Mech Battle: Full Metal Storm – Chapter 12

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Chapter 12: Illusion Breaking Eye

In the "Book of Nan-Jing within the Sea," it is recorded that Siox resides to the east of Emperor Shun's burial site and to the south of the Xiang River. It resembles a cow, with a dark blue color and a single horn.

In the book "Classic of Mountains and Seas," Siox is depicted as a mystical creature resembling a water buffalo, entirely black in color, with a single horn.

However, in reality, Siox is known as a giant and ferocious beast.

The naming of known giant beasts is mostly inspired by the ancient mystical book "Classic of Mountains and Seas."

Names are given based on similarities between descriptions of giant beasts and those in ancient books.

Luo Yan learned about Siox in the class "Giant Beast Common Sense." This cow-like giant beast is capable of easily demolishing a building with its sheer force.

They usually have thick dark green fur, Siox's fur is long and thick, when it runs at full speed, it looks like a moving black cloud.

After the Exploration Legion discovered the giant beast, the sound of gunfire could be heard ahead of the convoy.

Before long, the radio in the car started playing again.

"To the northwest, at 10 o'clock, the second giant beast has appeared."

"It's another 'Siox'!"

"Estimating its path, it will collide with the convoy from the Academy."

Upon hearing this broadcast, the students' faces turned pale.

Luo Yan gripped his rifle tightly.

"Stay calm."

Wei Fenghua calmly said, "He Hao and his team will protect us."

Luo Yan looked out the window.

The heavy mecha named 'Black Thunder' was striding forward.

Inside the mecha cockpit, a tough-looking He Hao said on the team channel, "As usual, use the 211 standard formation."


"Got it."

In response to the team members, two mystical mechs stood in the middle of the giant beast's movement trajectory.

They raised two solid, black rifles.

Luo Yan immediately recalled the corresponding information in his mind: the formidable God's Fury Type 3 rifle for the giant beast!

The gun is 48.21 meters long with a barrel length of 2.35 meters and a caliber of 37 centimeters.

It can hold 30 bullets, shoot effectively up to 15,000 meters, and the bullets travel at a speed of 950 meters per second.

At that moment, 'Black Thunder' driven by He Hao, and 'Greedy Wolf' controlled by Su Jiu.

They spread out, with one on the left and the other on the right.

Forming a slightly curved crescent shape.

The 'Black Thunder' opened all its weapon systems on its two arms and chest.

The back armor of 'Greedy Wolf' also opened up, revealing a cannon barrel extending from inside.

"It's the 211 formation."

Wei Fenghua casually remarked, "Who knows what the 211 formation is?"

Li Bohang pushed his glasses and said, "211 formation, two mechas are responsible for main firepower, while the other two mechas provide support."

"During the firepower output, the two support mechas can move freely according to the situation, that's the 211 formation."

"Well done, reward of 10 credits," Wei Fenghua nodded.

There was a slight sigh in the carriage.

Just answering a question can earn you 10 credits?

You should have told us earlier, Teacher Wei!

At this moment, the students could already feel the ground shaking.

Then, from a dense forest in the distance, a dark cloud came crashing out.

It was a giant beast that looked like a water buffalo, with thick, long fur swaying as it ran.


On its forehead grew a thick and sharp horn, with spiraling patterns on it.

The patterns emitted a dark green light, resembling a burning magic flame!


Inside the cockpit, Captain He Hao gave the order.

In the next second,

Four mechas opened fire simultaneously.

The two mystical mechs in the center, responsible for the main firepower, constantly fired their Divine Wrath Type-3 rifles.

Bright flames shot out from the gun barrels, as bullets streaked straight towards the target.

Big empty bullet shells kept falling next to the giant robot, hitting the ground and making mud and rocks fly.

Looking at the patterned bullet shells, Luo Yan knew they were special 'armor-piercing bullets' for the huge monster.

They were very effective against the tough-skinned giant beast.

Under the intense barrage of bullets, blood splattered as the dark cloud in the distance kept bursting.

'Black Thunder' and 'Greedy Wolf' joined the attack.

There are people inside the carriages.

Luo Yan felt like there was an earthquake happening in the canyon!

The forest trees were knocked down in large numbers under the intense artillery fire.

The giant beast named 'Siox' was hit hard and staggered.

At that moment, the armor on the sides of the Demon Mecha 'Greedy Wolf' opened up.

A guided missile emerged from each side with the help of the mechanical arm.

With flames shooting out from the rear, the two missiles dragged fire behind them.

With a sharp whistling sound, the two missiles hit the giant beast's front legs.

The explosion shattered the giant beast's front legs, causing Siox to wail as it fell forward to the ground, sliding ahead due to inertia.

Seeing this.

He Hao let out a loud roar.

Controlling the heavy mecha, he charged towards the giant beast.

At the moment of impact.

Black Thunder raised his arm and clenched his fist.

He boldly launched an attack!

His steel fist sliced through the air.

Emitting a deep, resounding roar.

The fist shimmered with a black light.

Striking squarely on Siox's head.

A solemn sound akin to a bell resonated in the valley.

The roaring shockwave spread out.

All nearby trees bowed in submission.

The windows of Luo Yan's vehicle were buzzing loudly.

The first wave calmed down.

Another wave rose!

The fist of the mecha 'Black Thunder' was still imprinted on Siox's head.

The dark glow of that fist had dimmed, but in an instant, it became bright again.

And then, an explosion!


Siox trembled all over, suddenly bounced up, and somersaulted over the top of 'Black Thunder.'

He crashed heavily onto the ground.

The earth immediately started swirling up a wave of soil, spreading wildly!

Inside the carriage, all the students were knocked to the ground.

There was a cry of shock.

