Mech Battle: Full Metal Storm – Chapter 13

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Chapter 13: The Lower Lot

"Are you looking for me?" Luo Yan stopped Wu Renfan.

Wu Renfan was scared and jumped.

But he quickly calmed down.

Yes, captain.

I just wanted to ask, do we have any specific plans for tomorrow?

I personally think that tomorrow's collection task might be another assessment by the academy on us.

So I wanted to discuss with you.

Unexpectedly, you weren't there.

I waited for you for a while, but when you didn't return, I thought of leaving.

What a coincidence, I was just about to leave when you came back.

Shall we discuss it, captain?

Seeing him talk so much, Luo Yan felt a bit impatient.

Shaking his head, he said, "No need to discuss, just follow my lead tomorrow."

Wu Renfan wanted to say more.

Luo Yan glared back at him.

Finally, he could only force a smile and say, "Alright, I'll follow your lead tomorrow, captain."

After he left.

Luo Yan entered the tent.

After checking, nothing unusual was found.

Then he crawled into the sleeping bag.

The next day.

"This is the herbs you need to collect."

"Cloudfall grass, Moonglow flower, and Waterwisp leaf."

"They are the raw materials for 'Soothing Agentia' and 'Cloudwater Potion'."

"The main distribution areas have been marked on your team's computer."

"Now, the collection mission begins!"

At the campsite.

Wei Fenghua gave the order.

Including Luo Yan, the new students rushed to their respective task locations.

Luo Yan opened the group computer and followed the prompts to venture deep into the jungle.

Wu Renfan and Zeng Shan followed closely behind.

At first, they could hear voices nearby from time to time.

As time passed, besides the swaying tree shadows, they only encountered small animals occasionally appearing in the bushes or trees.


They could hear the roar of giant beasts from a distance.

Luckily, they were located in the border area of the forbidden zone.

There are surface creatures moving all around.

There shouldn't be too much danger.

While walking.

Luo Yan would occasionally stop.

He carefully observed the ground nearby.

Checking if the tree leaves on the ground were crushed.

Sometimes he would dig into suspicious piles of mud, often finding animal droppings.

Wu Renfan seemed disgusted when he saw Luo Yan trying to identify the smell of the droppings.

Zeng Shan was fine with it.

In the 'Giant Beast Common Sense Class', the teacher has taught how to easily tell apart giant beast poop from other animals' poop.

Giant beasts have 'blood poison' in their blood, so their poop smells like sulfur.

It's very easy to tell the difference.

By identifying giant beast poop, you can tell if you're near their living area.

This helps avoid risks.

Luo Yan is doing this now.

"He is really unnecessary."

Wu Renfan whispered to Zeng Shan, "This area is relatively safe, and we cleared out two giant beasts here yesterday."

"There's no danger here."

Zeng Shan held the rifle assigned by the academy, looked around, and whispered, "I think we should be careful."


Luo Yan stopped.

He turned around and glanced at them.

Wu Renfan quickly closed his mouth.

One day passed.

It was getting late in the evening.

Luo Yan and his two friends had collected enough herbs.

They were ready to head back.

Walking along.

Luo Yan made a 'stop' gesture.

Wu Renfan complained, "Captain, we've been out all day."

"The other teams must have returned to the camp already."

"We are the latest."

"Let's hurry back, my feet are so sore."

Luo Yan turned back, pointed his gun at him, and said, "Shut up."

Then he looked around and said, "Look, Fog Rises."

It was only after Luo Yan's reminder that Wu Renfan and Zeng Shan noticed it.

There was a light mist spreading quietly.

It made the nearby flowers, grass, and trees look fuzzy.

Even the distant scenery became blurry.

Wu Renfan whispered, "This is called 'Misty Canyon'. No need to be surprised by the rising fog."

But Zeng Shan shook his head and said, "That's not right."

"We are on the edge area. There shouldn't be any rising fog here."

"Be quiet."

"Let's move quickly."

Luo Yan had a bad feeling.

He lived on the surface for three years.

He had long honed his wild beast-like instincts.

Thick fog suddenly rose in the fringe areas.

This is very unusual.

When things go unusually, there must be a demon involved.

Luo Yan just hoped not to draw the worst 'straw'.

Which one?

Naturally, it's Huan, that Overlord-level giant beast, described with characteristics like 'Blowing Wind' and 'Fog Rises'.

The fog grew thicker gradually.

Now even Wu Renfan, who didn't believe it, was very nervous.

Now the view had narrowed down to about three to five meters.


It's just a blur.


Luo Yan started to feel uneasy, as if he was wandering around in the woods.

So he made marks on the trees.

Several minutes later.

It turned out to be true.

"Oh no, we are trapped by the fog," Wu Renfan panicked.

Luo Yan calmly said, "Contact the camp, rest here, and wait for rescue."

Zeng Shan immediately took out the walkie-talkie and called the camp.

"Camp, camp, please respond if you hear us."

After three tries, there was no response.

Luo Yan's heart sank.

But at that moment,

They heard someone ahead shouting, "Hey, which group are you from?"

"We are here to rescue you."

When Luo Yan heard the sound, he finally relaxed.

Li Xiao was even more ecstatic.

A moment later.

Soon they saw lights and blurry figures ahead in the thick fog.

"Classmates, where are you?"

"Reply when you hear our voices."

Wu Renfan was about to respond.

Suddenly, Luo Yan wondered why the rescue team didn't know their identities.

Which group are they from?

So, he quickly covered Wu Renfan's mouth like a flash of lightning.

Then he shook his head.

His red eyes sparkled with a little silver light around them.

Luo Yan activated his special power, 'Illusion Breaking Eye'.

The fog instantly disappeared from his eyes.

The trees and flowers lost their texture.

Everything was only shown as lines.

And sets of numbers appeared.

Luo Yan ignored those numbers.

Look towards where the light just turned on.

In the distance.

There really was a blob of glowing creatures.

But that blob of light was quite big.

From the outline, it looked like a cat crouching on the ground.

It's just that behind this 'cat', there were three tails swaying from time to time.


Without a doubt.

They drew the lower lot.

The gray light ahead is the Overlord-level giant beast in this canyon.

It is the source of the giant beast ecology in the forbidden area!

Luo Yan quickly remembered the characteristics of this giant beast.

Apart from 'Blowing Wind' and 'Fog Rises'.

It also has descriptions of 'illusions'.

In other words.

The light and figures seen by the three just now.

They were simply illusions.

It's a deceptive tactic of that giant beast!

Luo Yan looked around.

He found a giant tree that was dead and hollow inside.

Luo grabbed the shoulders of Zeng Shan and Wu Renfan.


"Follow me."

After a moment, they squeezed into a tree hole.

Wu Renfan then asked, "Where are we?"

"Huan, come."

Luo Yan simply said, "The lights and sounds we just saw were illusions."

"We are very tiny compared to the giant beast."

"It's like trying to spot a few ants in a garden."

"It didn't notice us, so it tried to lure us with an illusion."

"But there must be something on us that it finds appealing."

"Otherwise, it wouldn't come out from the forbidden zone."

Luo Yan turned to look at Zeng Shan and Wu Renfan.

"Open your backpacks!"