Daddy, Please Let Me Be Your Fan! – Chapter 9

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Chapter 9: Betting on an Idol Career

At the same time.

Just as a retired savior was about to die of a social death, the variety show caused a huge sensation on the internet.

As the media in Longzhen Town closed down one after another, a large amount of news and revelations were released one after another.

Various marketing accounts followed closely behind, either copying and pasting or making up stories.

Many live photos of the seeded contestants, the gimmicks of the global planning and new mechanisms, the mysterious identities of the program mentors, the intense declarations staking their idol careers, and even the sneak peek PVs of the underground filming base, were all given to netizens in various ways to provide maximum excitement.

Even passersby who had no interest in idols, talent shows, or celebrities couldn't help but become interested in "Dazzling Stage" under this intense and fresh information bombardment, not to mention the audience groups that were already within the target range.

Therefore, this show quickly became a hot topic and trended on social media, truly achieving pre-broadcast popularity.

It can be said that the contestants who are gaining some popularity now have extremely remarkable topics.

As if deliberately holding onto the highest point of anticipation from the audience.

At noon, the official website of "Dazzling Stage," major video websites in the country, all live streaming platforms, and numerous social media apps added a link to a live streaming room in their recommended sections, causing public opinion to heat up again.

If idols were considered products that sold youth and dreams, then the essence of talent shows was to package these products. The videos edited by the program group for each episode were like previews that "extract the essence and remove the impurities" of the products.

In other words, by opening up live streaming from the beginning, not only were they forsaking editing and background music enhancements, but they were also presenting the products directly to the public in their raw form, which greatly increased the chances for success that were originally close to zero.

The audience didn't understand this approach.

And when people didn't understand something, they became curious, they discussed it, and they watched it. This led to the live streaming room reaching millions of viewers shortly after it was launched.

The comments section in the live streaming room poured in like an avalanche:

"Anytime? Anywhere? Female college students? Seriously watching???"

"Wow, is this a real live stream? This global-level project is unique, emphasizing authenticity."

"I don’t know whether should I say it or not, but if talent shows can be fully live-streamed, the chance of failure will definitely decrease significantly."

"Wow, this livestream can actually switch to over a hundred personal channels? What kind of cool camera is this? It's like a dream come true!"

"Oh my goodness, look at that sister in Bāngbù, throwing pies while dancing! Hahaha, she definitely doesn't know she's being livestreamed!"

"I can't stop laughing, even funny characters in comedies don't act this way. It's so obvious that this show is not genuine."

Inside the waiting room at this moment, the trainees who were being livestreamed have had all their communication devices taken away, therefore they still have no idea.

Chu Yuanqing was no different. She's sitting in a secluded area according to the original plan, trying very hard to blend in and not draw attention to herself, just like a character in an anime who hid in the shadows.

However, things didn't always go as planned, and there were always some special individuals among the audience.

These people were not very interested in the outgoing trainees. Instead, they're more eager to dig out the shy sister in the corner, with rebellion as their main focus.

Therefore, her carefully crafted appearance quickly caught the attention of many fans who were obsessed with looks.

On the screen, Chu Yuanqing stood tall with a slender waist, her legs closed naturally. She looked poised, elegant, and serious, with a conservative vibe that surpassed her age.

The girl was perfect in appearance, with clear and pure features. She should have been like the snow in the Tianshan Mountains, but she also had a childish and youthful charm that created a natural and adorable contrast. A single glance at her made a deep impression and was incredibly stunning.

People like her, hiding in a corner, naturally arouse curiosity.

The comments section quickly went into a frenzy:

"So cute, so cute, so cute! Give me one right now, I'm not joking."

"In this lifetime, I must date someone like her, in this lifetime, I must date someone like her, in this lifetime, I must date someone like her..."

"First sight, single recommendation, marriage, cremation, joint burial."

"Oh my, is she the only one who changed into a contestant's uniform? The other girls are all so serious about their styling and costumes, what's wrong with her, the idiot?"

"Wouldn't that be even more amazing? With just this outfit, she can create such an effect. Is she really an amateur? Could she be a secret weapon hidden by an entertainment company?"

"The fans who only care about appearances are stunned! The sister next to her is also beautiful, and she's even bigger to pinch!"

- Achoo!.(note: this is SFX of sneeze)

Chu Yuanqing sneezed, she furrowed her brows in confusion, feeling a sense of unease.

But after thinking about it, she felt that the problem wasn't big.

After all, this show just started and already gave her such a big "surprise". No matter what happens afterwards, it's not worth worrying about, right?

Hmm, definitely!

Chu Wang Shu blinked her eyes when she saw this, she leaned her head closer like a little dog, with the gaze of the audience in the live broadcast room, without hesitation, she pressed her forehead against the other person's forehead, trying to feel the temperature, and then she asked with concern:

"Are you feeling unwell? Did you get caught in the rain and catch a cold?"

At this moment, the temperature of their foreheads touching brought back memories.

A long time ago, when she measured her daughter's temperature when she had a fever, she used the exact same method.

I miss the old Little Shu who used to be playful and honest, she was the sweetest and most adorable child in the whole world.

Even though she is still cute now, she has grown up a bit and it's not the same as before, me and my daughter can't be as close as we used to be.

Chu Yuanqing gently pushed her daughter aside and whispered:

"I'm fine, I had an umbrella when it was raining outside."

After Chu Yuanqing finished explaining, her face turned serious, she lifted her eyes and continued with a teaching tone:

"Also, we are not friends yet, so don't act so intimately without thinking."

Hearing this, Chu Wang Shu seemed to realize something and shyly stepped back, immediately stopping her affectionate behavior. Her face turned slightly red as she nodded repeatedly:

"Yes, I understand."

After that, both of them fell into silence, and the atmosphere became tense.

Chu Yuanqing was worried that her daughter, who was so cute and naive, would be kidnapped when she went out alone.

Chu Wang Shu was reflecting on her own behavior, feeling embarrassed and digging her toes into the ground.

She suspected that she had been cursed today. When she saw the other person, she felt an inexplicable familiarity and didn't hesitate to approach them.

But when she looked back, this behavior was as strange as a baby bird seeking its mother's embrace.

At this moment, the atmosphere in the live broadcast room was completely different from the person involved.

Just a second ago, comments sections were full of excitement and cheering for the new couple.

But a second later, a brand new couple faced a sad ending and discussions began about who was right and who was wrong. It was chaos.

"Isn't that a bit heartless?"

"Who talks like that? Are they intentionally creating a certain image for themselves?"

"Either they really lack emotional intelligence, or they're just not likable. Because the little bit of goodwill brought by their looks has disappeared for me."

"Although, with such a cute face, it's adorable even when they say serious things!"

"Damn, wouldn't it be better to just admit it? Straightforward puppy X serious old-fashioned!"

"Yeah, yeah, and that girl feels like she's giving a serious lecture, hahaha, being silly is also cute."

Meanwhile, while the argument continued online, the walls of the waiting room were shifting like flowing water. There were a total of ten entrance gates, and in this science-fiction-like way, it all unfolded before the eyes of every trainee. The announcement from the program group echoed at the same time:

"The true battlefield lies beyond here."

"But before entering the arena, we must inform all the contestants and audience about the risks of participating in this show, which are much greater than you can imagine."

"In short, once you step into the arena, you will truly bet your own idol career!"