Mech Battle: Full Metal Storm – Chapter 11

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Chapter 11: Primordial Stone Fragment


Training area.

"Teacher Wei, I have broken through and now I am at Primary Level 2."

Luo Yan truthfully reported his progress.

Wei Fenghua nodded, "Half a month on the second floor, and it is 'Viewing the Mountains and Seas', progress is also rapid."

"You used a lot of 'Soothing Agentia', right?"

Luo Yan nodded.

"It's commendable that you were willing to spend so much, so next, you can practice on the second floor."

"At Primary Level 2, the focus is on letting Elemental Power permeate every inch of your body, every strand of muscle."

"Making them as resilient as mountains."

"The key points of cultivation are...."

Same as last time.

Wei Fenghua explained in detail.

Luo Yan listened quietly.

Then it's time for self-cultivation, with Wei Fenghua providing guidance on the side.

After the training session.

Wei Fenghua said, "For the next two days, don't practice too quickly, make sure to have sufficient rest."

"After entering the forbidden area, there were many sacred places."

"And when practicing, one must work hard and also take proper rest."

"Haste makes waste."

Luo Yan took note.

There are no classes at the academy on Saturdays and Sundays.

Luo Yan didn't want to waste time.

But he also remembered Wei Fenghua's instructions not to train too hard.

After two fulfilling days passed like this.

Monday arrived.

Early this morning.

The new students gathered on the playground.

Waiting for the mentor to arrive.

Suddenly, everyone felt the ground shake.

Then several mechs entered the playground.

Among them were three humanoid mechs, but one looked like a giant wolf.

That wolf-shaped mech was mainly dark black in color, decorated with bright red patterns.

Like flames.

Many students whispered in awe.

"It's called 'Demon Mecha'."

Luo Yan remembered the mecha lesson given by Teacher Zhao Yidan.

The teacher mentioned that there are three types of mecha.

The most common one is the humanoid mecha, known as 'mystical mech'.

There is also the alien-looking mecha, known as 'Demon Mecha'.

Controlling 'Demon Mecha' is relatively difficult because it's not humanoid. Even with an empathy system, it's very hard to control.

Besides these two types of mecha.

There exists a third type.

However, Teacher Zhao did not delve into it.

Just mention "top secret".

At this moment, a tall, dark iron-colored humanoid robot with bright yellow patterns and components took two steps forward.

This robot was very bulky, especially its two arms.

They were large and long, reaching past the knees.

The outer armor was clearly above standard, with a special weapons system built in.

It stopped, and the hatch at the back of its head opened, revealing a pilot inside.

A Mecha Master!

The person looked down from above, surveying the area.

They looked at Luo Yan's face for two seconds.

Soon, Wei Fenghua's voice was heard, "These are the mechas of our school, being driven by the third-year students."

"They are responsible for protecting the school personnel, and this is also an important test for them."

Wei Fenghua pointed to the pilot on the black heavily armored mecha and said, "He Hao, a third-year student, Visualization Technique level: Intermediate Level Three."

"He is the captain of this team."

"The mech being piloted is: Mystical Mech, Black Thunder."

"Black Thunder, height 85.47 meters, weight 1987 tons, operating system is 'Horizon' 3rd generation, main engine 'Thunder Light', and 4 auxiliary engines."

Then his finger moved.

Pointing towards the pilot emerging from the wolf-shaped mecha.

It's a girl.

Sitting on the Mecha with legs together, boldly blew a kiss to the newcomers.

"Su Jiu, a third grader, with a Visualization Technique at the intermediate level."

"Vice captain."

"The mecha is a Demon Mecha, named Greedy Wolf."

"Greedy Wolf weighs 1685 tons, with the same operating system as above, a main engine 'Wolf Pack', and nine auxiliary engines."

Wei Fenghua introduced the remaining two Mecha Masters to everyone.

With a command.

"Let's go."

Shortly after, a convoy left the 'Battle Academy'.

In the car, most of the new students were very excited.

This made Luo Yan feel like he was on a school outing before.

After getting on the bus, everyone was given a suitcase each.

Wei Fenghua said, "What you have now received is the equipment that the academy has given you."

"It includes a set of wilderness combat suit, lightweight armor, a gun, ammunition, a military knife, and first aid potions."

"These things can't handle a giant beast, or even have much effect against a parasitic swarm."

"But if you accidentally run into one or two Giant Beast Parasites, they will be somewhat effective."

"So, gear up now."

The girls in the carriage couldn't help but exclaim, "Here?"

"Wasn't that group of boys not cheap?"

Wei Fenghua said expressionlessly, "Entered the forbidden area, went to the battlefield."

"There are many crueler things than this."

"If you don't want to die, then talk less."

Sat in the back row.

A girl opened her suitcase, then without saying a word, took off her coat.

Then changed into a camouflage combat suit with an indifferent expression.

"Lin Wei is really amazing, not afraid of losing out at all."

"Of course, she ranked second in the court exam, definitely not simple."

Some girls whispered to each other.

Luo Yan looked at the girl whose exam results were just below his.

Lin Wei is tall and slim.

Her dark hair was tied up in a high ponytail.

On her left earlobe, she wore a red ruby earring.

Her expression was indifferent, showing no interest in anything.

She might have felt Luo Yan's gaze.

Lin Wei looked back.

Her eyes sparkled like stars, deep and mysterious.

