Mech Battle: Full Metal Storm – Chapter 14

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Chapter 14: The Golden-Winged Louse

Wu Renfan frowned, "Why do we need to open our backpacks?"

He had just finished speaking.

There was a rustling sound outside.

Light shone through the thick fog, and they could faintly hear someone shouting.

"Classmates, where are you?"

Wu Renfan's mouth had just opened.

Luo Yan had already placed the gun at his temple.

Then he shook his head slowly.


The three of them dared not even take a breath.

Around the tree hollow, they could hear the rustling sound from time to time.

It seemed like a real rescue team, circling around them for several rounds.

After a while.

The light and sound then disappeared into the thick fog.

It was only then that Wu Renfan said, "What if it's really a rescue team outside?"

Luo Yan said expressionlessly, "When the fog clears, we go back, and still be saved."

The implication is.

He doesn't want to take risks.

Luo Yan pointed his gun at Wu Renfan, saying, "Open the backpack."

He didn't want to talk anymore.

Wu Renfan shrugged his shoulders.

Take off backpack, open.

Luo Yan said to Zeng Shan, "Pour out everything inside."

Zeng Shan dared not disobey.

Clatter, clatter.

Everything from the backpack poured out.

Inside there were magazines, potions, freshly picked herbs.

Nothing suspicious.

Luo Yan looked at Zeng Shan.

Zeng Shan nodded and emptied his backpack as well.

The items were similar to Wu Renfan's.

"Look, captain, are you too nervous?"

Wu Renfan said, "You wouldn't suspect us of attracting that giant beast, would you?"

"Why would we be at odds with ourselves?"

Luo Yan glanced at him.

Suddenly, he remembered that Wu Renfan had been inside his tent last night.

But later, he had checked the tent.

Including backpack.

Nothing unusual.


Luo Yan suddenly thought.

He realized he missed some places.

He immediately threw his backpack on the ground.

Squat down.

Without saying a word.

Took out a knife and tore open the backpack.

Wu Renfan was startled.

His eyes moved around.

He quietly moved towards the exit.

At that moment, Luo Yan saw it.

As the knife sliced open the backpack, a compartment appeared.

Something fell out from inside.

It was a plant.

A green shrub, shaped like a phoenix tail.

Wu Renfan and Zeng Shan both whispered, "Phoenix Tail Sunflower?"

Luo Yan looked at Wu Renfan.

Mr. Wu's face changed.

He was about to rush out of the tree hole.


The flash of a knife.

Luo Yan's sword plunged into his thigh.

Wu Renfan immediately fell down, about to scream in pain.

But Luo Yan covered his mouth.

Zeng Shan looked confused.

They didn't know what had happened.

Luo Yan said coldly, "Did you enter my tent last night just to put the 'Phoenix Tail Sunflower' in my backpack?"

"No, no, no."

Wu Renfan hurriedly said, "Captain, please listen to me."

"I didn't know there was a 'Phoenix Tail Sunflower' inside."

"It was Ren Zhong, he gave me this backpack and asked me to exchange it with yours."

"But I truly didn't know he put the 'Phoenix Tail Sunflower' inside."

"He gave me some benefits, but I didn't need to risk my life for a small gain."

"If I had known there was a 'Phoenix Tail Sunflower' in the backpack, I would never have agreed to his request."

Ren Zhong is the young man with pink cheeks next to Luo Beichen.

No need to say.

This thing must have been ordered by Luo Beichen.

This guy is really cunning.

He actually plans to set up a trap to kill himself before the 'Deathmatch'!

After hearing, Luo Yan still hasn't shown a reaction.

Zeng Shan angrily rushes over, "Wu Renfan, you're so foolish and bad!"

Luo Yan doesn't waste words, and says to Zeng Shan, "Come with me."

He pulls out a military knife, causing a gush of blood from Wu Renfan's thigh.

Mr. Wu was rolling on the ground in pain.

Luo Yan came out of the tree hole with a knife.