Luo Yan, who had stood up, had tiny specks of silver light shining around his crimson eyes.

He used the 'Qi Observing Eye'.

Look outside.

Within the grey-white light of Siox, the circle of fiery red light was quickly dimming.

The blood value, reaching up to four digits, rapidly changed and quickly returned to zero in the blink of an eye.

In fact, you could see it without using the 'Qi Observing Eye'.

The giant beast's head burst open, and its horn plunged into the ground, already dead beyond death.

At that moment, 'Black Thunder' turned around and walked towards the horn.

Pull it out.

Then raised it overhead.

Cheers erupted in the carriage.

In the eyes of the newcomers.

'Black Thunder' appeared as a war god.

Tall, invincible!

The Exploration Legion also defeated the army beast, so the convoy stopped temporarily.

The collectors were busy gathering organs, horns, claws, and other items from the giant beast.

The most important thing here is the 'core' of the giant beast.

That is where the essence of the giant beast's whole body lies.

"You all just saw it earlier."

During their break time, Wei Fenghua didn't forget to remind the students.

"During battles, it's standard procedure to prioritize using long-range attacks."

"Ammunition can be replenished, but mecha and pilots can't."

"If damage occurs, it would result in significant losses."

A student raised their hand and asked, "Teacher, did the 'Black Thunder' ultimately use Battle Techniques in the end?"

Wei Fenghua nodded and said, "That's right."

"That's He Hao's Battle Technique, Thundering Thunder."

"This boxing skill allows for two strikes, with the second one being stronger and more powerful."

"By using the empathy system, the mecha's power can deliver a fatal blow to the giant beast with just one punch."

"In the future, you guys should do the same when entering the battlefield."

"First, use guns to weaken the giant beast, and when the opportunity arises, use Battle Techniques or mystical arts to secure victory."

The students all nodded in agreement.

Wei Fenghua suddenly asked, "How are the ranks of the giant beasts determined?"

Luo Yan quickly answered, "It's based on their abilities and threats they pose."

Wei Fenghua nodded and asked, "What is the basis for ranking giant beasts?"

This time, Lin Wei got the chance and said, "Based on their size and weight, so, among the same level of giant beasts, strength cannot be judged blindly by rank."

Wei Fenghua expressed satisfaction, "That's right, both of you did well, rewarded with 10 points."

A sound of frustration immediately filled the air.

The recycling work continued until evening.

The convoy simply stopped moving forward.

The students and soldiers camped nearby.

After a simple dinner.

Wei Fenghua called the students over.

"Now draw lots to decide the groups."

"Tomorrow, you will work in groups to help Exploration Legion collect herbs."

"Completing the task will earn you credit rewards."

Excited to hear about the credit rewards.

Luo Yan is very happy.

But he is a bit unhappy to hear about being grouped.

He is used to being alone.

Then he remembers what Li Bohang said.

To continue on the path of becoming a Mecha Master, he must learn to work in a team.

Luo Yan thought to himself.

Let's start getting used to it from this collection task.

A moment later.

The grouping results came out.

Luo Yan's teammates were Wu Renfan and Zeng Shan.

Wu Renfan was thin and weak, wearing glasses with thick lenses.

He usually didn't stand out much.

Luo Yan didn't have much impression of him.

Zeng Shan was tall with thick eyebrows and big eyes.

During the entrance exam, knowing that he passed made him so happy that his eyes turned red, and he raised his arms in cheer.

Luo Yan had a vague impression of him.

But they didn't interact much in daily life.

Looking at these two people.

Luo Yan simply said, "I'll be the captain for tomorrow's task."

He didn't like being ordered around.

So he proactively made a request.

If the two didn't agree, then they'd part ways.

"Alright, I have no objections," Wu Renfan said with a smile.

Zeng Shan also nodded, "I admire you for getting the highest score in the exam."

You can be the captain, I have no objections.

And so it was decided.

Luo Yan turned around to find Wei Fenghua.

When he saw Wei Fenghua, the teacher was about to swallow a pill.

He took it with water.

Wei Fenghua chuckled, "Do you need me for an old problem?"

Luo Yan sat beside him.

"Teacher, if I get the 'Primordial Stone Fragment,' will it affect my 'Qi Observing Eye'?"

Wei Fenghua looked at him and said, "Definitely."

"But the Primordial Stone Fragment is not something just anyone can get."

"This is the highest-grade material, only rewarded to those who have done great deeds."

"Of course, you might have a chance in the future."

Luo Yan, sensing an opportunity, asked, "If given the chance, what kind of Divine Hidden Art can the 'Qi Observing Eye' transform into?"

Wei Fenghua casually replied, "Illusion Breaking Eye."

"Its abilities include breaking illusions, recognizing illusions, far-sightedness, strong memory, and observing energy."

"After breaking through, it becomes the 'Eye of Reality.'"

"Illusion Breaking Eye."

"Eye of Reality?"

Luo Yan was surprised, "Can the Divine Hidden Art break through too?"

Wei Fenghua smiled and said, "Why not?"

"The levels of the Visualization Technique can all be surpassed."

"The Divine Hidden Art is no exception."

"It's just that the course hasn't reached that point yet, so you just don't know for now."

"If you are interested in the 'Divine Hidden Art', when you go back, I'll give you a book to read for yourself."

Luo Yan happily agreed.

He didn't dare to disturb them any longer.

Go back to his own tent.

On the way.

Luo Yan was overjoyed.

He finally knew the name of his special power after the change, 'Divine Hidden Art'.

He also knew that 'Divine Hidden Art' could break through.

He felt hopeful about the future.

At that moment, he saw Wu Renfan coming out of his tent.

Luo Yan squinted his eyes involuntarily.