan suddenly heard a loud 'bang' above his head.

A light of fire ignited above.

At the same time, a shell dropped on his shoulder and bounced off to the ground.

Illuminated by the flash from the muzzle of the gun.

Zeng Shan spotted an opening ahead.

The head of a Golden-winged Louse exploded completely.

However, more Golden-winged Lice rushed in.

These things have black shells and gold patterns on their wings.

Its head looks like a grasshopper.

But with four small green eyes.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Gunshots sounded above Zeng Shan's head.

The parasites that burrowed into crevices kept bursting out blood mist.

Next, he heard Luo Yan's roar.

"Fire away!"

"You're in charge down below."

Zeng Shan woke up like from a dream and shouted while firing his gun.

He remained pretty calm.

Remembering Luo Yan's instructions, he aimed his gun lower.

He sprayed the Golden-winged Louse crawling in from the ground.

The bullets swept through the parasites, knocking off their wings and tearing their bodies apart.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The gunshots echoed in the high rocky crevices.

The firelight kept flickering.

Golden-winged Louse dropped down one by one.

Soon, many dead bugs were piled up at the entrance to the crevice.

Even some of their own kind had died.

Other Golden-winged Lice were still frantically burrowing inside.

Luckily, the space in the crevice was limited.

The Golden-winged Lice were not small in size.

Usually, only four or five could enter at a time.

The rest were squeezed outside.


Luo Yan had already emptied a magazine.

He quickly put on another one.

It was also the last one.

And at this moment.

Before the battle.

Just less than 1 minute passed!

In an instant.

The second magazine also ran out of bullets.

Luo Yan shouted, "I'm out of bullets."

Zeng Shan's rifle also stopped roaring the next second.

"Me too."

Luo Yan decisively pulled out a military knife.

Stepped over Zeng Shan.

Rushed towards the Golden-winged Louse crawling from outside.

"Substitute in 1 minute."

Without hesitation, he raised his hand and the knife fell.

Cut off the head of a Golden-winged Louse.

Looked up.

Two more parasites flew towards him.

Luo Yan used the armor on his arm as a shield, pushing away a bug on his left side.

He raised his right hand sword and stabbed into the belly of another bug.

He suddenly flicked his wrist.

Sending the bug flying.

The belly of the Golden-winged Louse was sliced open, spilling out its intestines and organs.

Luo Yan didn't stop moving.

He turned around and slashed at the bug pinned against the rock by him.

Directly pulling off its head.

In an instant, he killed two bugs in a row.

Luo Yan looked up.

He has now deactivated 'Illusion Breaking Eye'.

Some patches of grass on the ground were lit up by the rifle shots, providing illumination.

By the light of the fire, he saw three Golden-winged Lice pouncing simultaneously.

Due to limited space, they lined up in a row - top, middle, and bottom.

A cold light flashed in Luo Yan's eyes.

His military dagger flashed in his hand.

A silver-white lightning-like streak was left between the bodies of these three Golden-winged Lice.

Sword technique: Thunderbolt!

This is after Luo Beichen challenged Di Zheng, Di Zheng personally taught him the Battle Technique at the academy.

There are two styles.

They are the sword technique 'Thunderbolt' and the fist technique 'Broken Bone'!

In an instant, these three Golden-winged Lice split open simultaneously.

Insect blood poured down.

Drenching Luo Yan's head, shoulders, and body.

Behind was Zeng Shan.

Watching Luo Yan, covered in blood under the firelight.

Like seeing a demon!

Insects, fresh blood, smell of blood.

Luo Yan felt as if he returned to the surface of the Earth.

He returned to those difficult times of survival.

He had a blank expression on his face.

His gaze was cold and his actions were decisive.

He held the line tightly.

He started getting hurt.

Blood started to flow.

But he did not step back.

To avoid getting hurt, Luo Yan tried his best to dodge the attacks.

If he couldn't dodge, he would try to block with less critical parts.

Then he traded injuries for staying alive.

In just 1 minute.

Luo Yan had turned into a bloody mess.

Even his hair was stuck together with blood.

Gradually, dead insects surrounded his feet.

His sword was battered and had cuts.

A gap was revealed.

After barely chopping off another bug's head.

Luo Yan violently flung it out.

Letting it turn into a cold light.

Nailed a bug that had just crawled into a crack.

At this moment, sand and stones fell on Luo Yan.

He looked up.

It turned out that there was a rock above the crack swaying.

There were bullet holes and bloodstains nearby.

It should be from a previous strafing that had damaged the rock structure there.


Several Golden-winged Louse flew in again.

Luo Yan quickly made a hand seal and pointed towards the rock.

Elemental Power sprayed out between his two fingers, transforming into a black rope.

Mystical Art No 1: Black Rope!

Just like Battle Technique and Visualization Technique.

Mystical art is also discovered, organized, and modified in that 'world', eventually allowing humans to use the techniques.

There are nearly a hundred types of mystical art.

Each mystical art has a number.

Besides, each magical technique requires a specific hand seal.

Also known as "sealing hand gesture".

Just practicing the "Black Rope" hand seal took Luo Yan a full two days.


It is time to show the results!

The rope transformed by Elemental Power quickly coiled around the rocks above.

Luo Yan tugged with all his might.

The already unstable rocks immediately fell off.

Landing on those few bugs.

Smash them into meat sauce.

At that moment, exactly 1 minute passed!

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