Daddy, Please Let Me Be Your Fan! – Chapter 21

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Chapter 21: I Don't Want to Let You Down

Chen Baijiu felt guilty for no reason, and even his original thoughts began to shake violently. He had to admit that the contestants' looks could sometimes challenge the judges' bottom line.

The mentor hesitated for a moment before speaking firmly:

"Your stage performance just now was indeed good, but the weak foundation is a major deduction."

"In this round of the competition, you have the level of Grade B, but it's all based on this clever choice."

"This street dance lacks the elements that should be in a girl group dance, almost no need to show skill in facial expression management throughout."

"However, this part happens to be an important scoring point in girl group dance."

"Since 'Dazzling Stage' is ultimately a talent show to cultivate girl groups, my score is... Grade C."

Under Chu Yuanqing's somewhat disappointed stare, the evaluations of the four mentors had all ended.

Most contestants thought that the mentors' assessments were quite fair, but surprisingly strict, causing them to worry about their ratings.

The stage was like a swamp, where those without any shining qualities would easily get swallowed up.

With more audience on the stage, the pressure grew stronger. Many people lacked confidence to outperform Chu Yuanqing under such circumstances.

The spectators in the livestream room were all discussing excitedly:

"Wow, so strict! I thought there would be Grade B, but now it seems the best possible is a C overall, right?"

"It makes sense. The stunning performances on stage were all based on our low expectations for Chu Yuanqing. If we had Great Devil or Ji Shuzhu performing this dance segment, I doubt there would be as many positive reviews online."

"The mentors' assessments are quite reasonable, but only if there weren't those sudden music changes."

"They are spot on about expression management. The earlier cool street dance segment barely worked with a poker face, but what about changing it to charming, playful, sweet, or girly styles?"

"Why do I feel like Chen Baijiu was a bit unsure when giving scores as a mentor?"

"It's so funny!"

"Because that name sounds cute, don't you think?"

Chu Yuanqing tried to stay positive despite feeling disappointed.

Let's just forget about the past, no one knows who she really is anyway.

Even though it's not a Grade F, Grade C is still pretty good, we can definitely get away with it!

Others saw her act of quickly adjusting her mood from sadness to strength as admirable, leading to a flood of sympathetic and sometimes frantic comments in the live chat.

Chen Baijiu discreetly looked away and coughed before saying:

"We four mentors are here to provide our personal opinions only."

"The final decision still rests with Dream Weaver Rabbit, the head mentor."

Dream Weaver Rabbit seemed silent for a long time, until it was mentioned, and then its eyes suddenly focused.

The mascot's mouth formed a big smile, looking at the retired savior in the center of the stage with excitement.

"Chu Yuanqing, congratulations on passing the unique test of being the first to perform."

"Even though your final grade is still Grade C based on the scores of the other four teachers, the program group will give you a mysterious reward later, so please look forward to it."

The conversation ended.

In the live broadcast room, there were discussions going on.

"Only Grade C? That's a bit disappointing."

"Yes, based on the experience of talent shows, starting with a low grade makes it difficult to debut unless there is a great performance later on."

"I don't think so. Honey Qing was the first to enter and also the first to be graded, she already has an advantage. When they edit the show, the camera always focuses on her, so she has a good chance."

"We'll have to wait and see how things go next. Chu Yuanqing has a lot of weaknesses. If she can't keep up during training, it will be difficult for her to make it to the debut spot."

"So, what's this reward about?"

"It's hard to tell, no one can figure out the rules and procedures of 'Dazzling Stage'."

The audience seemed to assume that Chu Yuanqing wouldn't be eliminated in the first round. The discussions were all about her chances of debut and the show 'Dazzling Stage' itself.

Chu Yuanqing was completely unaware of this. She was silently celebrating in her heart, quite satisfied with the evaluation. After politely thanking them, she restrained her emotions, making sure not to show any happiness, and walked back to her original spot, sitting back in seat 101.

Chu Wang Shu, as the second participant to appear, only had time to smile at her before waving goodbye, adjusting her breathing, and step by step walking onto the eagerly anticipated stage.

Chu Yuanqing initially breathed a sigh of relief. Just after she had spoken about her "dreams", she found it difficult to face her daughter calmly.

Shortly after that, the nervousness of being a parent set in.

It is precisely because she had just come down from the stage that she could understand the pressure and expectations that one must bear while performing up there.

Chu Yuanqing didn't make any mistakes because she had experienced many big events before.

But since her daughter had never participated in a big show before, going on a show like "Dazzling Stage" made everyone worried.

On the stage,

Chu Wang Shu introduced herself:

"Hello everyone, I am an individual trainee, Chu Wang Shu."

Luo Siling made a joke:

"You and Chu Yuanqing have the same last name and are sitting next to each other, are you sisters?"

"No, no, it's just a coincidence."

After saying this, Chu Wang Shu imagined all the times she had practiced in front of the mirror, she lifted the corners of her mouth and put on a smile.

When she actually did it, the mentor's gaze from the seat, the cameras hidden around, the stares of the one hundred people in the player seats, and even the stage itself all seemed to become a devouring monster, ready to engulf her.

Chu Wang Shu felt her face twitching uncontrollably, even forcing a smile would look ugly. Her mind went blank, nerves and pressure expanding like carbonation drowning her consciousness.

No, I can't do this!

Stay calm, need to stay calm, or it will definitely fall apart later.

At this moment,

The girl looked up, inexplicably meeting Chu Yuanqing's gaze.

It's strange, even though they are all watching her, the moment she realizes it's Chu Yuanqing looking at her, she doesn't feel nervous at all, and even... a little happy.

Chu Wang Shu looked dazed.

The words spoken by that person at that moment inexplicably echoed in her mind.

Chu Wang Shu, maybe you could become the moon one day.

After all, the person who named you seemed to think so.

The girl's gaze became determined, as if she had borrowed courage from the person and felt warm like a burning fire in her chest, which instantly dispelled her nervousness, leaving only excitement and joy for the stage.

Qing Qing, you're right. I will become the moon.

This time on stage, I can't let myself down, and I can't let you down.

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