Daddy, Please Let Me Be Your Fan! – Chapter 20

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Chapter 20: There Will Be a Place for You in the Entertainment Industry in the Future

The official live stream of "Dazzling Stage".

Bullet comments were flooding the video page, expressing thoughts on the stage:

"Wow! How can someone be so handsome?"

"His gaze is amazing, showing a mature and firmness that doesn't match his age!"

"The camera work is awesome, finding no unattractive angle even with so many shots."

"Haha, even when Dream Weaver Rabbit plays dirty, my Honey Qing remains steady as a rock."

"Without even asking, she starts the music and can immediately respond to complete the performance. Chu Yuanqing really has a big heart, impressive."

"Honestly, at that time I thought she would be grateful just to finish the dance, but the stage performance turned out much better than I had imagined."

"She looked so cute, but when she started street dancing, it was quite a surprise."

"For someone not in the industry, her movements are very neat and elegant."

Competition arena.

A trainee sitting in the audience, watching the performance on a big screen, commented surprisingly:

"Didn't they say she had no background in singing and dancing?"

"Such cool street dancing, her body coordination is amazing."

"Was there no mistake at all? Such an amateur."

"Wow, that person is very good-looking."

Luo Siling picked up the microphone and exclaimed:

"Chu Yuanqing, for your first performance on stage, your unexpected calmness under pressure is a quality every idol needs."

Chen Baijiu criticized sharply:

"It's obvious your dance foundation is lacking. You were mechanical throughout, couldn't keep up with the rhythm of 'Whisper,' and your movement details were rough. It's hard to call it qualified in a professional field."

Chen Baijiu paused, then continued somewhat nostalgic:

"However, your emotional expression surprised me. The intensity and conviction at the moment of dancing, followed by a spiritual rhythm, increased the infectiousness on stage."

"Perhaps it's your talent, or maybe it's your dedication to the stage and dreams."

"In the end, your body coordination, flexibility, personal image, and choice of program all had a great chemistry and are worthy of praise."

Zhao Dapan said:

"Even though there are many flaws, based solely on the feedback I received from the stage, you should not be sitting in the last position."

Jiang Chi praised a few words into the microphone, then turned to discuss with several mentors.

Because he deliberately did not install recording devices in the mentor's seat, neither the studio nor the contestants could hear their discussion.

But everyone knew they were discussing the grading system.

Although the grading mechanism of "Dazzling Stage" is not much different from other talent shows, it is divided into categories A, B, C, D, F.

After the outrageous operations earlier, the contestants and the audience were well aware of the meaning behind the grades, which might have far-reaching implications.

This made them pay special attention to it.

At the same time, in the center of the stage.

Chu Yuanqing's fair and lovely little face was flushed with coral pink, sweat glistening on her smooth forehead. She stood blankly in the middle of the stage, like a stranger unrelated to it.

The world and scenery before her seemed like carbonated drinks, swirling in a container of nothingness, creating a fragmented and pleasant sound by her ears.

But there was a sound heavier than that.

It was the beating of her heart, like a restless drumbeat, unbelievably fast, carrying a roaring rush of blood. It traversed mountains and hills, telling the owner of the body that she was still alive.

That was truly strange.

It was only a minute and a half of dance, yet it felt like a fierce battle with blood almost flowing out.

Chu Yuanqing swallowed the metallic sweetness in her throat, feeling somewhat melancholic.

The extraordinary senses just now were not an illusion.

After all, even though the lantern pendant hidden in the chest had lost its brightness, the rapid nerve speed causing massive energy consumption was undeniable evidence.

But for a dying person, neither the lantern pendant nor the secret of the magical girl is worth caring about.

Chu Yuanqing was immersed in a brand new dark history, swallowed by enormous shame.

At that moment, she felt like a magical girl being toyed with by tentacles in public, on the brink of extreme danger.

Chu Yuanqing felt every scrutinizing gaze, suppressed her trembling impulse, and started self-hypnosis with strong willpower.

Haha, it's all fake, just a dream.

I'm very tired now, I don't want to think about anything.

Yes, when people are tired, they are like this, they won't think about anything and just quietly daydream in their own world!

Time passed.

As the heartbeats gradually returned to normal and the vision in front became clear again, the mentor's decision in the distance was also made.

Luo Siling picked up the microphone and praised without reservation:

"Chu Yuanqing, I am certain that you were born to be in the spotlight, with your natural camera sense and flawless face, you are truly a gem."

This actress felt more and more regretful as she said this, having just terminated her contract with her previous company to start her own studio, and feeling the urge to lure Chu Yuanqing, a talent like hers.

Considering her contract with "Dazzling Stage," she had to control her emotions and continued:

"If you are willing to continue in front of the camera, there will definitely be a place for you in the entertainment industry in the future."

"I rate you as a B."

Chu Yuanqing pressed her lips together, holding back her emotions.

She felt like she was being severely tortured and tormented.

Really, don't praise me anymore. When people talk about my camera sense, being lucky, and having a place in the entertainment industry, others look at me even more eagerly, okay?

The girl even felt that with each word the other person said, the magical girl in her imagination was losing a piece of clothing, until now she was completely naked, with only piercing screams in her ears.

Jiang Chi said lightly:

"Although your dance can be considered amazing for an amateur stage debut, you didn't show your singing skills. Unless you are willing to voluntarily audition and show your singing ability, I can only give you a D grade."

Zhao Dapan made a joke:

"I'm not as strict as Director Jiang, but idols can't not sing, right? My rating is a C."

These are three completely different answers.

The rating system used by the program group, obviously, also kept the suspense in detail.

Chu Yuanqing gathered her courage and fiercely crushed the tentacle monster in her mind.

You're right, scold a little more!

Chu Yuanqing wasn't foolish, she guessed the official was live early when she saw the bullet comments.

So, being one of the first to appear, it was highly likely that the audience could see, leading to some people knowing her name and even making some bewildering bullet comments.

But this is not irreparable!

Although being the first to appear was eye-catching, as long as she receives a mediocre rating like a CD or a trash rating like an F.

Afterwards, the subsequent trainees appearing on stage will immediately make the audience forget about her existence, thus achieving the perfect stealth goal!

Chu Yuanqing thought she had a bit of slacking talent, eagerly anticipating and looking brightly at Chen Baijiu in the distance.

The one with the sharpest tongue up front, he'd better give himself an F, or his character will collapse!