Mech Battle: Full Metal Storm – Chapter 10

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Chapter 10: Forbidden Area and the Ecology of Giant Beasts

The mechacommon sense class is over by noon.

Luo Yan arrived at the cafeteria.

After getting food, he found an empty table to have lunch.

He ate very slowly.

These are habits formed from living on the surface.

During the three extremely scarce years, it was very normal to only eat one meal every few days.

Being too hungry, he couldn't eat quickly.

As time went by.

Even though the food in the college cafeteria was delicious now, he still ate slowly.

"Can I sit here?"

A voice echoed.

Luo Yan looked up to see his classmate named Li Bohang.

The tall, thin, and clean-cut young man sat across from Luo Yan without waiting for his consent.

The young man reached out his hand.

"Can I be your friend?"

Luo Yan glanced at him and continued eating.

Li Bohang wasn't angry either, he smiled and said, "I admire your courage, whether facing Wolf Tick alone or in a Deathmatch."

"But I admire even more your experience living on the surface for three years, that must have been really tough, right?"

"If it were me, I probably wouldn't last a year, you're really amazing."

Luo Yan paused with his chopsticks, then continued eating.

Li Bohang continued, "I know you don't want to make friends with people."

"The moment I saw you, I felt like you were the type who prefers to be alone."

"You believe in yourself more."

"But if you want to be a pilot, want to be a Mecha Master."

"You need friends."

"Every time there is a mission, the Mecha Master basically has to go on missions as a team."

"There will be three to four mechas executing missions at the same time, so to successfully complete the mission, you need to integrate into the group."

"You need to learn to trust."

Luo Yan listened but remained calm.

He wouldn't decide to be friends with Li Bohang just because of a few words.


It was too extravagant for him.

He had a wound on his chest, given to him by a so-called friend.

Li Bohang smiled and started eating.

While eating, he said, "Here's some advice for you."

"When exchanging for training resources, avoid exchanging for 'Cloudwater Potion' as it is only used for intermediate to advanced techniques."

"Also, each one costs 5 credits."

"In fact, its effectiveness is only about 20% better than 'Soothing Agentia'."

"You can still use 'Soothing Agentia' even when training in intermediate techniques, and you can switch to 'Cloudwater Potion' when training in advanced techniques."

"The important thing is, 'Soothing Agentia' only costs 1 credit to exchange, so it's affordable."

After speaking, Li Bohang finished his meal quietly, packed up and said, "I'm leaving now. I have combat class in the afternoon, I need to go back and get ready first."

He turned around and suddenly heard Luo Yan whisper, "Thank you."

Li Bohang turned back and smiled, "You're welcome."

Luo Yan didn't thank him just to be nice.

It's just polite to thank someone for their kind advice, whether you take it or not.

It's a principle.

After Li Bohang left, Luo Yan finished his last bite of food and was about to leave.

Suddenly, a person walked up, looked at Luo Yan and said with a light smile, "You are the new student recommended by Di Zheng?"

Luo Yan looked up and replied coldly, "Two months later, Deathmatch. If I'm still alive."

After speaking, he walked away.

The man stood still for a while before shouting, "Wait, do you have to be like this?"

"I just asked a question."

"I didn't mean to cause trouble for you."

"Stop challenging me to a deathmatch all the time."

"I won't fight!"

"I won't fight even if I die."

Luo Yan heard this and kept walking, leaving the restaurant.

The man shook his head and muttered, "What a crazy person."


During these past few days,

He practiced the Visualization Technique for the first time under his mentor's guidance.

He also encountered the Battle Technique and mystical art for the first time.

He took part in empathic training for the first time,

Experiencing numerous firsts.

These two weeks were more exciting for him than his entire eighteen years of life before this.

Let him spend these two weeks experiencing a more exciting life than the past eighteen years.

He has a deeper understanding of his transformed Eye Technique.

For example, now he understands what the bright yellow light on himself or others represents.

It represents Elemental Power and the corresponding numerical value.

In addition, Luo Yan can use the special Eye Technique to observe Elemental Power in the world.

He can see where they are and how concentrated they are.


In terms of practicing the Visualization Technique.

He feels like he is close to a breakthrough.

After two weeks of practice, he has let Elemental Power spread through his limbs and torso.

