Daddy, Please Let Me Be Your Fan! – Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: Passing The Audition

Sea City, Dragon District, Central Television Station.

《Dazzling Stage》audition scene.

At this moment, the interviewer's heart was astonished by her attractiveness as she looked at the girl sitting with a straight posture, her small face tense and appearing somewhat uncomfortable, even shy. She couldn't help but sigh in amazement.

How long has it been since such a dazzling amateur appeared in the entertainment industry?

Even though the interview has just begun and the other person's information and introduction were not worth mentioning, just based on this face that exemplified what it meant to be exceptionally beautiful, it's almost certain that this girl would pass the audition.

As everyone knows, even in talent shows, the essence was still entertainment. Those universally acknowledged beauties, even if they're considered useless in every aspect, could still win the love and attention of the audience. There have always been a few beautiful yet useless members in every girl group that has debuted throughout history.

So in the interviewer's mind, the following steps were just a process, serving as material for this contestant's future promotions.

The interviewer skipped over the various talents mentioned in the resume, such as video editing, yo-yo tricks, arts and crafts, painting, shooting, cooking, and sales, and asked with anticipation:

"Contestant Number 198, it's time for the performance segment. Do you have any singing and dancing skills to showcase?"

Chu Yuanqing blinked her eyes and replied honestly:

"I have no experience in dancing or singing, so I haven't prepared anything."

The interviewer was surprised by her response.

Despite the immense scale of "Dazzling Stage," spanning across the Donghong Federation and the Holy Union, with the potential audience reached billions of people, it was still like previous talent shows. All the contestants who participated in were aiming for limited spots, forming teams to debut together. In simple terms, it's a competition to determine who qualifies to be an idol.

In other words, under normal circumstances, even if the participants were amateurs who haven't signed with an entertainment company, most of them still had basic singing and dancing abilities. Otherwise, it wouldn't make sense for them to pass the audition. Someone as talentless as Chu Yuanqing was quite rare.

"So why did you want to participate in our show?"

Chu Yuanqing felt a little uneasy and embarrassed, hesitating for a moment before sheepishly saying:

"Because... the pay here is high?"

The interviewer was surprised to be asked this question for the first time.

Especially since the question asked in response was exceptionally delicate.

What do you mean by high pay? That amount of money isn't even close to a tenth of what regular idols earn for appearances, right?

Chu Yuanqing tried hard to organize her words but continued to explain hesitantly.

"You see, on the promotional flyer for your show, it said there is no educational requirement and that accommodations and meals are included. Most jobs don't have these conditions... so I came."

Such realistic words, spoken by a girl who seemed like she came out of a fairy tale, created a magical sense of discord.

The interviewer remained expressionless but found it amusing.

It was quite funny to see this unemployed person trying so hard to apply for a job.

Wait a moment.

Suddenly, the interviewer realized something as she looked at the resume, which was filled with sincerity and aspiration, but lacked any qualifications that met the standards of an idol. It was an enlightening moment.

The mystery was solved – Chu Yuanqing had indeed come to apply for the job.

The interviewer looked at Chu Yuanqing's serious yet shy face, along with her clear eyes that seemed full of hope, and suddenly felt a huge contrast that struck her heart. It felt like fireworks exploding within her chest, creating a fizzy sensation of bittersweetness that rushed up to her brain.

Cute contrast is indeed the best!

The silly beauty is also great!

The interviewer managed to control her expression professionally. If it wasn't for her remaining rationality, she would have almost gone beyond the program director and directly decided to let Chu Yuanqing pass the audition.

At this moment, the staff who were watching the surveillance started discussing.

The program director made a thoughtful comment:

"Her main focus is on her appearance. Even in the top ten hottest areas within the Donghong Federation, specifically the Sea City district, she has strong competitiveness."

The producer said, "She is highly adaptable."

"And being a pure amateur is also something worth looking forward to."

The personnel from Sea City TV station frowned upon hearing this.

"This show is not just a simple talent show, but a huge global project. It will start a revolution. Do you think it's appropriate to include an amateur who knows nothing?"

The director held a different opinion:

"I admit that this talent show needs unprecedented attention, but don't forget that within the Donghong Federation, there are almost a hundred other programs competing; Just within the country, Kyoto alone is a strong competitor." (note: Donghong Federation is equal to China, right? Its currency is RMB. Why is Kyoto here?)

"We and Kyoto are on the same starting line. If we want to compete for the domestic audience, we need to focus on the show itself. The contestants must have the ability to create a chemical reaction in order to stand out globally!"

"From my years of experience in the entertainment industry, this amateur has great potential both in talent and appearance. She is born to be on the big screen. Even if she is just a decorative piece, it's not a waste."

After the discussion, a final decision was reached.

The interviewer listened to the response in the earphones and smiled:

"Congratulations on passing this audition. I hope you have a great time in the selection competition in two weeks."

"The specific information and important notes will be sent to the mobile phone number you provided in your personal resume as a text message. Please pay attention to it."

Wow, I actually passed!

In that case, as long as I act like a clown on the show, I can pay for all my insurance premiums!

Chu Yuanqing relaxed and let out a sigh of relief, feeling her whole body loosen up.

"Thank you so much. I'll make sure to check it. See you in two weeks."

The girl adjusted her skirt, and her gentle expression softened. Her calm and distant demeanor melted away with the slight uplift of her eyes, revealing a touch of innocence in her features. Under the influence of her smile, she sparkled unimaginably, making even the falling sunlight gentler.

A brief glance, yet unforgettable.

Miss Interviewer seemed completely lost in thought, not even noticing when Chu Yuanqing stood up, bowed, and left the room. It wasn't until the broadcast announced the entrance of contestant number 371 that she snapped back to reality.

Huh? I actually fell for it?

Ugh, why does this child's smile break all the rules?

If the smile just now, which was comparable to a divine picture, was captured and spread on the internet, it would probably easily attract a lot of attention, right?

Miss Interviewer continued to work on the surface, but her mind became increasingly distracted, unable to help but think randomly.

I really wants to push this child down!

At this moment, Chu Yuanqing didn't know these things. She was eagerly walking with light footsteps, passing through the waiting area for contestants and walking towards the outside. She was calculating the price of vegetables in her mind, thinking about what to cook for dinner today, resembling a thrifty and virtuous housewife.

Around the same time, the audition scene.

A contestant was carefully and seriously checking the instruments. She tied her dark blue hair into a cute bun and was thinking about the script she would say later.

In the next breath, the announcement called out number 371.

The little girl raised her curious eyes and happened to see Chu Yuanqing walking away in the distance. She blinked her eyes, showing some doubt and confusion.

Even just from the back, she still recognized the familiar clothes and shoes.