Daddy, Please Let Me Be Your Fan! – Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: Transform Into a Magical Girl

Chu Yuanying, 36 years old, retired savior.

At this moment, this flyer resembled a tempting demonic contract, causing dangerous thoughts in him who was trapped in a unemployment crisis.

With his palm open, a pendant solidified and fell from the void.

Like moonlight threads, the silver wire carved out a frame, inside of which was a fragmented gray glass. The overall design resembled an exquisite lantern, with intricate textures akin to expensive artwork. However, at this moment, it appeared dim and lacked luster, exuding a sense of antiquity and decay.

This was the crystallization of power, just like the transformation tool used by magical girls in some animations.

The difference was that once transformed, using it as a medium, the form of life would be permanently altered.

Even if able to return to the current state, it will no longer be a true shell but a product woven by magic.

In other words, there is no medicine for regret.

Once it's used, there's no going back.

Chu Yuanying was very conflicted. In the midst of chaos, he felt ashamed, uncomfortable, resistant, and confused, all mixed together.

But soon, his gaze fixed on the photo on the living room counter.

— Young Chu Yuanying, holding his daughter who was as innocent as a snowball, stood in front of a field of blooming sunflowers. He smiled at the camera with a sense of relief.

Chu Yuanying stopped overthinking and made a decision.

He was no longer the needed savior. There was no place for him in the ship of the new era.

If it weren't for Little Shu, he would have allowed the curse of the Sea of Truth to consume him and die 17 years ago.

Now, as time was running out, what difference did physical gender make?

Besides, if he didn't do this, he might not live past three months.

This body has tended to decay under the curse. Transforming into a soul-based life form like a magical girl was an alternative way to extend life.

Plus, nobody knows, nobody sees, so it won't really matter, right?

Even though transforming into a beautiful girl and even doing embarrassing things like singing, dancing, and rapping is shameful, it's nothing compared to my daughter's future!

Chu Yuanying hyped himself up, comforted himself, and reassured himself with conviction, nodding seriously.

"Yes, that's right."

"It's just six months, as long as I am not discovered, it will be fine."

The voice faded away.

The deep darkness silently engulfed the entire living room like a tsunami.

The pendant suddenly grew larger and transformed into a delicate lantern, with a faint flickering flame inside.

Chu Yuanying melted into the darkness, his soul escaping from its shell and falling into the flame of the lantern. The sound of his lively movements echoed loudly, and a few rays of light sprouted and spread, interweaving into a new body. The lantern then transformed back into a pendant.

The dark tide receded, and the brilliance faded away.

The girl stood still, her gradually changing light golden eyes revealing a sense of detachment from the world. Her smooth silk-like hair was as pure white as the snow on the mountains, and her delicate and beautiful features were both cold and lovely.

Her slender and fragile body was enveloped in a gradually fading gray dress, adorned with lace that matched her hair color. The lines of the skirt seemed to have been scorched by flames, exuding a sense of destruction and loneliness.

And the most eye-catching aspect was the pure white flowers blooming on the hair accessories, leg bands, dress, and spreading branches on top of her head. They were either clustered together or scattered, as if they could wither and fall at any moment, giving a sense of transparency on the verge of extinction.

The magical girl's outfit changes depending on her feelings.

This outfit, which combined cuteness with the symbolism of decay, was directly related to her current state of mind.

Chu Yuanqing didn't immediately notice these changes. She only felt that the space around her suddenly became larger. She lowered her gaze for a moment, only to be dazzled by the white and round things under her collar. She immediately shifted her gaze.

The girl happily walked into the bathroom and looked at her new self in the mirror. Her light golden eyes shook with excitement, as if surprised by how she had transformed into this appearance, even wearing such a light and fluttery little dress.

She stood there in shock for a while, and then hesitantly bit her lip. She awkwardly tugged at the lace garter on her leg, and her cheeks blushed unexpectedly. She whispered softly:

"So adorable, like a fairy, but still so strange."

"And... if Little Shu finds out, there will definitely be big trouble, right?"

Although they hadn't had much time to repair their relationship as father and daughter, she still hoped to leave a normal fatherly image in her daughter's heart.

Chu Yuanqing tried to imagine the scene of her daughter finding out, and her scalp tingled, her toes dug into the ground. She already wanted to leave this beautiful world in advance.

It's okay! No one knows!

She silently comforted herself, holding the lantern pendant hanging in front of her chest. In her heart, she thought that this truth, which could cause a social death, must be kept tightly hidden until the end, all taken into the coffin!