Only the area around his head and heart is left.

At this moment.

Inside the training arena.

Luo Yan picked up a bottle of light blue Soothing Agentia.

Soothing Agentia!

These days, Luo Yan always uses Soothing Agentia for training.

This potion can calm the mind, strengthen communication and connection with Elemental Power, and enhance training efficiency.

Each bottle of Soothing Agentia costs only 1 credit.

Luo Yan has already spent over a dozen credits these days.

Plus the 3 credits spent on the first day of school.

Chen Yongsong lost 20 points for that incident.

Luo Yan gained 98 points when he entered school.

Now he only has 48 points left.

Look at the new students in the same period.

Students who use 'Soothing Agentia' during each practice session are rare.

Most people cannot afford to be as extravagant as Luo Yan.

Some people even think Luo Yan is wasting points.

But Luo Yan doesn't think so.

He will have a Deathmatch in two weeks.

Facing Luo Beichen who has more resources than himself.

If we still need to save these credits now.

That would be ridiculous.

Calm down.

Luo Yan slowly breathed out, then opened the potion and held it to his mouth.

Take a deep breath.

Inhale all the potion in the bottle.

Luo Yan immediately entered a feeling of absolute calm.

He keenly sensed the omnipresent Elemental Power in the air around him.

Then, use a specific way of breathing.

Inhale the Elemental Power along with the air into your body, let it circulate, keep the Elemental Power, and exhale the air.

Time passed.

Gradually, Luo Yan's forehead released tiny beads of sweat the size of beans.

They wet Luo Yan's hair, followed the lines of his face, and gathered at his chin.

Dripping down.

Luo Yan felt that his whole body's skin was becoming tougher under the nourishment of Elemental Power.

Furthermore, there was a stronger power hidden within him, slowly building up.

This power was soon met with resistance.

It was as if there was an invisible barrier stopping it.

Then it boiled and erupted.

With each deep breath Luo Yan took, more Elemental Power was drawn into the world.

Gathering together in this force.

Breakthrough in one go!

Shatter the barrier!


Luo Yan trembled all over, his muscles first tightened, then slowly relaxed.

Making Luo Yan feel an indescribable comfort.

He opened his eyes, raised his hands, and watched as the texture of his skin became more intricate.

Like the texture of rocks, exuding a sense of strength.

He finally understood why Wei Fenghua said that when the breakthrough comes, he would know.

So that's how it is.

That day.

Luo Yan made a breakthrough.

Beginner, second level.

On the way back to the dormitory.

Luo Yan heard many classmates talking.

"What Divine Hidden Art have you awakened?"

"Shape-shifting: Wild Bear."

"And you?"

"Me? Hey, I am Super Body: Iron Armor."

"Very practical."

And so on.

Unlike Luo Yan.

Many freshmen started practicing Basic Visualization Technique after entering school.

Most people have only recently awakened Divine Hidden Art one after another in the past couple of days.

However, people like Luo Beichen should have already practiced before school started.

I wonder what kind of special magic Luo Beichen will awaken.

Suddenly, Luo Yan stopped.

Luo Beichen and a few students came walking from the front.

The young man next to him smiled and loudly exclaimed to Luo Yan, "Isn't that our classmate Luo?"

"Looks like you just got back from the training arena, right?"

"Classmate Luo is very hardworking, how far have you progressed in the Visualization Technique?"

"Have you been practicing the mystical art of Battle Technique?"

"The arena matches are in two weeks."

"Don't let Brother Luo scare us so much that we wet our pants."

The people around Luo Beichen laughed and cheered.

Luo Yan stared at them like he was watching a clown.

Suddenly, his eyes looked confused.

Luo Yan activated his special power, the Qi Observing Eye!


Luo Beichen has 173 health points and 124 Elemental Power points.

Luo Yan compared himself.

His health points are now 207, and his Elemental Power points have increased to 149 since he started.

From this we can see.

Luo Beichen should also have the ability of Primary Level 2.

But he focused on studying "Viewing the Mountains and Seas" to strengthen his basics.

Both in terms of physical strength and Elemental Power, he is higher than the opponent.

Luo Yan then looked at the young man with a pale face.

In the gray-white light emanating from the young man, the red light representing physical strength appeared dim, and the yellow light representing Elemental Power was faint and almost non-existent.