Zeng Shan glanced at Wu Renfan and followed him out.

The mist and illusions had no effect on Luo Yan's 'Illusion Breaking Eye'.

He could safely take Zeng Shan back to the camp.

But Wu Renfan couldn't do the same.

He was as lost in the fog as a blind man.

Especially with his injured leg now.

Seeing Luo Yan and the two others leaving, he was suddenly shocked.

Afraid of the giant beast that looked like a big cat approaching.

Wu Renfan quickly whispered outside the tree hollow, "Captain, this really has nothing to do with me, I am also a victim."

"Captain, as long as you don't abandon me."

"In the future, I will only follow your lead."

"Luo Beichen clearly wants to get rid of me too."

"He is unkind, I am righteous."

"There is nothing more to say."

"If you want to deal with Luo Beichen, I will help you."


Luo Yan and his friend's steps not only didn't stop, but also quickly went far away.

Don't leave me behind.

Don't leave me behind!

Wu Renfan was so worried that he held his thigh with one hand.

Left the tree hollow stumbling.

Arrived in the thick fog.

In the mist.

Zeng Shan could hardly see Luo Yan's figure.

Had to follow his footsteps.


Luo Yan's footsteps disappeared.

Zeng Shan was about to ask.

Suddenly, Luo Yan's voice came from ahead, "We're in trouble."

His words trailed off.

In the quiet forest, within the thick fog.

A strange sound echoed.

Sizzle Crack......

Similar sounds continued.

Sounded all around

Zeng Shan asked quietly, "What is that?"

"Golden-winged Louse......."

"The parasites on Huan's body."

"It was just moving around here, although it's gone now, it left behind many parasites."

Luo Yan described calmly.

At this moment, in his sight.

Gray light in the shape of insects, scattered around the forest in groups of three or four.

Luo Yan recalled the description of 'Golden-winged Louse.'

The Golden-winged Louse is a winged creature with a special parasite on its body.

Its wings are as hard as gold and iron, very sharp.

It uses its hind legs to rub against its wings rhythmically to communicate.

Although it has wings, it only flies close to the ground.

Its speed is moderate.

Besides sucking blood, it also spreads various diseases including 'blood poison'.

Luo Yan reviewed the knowledge he had learned.

At the same time, he searched for a breakthrough.

Unfortunately, as far as the eye could see.

Shiny bugs with golden wings were all around, with no gaps for them to use.

Just then.

Suddenly, a burst of grey light flew out from the bushes on Luo Yan's left side.

Golden-winged Louse!

Luo Yan immediately rolled over, raised his rifle, aimed and shot.

Bang, bang, bang.

The rifle spat out flames, a burst of bullets hitting the parasite the size of a small dog, tearing it into pieces.

However, the sound of the gun also caught the attention of other Golden-winged Louse.

Hiss, hiss, hiss...

They communicate information through sound.

Afterwards, they all headed towards Luo Yan and the other person.

Luo Yan looked around.

Suddenly spotted a location.

It was a pile of scattered rocks.

The biggest one was around seven to eight meters tall.

There was a crack in the middle.

It was 214 centimeters tall, 107 centimeters wide, and over five meters deep.

It looks like.

It looked like it was meant for one person to walk.

"Follow me."

Luo Yan immediately moved in that direction.

He wanted to use the limited space on that high rock to control the number of Golden-winged Louses.

Zeng Shan quickly followed.

In the distance.

Wu Renfan was still groping in the mist.

The fog was thick, he couldn't see any figures at all.

Anxiously, he shouted, "Luo Yan, Zeng Shan, where are you?"

At that moment.

He heard a buzzing sound above his head.

Then something fell on his head, followed by a sharp pain, and Wu Renfan heard a loud 'gulp' sound.

It sounded just like when he drinks through a straw.

But this time, it was a Golden-winged Louse sucking his blood, his brain fluid!


In the fog.

Zeng Shan heard Wu Renfan's cries of pain and despair from behind!