Daddy, Please Let Me Be Your Fan! – Chapter 22

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Chapter 22: When She Shines

Chu Wang Shu's transformation was instantaneous, as she answered the mentor's questions one by one and was soon asked to perform.

The virtual reality device activated special effects, accompanied by music that resounded throughout.

Chu Yuanqing nervously looked towards the stage.

Chu Wang Shu learned a traditional dance from her homeland Daxia since she was young. The performance she is presenting now is a famous dance in her culture called "Five Poisons."

The "Five Poisons" mostly refer to several toxic creatures found in the southern part of Daxia, such as snakes, scorpions, toads, centipedes, and geckos. This dance is about mimicking the movements of these poisonous creatures with the body.

In essence, it is somewhat similar to the concept of form and intention in martial arts.

As soon as the performance officially began, Chu Wang Shu quickly got into her zone.

Chu Yuanqing was surprised; her daughter seemed not only academically excellent but also unexpectedly adaptable to the stage.

The moment she started dancing, the beauty of her stretching body was fully revealed. Her outstretched hands were like flowers, and her arms, both straight and curved, resembled a peacock's.

Following the beats of the music, her body moved continuously, with expansive and contracting motions, showcasing smooth and beautiful muscle lines with a touch of feminine grace.

The slender figure of the young girl was a perfect match for this dance.

Some of the movements imitating the Five Poisons appeared quite peculiar, requiring a well-balanced and flexible body to bring out the natural primal charm.

Chu Wang Shu definitely showed her strengths very well.

At first, her movements showed a bit of nervousness and lack of strength, but by the end, she appeared relaxed and skillful, even showing a hint of confidence.

The two-minute dance quickly came to an end.

The discussions in the contestant area and the live studio surged like waves.

The trainees in the contestant area discussed eagerly:

"The ethnic dance is really charming, especially with her long limbs and flexible body, the visual effect is amazing."

"Even though she is an amateur, her dance skills are at least five years of practice, right? She has a good foundation, so even if she learns other dance styles later, she will improve quickly."

"Why aren't she and Chu Yuanqing nervous at all?"

"Exactly, usually it's good enough for beginners to complete the dance normally, but both of them performed exceptionally well. Isn't it a bit unbelievable? I envy them."

The feedback in the live stream chat was very positive, everyone was praising:

"I thought the first two amateur performers would mess up, but they all did well."

"Ha, Chu Wang Shu's waist is so slim, I want to pinch it."

"Aren't her arm muscles just amazing? I want to pinch them."

Chu Yuanqing didn't realize her adorable daughter was being praised by everyone. She watched Chu Wang Shu on stage, feeling so proud that she wanted to clap, but she held back because it was a live broadcast, secretly feeling happy.

It's great that you're a step closer to your dream, Little Shu.

Chu Yuanqing looked calm, focusing on her daughter on stage. She had a slight smile in her eyes and on her lips.

If she could witness her daughter achieve her dream before leaving, even if it meant enduring embarrassment on the show, it would be worth it.

The performance on stage isn't over yet.

Although the dance "Five Poisons" was very impressive, it did not show any singing ability.

The mentor suggested a re-audition, focusing on singing performances.

Chu Yuanqing actually could have done this before, but since she couldn't sing and didn't want high praise, she chose to give up by default.

Chu Wang Shu, on the other hand, was more ambitious. She chose a moderately difficult pop song, but since she hadn't studied vocal music, her pronunciation and resonance were both amateurish, at best reaching the level of a KTV contestant.

However, her unique voice quality was quite recognizable and stood out, becoming a bonus point.

In the end, after discussion among the mentors and a decision by Dream Weaver Rabbit, an assessment of B was given.

This result was not considered very surprising by the audience and the contestants.

If Chu Yuanqing is considered as a Gemstone that lacks polishing but has natural charm.

Chu Wang Shu, on the other hand, is like a Gemstone that has had some rough parts removed, revealing a somewhat splendid gem that can already be admired in the sunlight.

Although they are all beginners, having a basic dancing background is especially important in a talent show.

Right now, on the stage, the third contestant has already stood in place.

It is Kirimi Miyuki.

This foreign girl who traveled a long way to Daxia Country to participate in "Dazzling Stage" is currently the most controversial contestant in public opinion.

Even though she has proven herself through three rounds of battles to the public, her foreign identity and the public's prejudices still persist.

As long as her performance is not satisfactory, malicious prejudices will engulf her like a tsunami.

In short, these two minutes on stage may even determine her idol career.

Luo Siling carefully chose his words, picked up the microphone, and asked in fluent Japanese:

"Kirimi Miyuki, I am curious, what made you choose to come to a foreign country, even risking the barriers of language barriers, communication difficulties, and other hidden disadvantages, to participate in 'Dazzling Stage' in Daxia Country?"

"I believe this is a question that many viewers would like to know the answer to."

Kirimi Miyuki took a deep breath, gazed with determination, and calmly responded:

"For various reasons, I did not pass the audition in Tokyo, and the only reason I came to Daxia is because I didn't want to give up. I still want to continue standing on the stage and being an idol."

Zhao Dapan looked at the information, felt emotional, and said:

"The information shows that you have been working as an idol for seven years? So, that means you were already an idol at the age of 12. I personally look forward to your performance."

This topic was passed over, and the other two mentors did not show any intention to delve deeper.

Although everyone knew that Kirimi Miyuki, as a seven-year idol professional, did not pass even a single audition for a talent show, there must have been many unknown twists and turns in between.

But now, not many people know her story, and not many people would be willing to listen to it.

The ultimate victory of an idol must eventually be achieved on the stage.

When she started shining, the fireflies that were attracted naturally followed the source of the light.

On the stage, the little idol from the island country bowed earnestly.

Dream Weaver Rabbit clapped his hands, and sweet music began to play.

The performance officially began.

Chu Yuanqing watched the sakura girl on stage with some surprise.

It's very magical.

At the moment the music started playing,

The girl's expression, atmosphere, demeanor, movements, and even her soul seemed to enter a different state. She no longer seemed like Kirimi Miyuki, who was somewhat clumsy offstage and would fall like a penguin. Instead, she appeared to be born for the stage, a charming idol who exuded charisma as if she was born to perform.

Confident, graceful, sincere, and focused.

The infectious power, like a flame spreading rapidly, captivated the audience during the performance of a song with jumping and singing.