Luo Yan felt uncomfortable under the gaze of the young man with a pale face.

It seemed like all his secrets had been exposed to Luo Yan.

He was just about to lose his temper.

Luo Beichen had already gone far away.

He hurried to catch up.

When passing by Luo Yan, he also bumped with his shoulder.

He wanted to push Luo Yan away.

Luo Yan stood still.


With one bump, it was actually the fair-faced young man who bounced off.

He sat down on the ground.

Luo Yan did not look back and walked away proudly.

The next day was Friday.

In the morning, it was supposed to be Xiao Shi's common sense class, but Wei Fenghua walked into the classroom instead.

Wei Fenghua coughed twice and said, "Next Monday, the Surface Exploration Legion will go to Forbidden Area No 3 ‘Misty Canyon' for a mission. This is a rare opportunity, and the academy has arranged for you to join them."

"This is your chance to explore the forbidden area and have a firsthand experience of the daily work of the Mecha Master."

"So today, we won't have the common sense class. I will talk to you all about the relevant knowledge of the forbidden area."

Luo Yan suddenly perked up.

He didn't want to miss a single word.

After writing the word 'forbidden area' on the blackboard.

Wei Fenghua said.

"The Forbidden Zone is a special area formed after the 'Beast Calamity'."

"The Forbidden Zones vary in size, and the types of giant beasts and parasites inside are diverse."

"However, there is one common point among the Forbidden Zones."

"That is, in each Forbidden Zone, there exists a 'giant beast ecology' significantly different from the outside environment."

Li Bohang raised his hand and asked, "Teacher, what is 'giant beast ecology'?"

Wei Fenghua pressed down on Li Bohang's hand and continued.

"The 'giant beast ecology' refers to the unique ecosystem derived from the giant beasts within the Forbidden Zone."

"The type of 'giant beast ecology' that will emerge is determined by the 'Overlord level' giant beasts within the Forbidden Zone."

"This is just a reference, not absolute."

"But in that area, only 'Overlord level' giant beasts can be found in the forbidden land."

Luo Yan took a deep breath.

In the previous Giant Beast Common Sense Class, he had already learned.

The people in the underground city categorized the levels of giant beasts as lower, middle, and upper rank.

Beyond the upper rank is the Overlord level, and above the Overlord level is the 'Nightmare' level.

Additionally, it was easy to see from the teacher's words.

Besides the 'Nightmare' level, it seems there are even higher levels.

When coming to the underground city.

In the city where Luo Yan lived for three years.

He has already encountered the 'Tanuki Power' at a lower level, and the 'Gluttony' at a middle level.

The Tanuki Power was nothing special.

But Gluttony was quite terrifying.

This was only middle rank.

Luo Yan couldn't imagine how frightening the 'Overlord level', and even the 'Nightmare level' giant beasts would be.

Although others didn't have Luo Yan's rich experience, they had heard a lot of information in their daily lives.

Naturally, they knew how terrifying the 'Overlord level' giant beasts were.

There were rumors that there were 'Overlord level' giant beasts in the forbidden land, and many students were getting worried.

Wei Fenghua looked at the students and said, "Don't worry."

"High-level giant beasts usually stay in the deepest part of the forbidden land, but this time, the Exploration Legion only explores a few safer areas in the forbidden land."

"You won't encounter or have a chance to meet Overlord-level giant beasts."

"However, you still need to learn some information about 'Misty Canyon.'"

"Among which, the most important."

"Of course, it is the information about that Overlord-level giant beast."

Wei Fenghua turned around and wrote some information on the blackboard.

Code Name: Huan

Level: Overlord Level 3.

Type: Caterpillar.

Characteristics: Fog Rises, Blowing Wind, illusions, Sonic Boom, Guardian Beast!

Weakness unknown.

Wei Fenghua coughed a few times and said, "This dominant creature looks like a cat with three eyes, and it has the abilities of 'Blowing Wind' and 'Fog Rises'."

"Therefore, the Forbidden Area No 3 is always shrouded in mist, creating a unique ecosystem."


Wei Fenghua then explained the giant beasts currently found in the 'Misty Canyon' and which parasitic swarms are there.

What kinds of animals and plants are in the forbidden area, and where should one be careful?

And so, the morning passed.