New Gravity Tales!

Publish Time: 2024-02-22 02:49:35 4,134 views
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The domain has been acquired by, and there's been a change in ownership.

Following discussions with former members of Gravity Tales, it has been agreed upon to retain the Gravity Tales logo and initiate the recruitment of new translators and editors under the Gravity Tales banner.

Currently, we have established partnerships with ciweimao, kujiang, and fanqie. Through these collaborations, we have access to a selection of novels for translation and publication, following appropriate compensation. Our aim is to present you with the most captivating stories.

Join our Discord server at for updates and community interaction.

Please note that we do not possess any data from the previous site. If you had an account on, you will need to register again on this platform.


Updated 2024/05/13

We can translate novels from now.