Daddy, Please Let Me Be Your Fan! – Chapter 8

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Chapter 8: The Sea of Truth, You Truly Deserve Your Name

Inside the waiting room.

The father and daughter looked at each other, without saying a word.

Chu Yuanqing's overloaded brain had finally regained its calmness.

From a common sense perspective, the possibility of Little Shu participating in this talent show and actively approaching me is very close to zero.

So, there is only one answer!

Chu Yuanqing gazed at the familiar face, looking serious and lost in thought.

It seems that even though I had transformed form, the curse of the Sea of Truth is still increasing. The hallucinations, which used to occur once every three days, this time appeared a day earlier.

But it's okay, based on past experiences, it will disappear soon.

Chu Yuanqing thought this and ignored the girl who was trying to start a conversation behind her. She continued walking forward.

At this moment.

Chu Wang Shu had many questions in her mind.

Huh, why is she not paying attention to me? Could it be that she didn't hear me? But she clearly saw me!

In order to figure out this problem, she took a step forward with her long legs and tentatively greeted:

"Hi? Um, can you hear me?"

Chu Yuanqing remained indifferent and continued walking forward.

Compared to the disasters of monster attacks, earthquakes, tsunamis, comrades dying, loved ones committing suicide, and cities collapsing that she had experienced in the past, this illusion of “after the gender transformation, meeting my own daughter on a talent show stage and having a social death” was naturally insignificant.

Yes, it is insignificant!

Thus a certain girl was completely ignored.

Didn't she really see me? I don't believe it, let’s try again!

Chu Wang Shu seemed to summon her stubbornness, overtaking with quick steps and squatting down like a puppy on the opponent's necessary path, becoming a roadblock.

Chu Yuanqing frowned, feeling that something was not right.

Can this illusion perfectly restore the cuteness of my daughter?

The Sea of Truth, you truly deserve your name.

Chu Yuanqing didn't flinch or avoid, and continued walking forward.

And then...

With a thud, her thigh bumped into something hard.

Chu Yuanqing lowered her eyes silently and looked at someone who was covering their head in a silly way. Her mind went blank for a moment, as if she heard a sound of breaking.

Her pupils trembled uncontrollably. Although her face seemed calm, in reality, the little people in her mind were slowly cracking, as if they were struck by lightning.

Although the curse of the Sea of Truth was very realistic, with her soul's resilience, she would not be deceived or lose her sense of touch until the very last moment of her life.

So, this small dog who was blocking the way is really…

Wait, it's not a small dog, it's actually my daughter, not some false illusion.

Chu Yuanqing had an expressionless face, but her eyes were empty and distant, trying to escape from this cruel reality.

Sometimes, adults' breakdowns and despair are unbelievably silent.

Chu Wang Shu completely failed to notice the other person's drastic change of emotions and muttered confusedly:

"You're so strange, can't you see me like this?"

Chu Yuanqing returned to reality upon hearing those words, feeling slightly annoyed.

Although my actions were indeed suspicious and strange, it's impolite of you to say it directly. Did I teach you to behave like this?

But she didn't dwell on this detail for too long, and instead realized a serious problem.

Why is Little Shu here?!

This child is only 17 years old and theoretically, she can't participate in this kind of program without parental consent.

Even for her current self, being able to sign up for this program was mostly because of her unknown-level superpower, which included correcting and completing causality laws, and adding a history called Chu Yuanqing in the world, providing proof of being an orphan.

Otherwise, as a minor, participating in an audition would be troublesome.

But Little Shu is different, this child must have lied to the program group!

Chu Yuanqing's little face instantly became very serious.

Chu Wang Shu looked at this scene strangely and wondered in her heart:

"Why is this person's face changing so fast? Do they study Sichuan opera?"


For some reason, even though that young and adorable face didn't have much intimidation power, she couldn't help but shiver and feel extra guilty when she saw that expression.

Chu Yuanqing snapped out of it, she looked down from a high place and asked softly:

"Are you a student?" She actually spoke!

Her voice was cold and sweet, so pleasant! Loved it!

Chu Wang Shu didn't notice anything wrong at all. She stood up, nodded repeatedly, and said: “Yes!”

"Hmm hmm." Chu Yuanqing asked in return, "No need to go to class?"

Chu Wang Shu blinked and proudly said:

"I have already been accepted with a scholarship to the Sea City School of Art, you know."

Chu Yuanqing also felt proud, first giving a compliment and then changing the subject by saying:

"That's impressive! Do your family members know about you coming here?"

The smile that just appeared on Chu Wang Shu's face instantly froze. Her gaze wandered as she nervously replied:

"Ah, haha... Why would you ask that?"

Chu Yuanqing followed up mercilessly:

"You didn't sneak over here, did you?"

"Of course not!"

Chu Yuanqing watched her daughter blink her eyes and fumble around, feeling both amused and a little sad.

Actually, she didn't object to her daughter joining a talent show.

However, for an underage girl, choosing to step onto a highly anticipated stage and face massive exposure and discussions, it was undoubtedly an important decision to carefully consider.

Throughout, Little Shu never discussed her plans with Chu Yuanqing. Not only did she keep it completely secret, but she even actively avoided talking about the talent show at school.

Chu Yuanqing didn't feel angry about being deceived.

It was her own avoidance and numbness that led to these consequences.

But at this moment, she couldn't help but feel a strong sense of defeat.

Perhaps... I truly was a failed father.

Chu Yuanqing was filled with various emotions, but then she snapped back to reality and looked at the lively smile on her daughter's face. A thought sprouted in her heart.

If she approached her daughter not as a father, but as a peer of the same age, would she be able to bridge the thick gap between them and become... more understanding of each other?

Thinking of this, she changed the subject:

"So, how did you get to know me? Can you tell me?"

Chu Wang Shu blinked her eyes, her pupils instantly shining, and immediately replied:

"Because during the audition, you were in front of me, and at that time, everyone was discussing you, saying that you were so adorable, and you even breezed through the talent segment."

Chu Yuanqing looked at the girl who had pressed her body closer while speaking, feeling that within a minute, she had met and formed a completely different impression of her daughter.

Warm, sincere, and straightforward.

This child's way of getting along with peers was completely different compared to how she was with herself.

Chu Yuanqing couldn't tell whether she should be happy or sad for a moment. The conflicting feeling of having two different identities intersected, and for the first time, she subtly received feedback through her daughter's reaction.

But soon, "Oh, by the way, I have the same outfit that you wore that day. It's such a coincidence, right?"

Chu Yuanqing looked confused and asked in a dazed manner:

"Huh? Clothes? The same style?"

Chu Wang Shu explained seriously:

"Yes, yes, it's the light purple printed t-shirt, and also the dark gray pleated skirt. Even the shoes and long socks, I happen to have a pair of each, so lucky!"

The slight sadness Chu Yuanqing felt just before was washed away by a tsunami of embarrassment. She put on a stiff smile to hide her awkwardness, trying not to show how embarrassed she was.

Haha, if I were to say that I took them out of your closet, it would be funny, wouldn't it?

Damn it, I wish I could die, wish I could die, wish I could die!

Heaven, if you want to punish me, please continue to use the curse of Sea of Truth, instead of making me wear my daughter's clothes and getting caught by her on the spot!