"First, let's try to see if I can turn back."

As the words faded away, the tiny body transformed into a bunch of sparkling dust. The dust flowed into the pendant in hand, and soon started overflowing in a flickering pattern, until it wove itself back into the original male form in front of the mirror.

Hmm, just as I thought, it truly is possible to create the original body using magic.

Although it's a fake creation made with magic, there shouldn't be any problem fooling ordinary people and conventional technology.


Chu Yuanqing calculated the magic continuously generating from the pendant. At most, it could sustain the magic body for three hours. It was just like the upgraded version of the chest light on Ultraman.

But it's alright. Not to mention that my daughter is staying at the school dormitory now, considering how often we interact with each other, three hours is more than enough.

Now, it’s time to think about how to apply for that talent show.

Even if she successfully became a magical girl, she wouldn't gain any extraordinary powers. Currently, if she wanted to earn money legally and legitimately, becoming a clown would still be a good choice.

Chu Yuanqing snapped her fingers and transformed back into a magical girl with the lantern, ready to start experimenting again.

Ten minutes later, she had already figured out the specific changes in her body and abilities.

First, let's start with the basic body measurements.

She was 163CM tall, weighed 46KG, and had measurements of 86/51/84.

These were excellent and luxurious measurements. With her leg length measuring close to 100CM using magical silk thread, her body proportions were already considered the golden ratio, which is extremely superior.

As for her appearance, it undoubtedly matched the shining charm of the magical girls in various movies and shows, only adding to her attractiveness.

Next, let's talk about her strength, endurance, and agility, which were only half of what they used to be. This level of performance belonged to someone who could die after running 1000 meters, and without magic cheating, she could be considered disabled.

As for the effectiveness of magical equipment and magic, let's not go into detail since they were too weak.

Chu Yuanqing pondered for a moment, muttering somewhat uncertainly:

"With this level, I should be able to pass the audition and be a background character on the show, right?"

It's not that she lacked confidence in this body.

After all, even if compared to the world-class idol who fought side by side in the past as a savior, the one who was called The Last Diva by all mankind, this body was at the same level, only different in terms of external conditions.

However, in this talent show program, in addition to appearance, more factors were considered: dancing, singing, style, personal charm, and background.

And coincidentally, Chu Yuanqing had nothing besides her looks.

Well, it's a very simple reason.

How can you expect a middle-aged office worker who struggles in life to have skills in singing, dancing, and rapping? Even if she once saved the world, it was based on superpowers, not dancing and singing.

"Forget it! Let's just go!"

Chu Yuanqing made up her mind. She took a deep breath, unconsciously lightened her steps, and cautiously approached her daughter's room.

The girl seemed to be planning something terribly wrong. She pursed her lips in shame and nervousness. After saying sorry dozens of times in her mind, she overcame her guilt, ignored the "Do not enter" sign on the door, and pushed it open.

Chu Yuanqing's gaze stayed on her daughter's wardrobe, and she debated in her mind.

The outfit of this magical girl is too light and cute. To avoid feeling embarrassed because it's too eye-catching and affect her performance, borrowing Little Shu's clothes is the only option, right?

On the cute girl's face, a red blush appeared. She delicately placed her slender fingertips on the waistband of her little dress, and after some struggle, she finally unfastened the hidden clasp tangled with magical threads.

In the next breath, the magical attire disintegrated into a cloud of dust, leaving only the provocative garment behind.

Chu Yuanqing didn't look at the full-length mirror next to her. She hastily opened her daughter's wardrobe, gazing at the neatly arranged clothes inside, feeling a bit uncertain.

Her sense of fashion for girls was almost non-existent. She could only recall the feeling of dressing up her daughter as a magical girl ten years ago and take inspiration from her recent outfit choices. She put together a modest and conventional combination.

There were rustling sounds.

Chu Yuanqing looked towards the full-length scene inside the room.

She wore a light purple printed t-shirt with a noticeable drape for the upper body, a dark grey pleated skirt for the lower body, and stepped into a pair of thick-soled light purple shoes. Her socks were long and deep purple, following a gradual color scheme for the overall ensemble.

Although simple, she looked exceptionally eye-catching because of her fair complexion and long legs, exuding a sense of invincible youth.

To avoid trouble, the hair and eyes of the magical girls also turned into a unified jet black color through magic, making their previously strong personal aura become more restrained.

At a glance, she appeared slightly young and excessively beautiful.

Chu Yuanqing looked at herself in the mirror and sighed with relief.

Great, everything is ready, we just need the right opportunity to set off!