Luo Yan couldn't understand anything from her eyes.

He turned back and opened his own suitcase.

Took off his coat.

When Luo Yan took off his coat.

There was a soft sigh in the carriage.

Luo Yan had many scars on his body.

One on the east, one on the west.

And there were dark red patches from 'blood poison' infection.

Making his body look very 'ugly'.

Luo Yan didn't care at all about what others thought.

Quickly put on combat suit, wear armor, check rifle.

Wait for everyone else to finish changing equipment.

Wei Fenghua said, "Once we enter 'Misty Canyon', pay extra attention to a plant called 'Phoenix Tail Sunflower'."

"This is a part of the 'giant beast ecology' in Forbidden Area No. 3."

"The Phoenix Tail Sunflower belongs to the evergreen shrub family, named after its resemblance to a phoenix tail."

"At the same time, it is the favorite food of the Overlord-level giant beast, 'Huan'."

"Its scent will attract 'Huan', so when you see it, stay away, do not pick it, understood?"

The students all responded.

At that moment, Li Bohang raised his hand and asked, "Teacher, what is the mission of the Surface Legion to the Forbidden Land this time?"

Wei Fenghua replied, "It's a routine mission. We need to search for 'Youyin' and gather exotic flowers and plants from the Forbidden Land to use as materials for various potions."

"If allowed, we will also eliminate some giant beasts in the surrounding area to prevent the Forbidden Land from expanding."


In Luo Yan's mind, a piece of dark and mysterious crystal flashed.

Back then, Di Zheng brought back a 'Youyin' from the Galactic Sports Arena, attracting the giant beast 'Quru' on the way.

It was mentioned in Xiao Shi's class on common knowledge before.

'Youyin' is a product of the 'Yanfu' space.

In the 'Beast Calamity,' giant beasts were released from the sky along with those dropped on the earth.

'Youyin' will affect the ground ecology and make ordinary animals and plants undergo changes.

Besides, giant beasts can evolve by absorbing energy from 'Youyin'.

Improve their rank level.

This is also the reason why the 'Gluttony' in the Galactic Sports Arena at that time did not leave 'Youyin'.

Nowadays, every time the 'Yanfu' space opens, 'Youyin' will occasionally drop.

But according to statistics, the quantity is not as much as during the 'Beast Calamity'.

Another boy frowned and said, "Teacher, I don't understand."

"You said giant beasts can evolve through 'Youyin', so they have a need for 'Youyin'."

"Why do we humans collect them?"

"Destroy them, and it's done, isn't it?"

Wei Fenghua coughed twice and smiled, saying, "It seems Xiao Shi didn't mention it to you all, so I'll tell you."

"We are collecting 'Youyin' because it may contain a 'Primordial Stone Fragment'."

"Primordial Stone Fragment?"

There was a sound of confusion in the carriage.

Wei Fenghua nodded gently, "That's right."

"Although 'Youyin' is something giant beasts love, it sometimes produces a strange stone resembling white jade."

"This kind of stone can trigger changes in 'Divine Hidden Art'. Even if it's a mediocre 'Divine Hidden Art', it can become very powerful when induced by this kind of stone."

"Some inscriptions found in that world mention this kind of stone, called 'Primordial Stone Fragment'."

Luo Yan felt a shock in his heart.

He quickly lowered his head.

He finally understood the reason for the strange change in his 'Qi Observing Eye'.

He also knew the origin of the rhombus-shaped white jade.

It turned out that what he obtained that day was the 'Primordial Stone Fragment'!

At this moment, the convoy had already left the underground city.

And arrived on the surface.

The intense sunlight shone in through the car windows.

The students were momentarily drawn to the sunlight outside the windows.

They crawled to the window one by one.

Even the aloof Lin Wei turned her head slightly to look outside the window.

These students are unlike Luo Yan.

They have been 'hidden from the sun' for many years.

Now they finally have the opportunity to come to the surface and naturally feel excited.

At the shore of a large lake, the academy convoy and the Surface Exploration Legion converged and headed northwest in a grand procession.

Three days later.

The convoy arrived at Forbidden Area No 3, 'Misty Canyon'.

It was midday when they entered the canyon.

Just a second ago, the sun was shining outside the car.

The next moment, the light suddenly dimmed, as if entering another world.

Luo Yan looked out of the car window.

Although there was hardly any mist on the edge of the forbidden area, looking into the distance revealed a gray mist.

Within that thick fog, flashes of lightning would occasionally appear.

Whenever lightning struck, it would illuminate some strange shapes within the thick fog.

Giving rise to an unexplained sense of mystery and danger.

After entering the canyon.

Whether it was the surface troop or the academy convoy.

The guard mecha came out of the cargo hold and walked on both sides of the convoy.

Watching these giant-like mecha accompanying them should have made people feel safe.

But once they entered the canyon, even the most nerve-strong classmates were tense and silent.

Just when Luo Yan thought this 'silence' would continue until they set up camp.

Suddenly, a broadcast sounded in the carriage, "Attention, giant beast detected ahead."

"Matching database now......"

"......Matching complete, confirmed giant beast ahead is 'Siox'."

"Rank: lower rank 3."

"Type: caterpillar."

"Features: enormous strength, capable of drilling through obstacles, and can create shockwaves!"

Note: Siox, spelled as "si" in Pinyin, with the fourth tone, pronounced like the word "four".