Daddy, Please Let Me Be Your Fan! – Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: Does This Show Have Traps?

Chu Yuanqing was unaware that there were constantly new CP images being created about her. She felt a tickling and sensitivity as the breath touched her skin, causing her to instinctively step back.

At the same time, a deep-rooted gender awareness buzzed in her mind like an alarm bell.

As a middle-aged single father who had been paying attention to these issues since his daughter was ten years old, let alone a stranger like Kirimi Miyuki who was an adult.

For a moment, the words of "indecent assault" echoed in her head.

Chu Yuanqing felt a bit cautious and wanted to push the other person away directly, but considering their current embarrassment, she released her hand gently only after confirming that the other person could stand properly.

Although participating in a talent show inevitably involved interacting with other contestants, it was precisely because of this that she needed to take these issues seriously. She couldn't let her behavior become reckless just because her body was changing.

Chu Yuanqing repeated it in her heart several times, until her determination became very strong. Then she looked at the girl who seemed a bit foolish, and asked with concern:

"Little girl, are you okay?"

"I'm fine, sorry for causing you trouble!"

Kirimi Miyuki was filled with shame and anger. She stood still, holding onto her suitcase, like a wilted flower. Clearly, she didn't dare to bow again. She felt totally embarrassed and stumbled over her words, speechless for a moment.

Chu Yuanqing saw the girl, who was about the same age as her own daughter, in such an awkward situation. Even though they didn't know each other, she showed mature kindness and took the initiative to preserve the girl's dignity, breaking the ice by saying:

"The rain is heavy, let's go into the stadium first."

Kirimi Miyuki nodded quickly upon hearing those words. She felt relieved and then followed the girl's steps in the pouring rain until they were close to Xu Ling. Only then did she remember that this person was the cause of the "tragedy."

Though the journey was complicated, encountering a fan who was willing to wait for her in the rain was truly something worth being moved and grateful for, no matter what.

This young idol from the island country, peering through the misty rain, bowed earnestly to Xu Ling and replied:

"Thank you so much for your support. I will work hard on the field, but for now, please hurry and seek shelter from the rain!"

Xu Ling was ecstatic as if walking on clouds. Nothing could touch the heart of a star-struck girl more than mutual devotion. She responded incoherently and watched with shining eyes as the other person left. With determination, Xu Ling raised her camera and captured their blurry silhouettes.

The image captured by the camera was beautiful.

They shared an umbrella in the drizzling rain. Their bodies were close together, with splashing water droplets from their shoe edges creating ripples that mirrored their figures. The camera filter adjusted to create a soft light, blending the refracted imagery and creating a picturesque scene.

The most remarkable thing was that both of them were dragging heavy suitcases. As their wheels rolled over the water puddles, the circular marks they left behind disrupted the reflection.

The frozen frame perpetuated the entangled reflection.

This combination, along with their participation in a talent show, created a sense of story. Even before becoming a couple, their connection was already adorned with a layer of illusion, adding a touch of artistic beauty to the scene.

Oh no, sending this out will surely cause someone to trip and fall to their death!

Please, these two must not be eliminated in the first round!


Chu Yuanqing wrinkled her nose, sneezed, and had a bad feeling.

Does this show have traps?

The girl immediately became alert, followed the staff, and cautiously looked around.

Along the way, besides some scattered contestants, you could also see makeup artists and photography teams from the entertainment company, as well as some anxious managers. They paced back and forth, or made urgent phone calls, as if they were discussing something, creating a delicate atmosphere.

After thinking it over, Chu Yuanqing dismissed it from her mind.

She had carefully studied the job contract beforehand, and as long as there were no legal issues with the program executives, her first month's salary would definitely be paid before mid-month of the following month.

As for the rest, since she didn't plan to debut and wouldn't live much longer anyway, what else was there to care about?

After finishing her thoughts, she continued walking forward.

The location of the competition was different from what was expected. It wasn't directly in the current area. First, they had to go through a spacious hall, pass through a crowded recording studio, and then take a glass elevator down the steel axis. After a long three minutes, they arrived at an unknown underground area.

After that, they faced a much stricter review system than expected. All electronic devices had to be handed over to the program group. High-tech medical equipment accurately extracted the contestants' physical data and recorded it into the show's database.

These things were very different from what she had researched about talent shows online.

Chu Yuanqing used magic to successfully deceive the security for the backup machine, so she wasn't worried about her future contact with her daughter.

The underground facility was luxurious, with a large area and a virtual weather system that felt incredibly real. There were various fancy and intricate technological marvels, as well as nanocameras scattered in the air that could only be sensed through experience and intuition...

All these details made her feel a bit curious.

It was more like a national-level special training camp or a cutting-edge underground research institute, rather than just a competition stage for a talent show.

Is it because I have been busy with work and even idle time is spent daydreaming, so I have been disconnected from this era for too long? Or was there a small mistake when I corrected the timeline in the past?

Otherwise, according to common sense, even for a talent show of global planning level, it wouldn't make sense to have such high standards just for a preliminary competition stage.

Chu Yuanqing stepped out of the open-top clean energy car. Her delicate and lovely face looked confused. She held the clothes that was just handed to her, looking up at the tall buildings in front of her, her thoughts swirling in her mind.

Room 403 in F building.

This was the location of the dormitory that the staff informed her about.

Kirimi Miyuki's dormitory area was elsewhere, and it's hard to imagine how large the nearby space was.

This intricate giant project reminded her of the time of apocalyptic turmoil.

The Tinder Base that took on the responsibility of researching disaster beasts back then was a similar building, only much grander.

Chu Yuanqing stopped thinking and swiped her card to take the elevator inside the building. She arrived on the fourth floor, knocked on the door of her dormitory, but no one responded. She went inside and placed her luggage.

Then she changed into a participant's outfit similar to yoga clothes, sat back in the energy car downstairs, took the axial elevator that she used to come here, and returned to the giant broadcasting room on the previous floor.

This was the waiting room where participants wait for official instructions.

Outside the door, there was magnificent but coldly decoration.

Inside the door, there was a lively crowd and vivid scenery.

All these trainees were in their most beautiful years, each with youthful and attractive features, representing nearly 90% of the styles and elements in the entertainment industry.

Many of them remembeedr the essence of variety shows, even if they were unsure if there were cameras around, they started to show their presence in various ways, showcasing their unique talents.

Chu Yuanqing just wanted to blend in, not interested in competing for the spotlight with a group of girls. That's why she arrived at the venue right on time and walked straight towards a seat in the corner, with strong determination.

However, a familiar voice suddenly reached her ears, stopping her in her tracks.

"Um, are you contestant number 370 in the audition?"

Does this voice sound like Little Shu?

Certain unsettling thoughts popped into Chu Yuanqing's mind, but she immediately shook her head and smiled confidently.

It was just a coincidence.

She was the one who raised her daughter, so she naturally knew that the well-behaved girl would never participate in this kind of talent show.

As for being approached, it's not something worth caring about.

Ever since becoming a magical girl, she would be approached by strangers when walking on the street. She has even been asked for her contact information nearly a hundred times while riding the subway. She has long mastered the skill of dealing with these approaches.

Chu Yuanqing's lips curled into a polite and distant smile, ready to casually brush it off.

But in that instant when she looked back, her thoughts instantly melted away.

That was a girl who tied her hair into a neat and cool ponytail, with a cold and superior appearance. With her slender waist, long legs, and graceful curves, she was undeniably qualified to become a potential idol.

This was exactly like her daughter, whom she had just been certain would never participate in a talent show.

——Chu Wang Shu.