Daddy, Please Let Me Be Your Fan! – Chapter 16

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Chapter 16: The Young Lady and the Talented Choreographer

Competition stage.

Kirimi Miyuki walked towards the contestants' seats. Her eyes first landed on the empty Carry Center at the top, then she looked around the upper circle and lower levels, feeling puzzled when she found them all empty. She continued to look downwards.

Hmm? Still not there?

Kirimi Miyuki was feeling a bit skeptical. She scanned from the top to the bottom in order, until her gaze fell on the most dim and remote corner, where she finally saw the leader who had entered first.

The young girl looked stunned, her pupils dilated, locking eyes with Chu Yuanqing sitting in seat 101, both momentarily speechless.


Kirimi Miyuki had assumed Chu Yuanqing would be competing in the Carry Center, and seeing her arrive so quickly, she was moved by her determination, feeling ashamed of her own doubts.

As for now...

Hmm~ Chu Yuanqing must have her own reasons for doing this!

This is probably some unique tactic that works in Daxia Country!

Kirimi Miyuki tried to convince herself, then she showed a friendly smile, nodded, politely introduced herself in Daxia language, bowed again, and confidently walked towards the stairs above. She walked all the way to seat number 7 without any hesitation.

For a moment, the live broadcast room stirred up a huge wave:

"Isn't it? Did she just go directly to the upper circle?"

"I can't believe it. Can she learn something from the first two girls? Instead of going to the lower circle, at least be modest and go to the middle circle."

"Haha, do you really think just because you were a bottom-tier idol in the island country for a few years, you can come here and cause chaos in the entertainment industry?"

"There's no need to be so malicious. Who knows, maybe she really has the talent? The stage will prove everything soon."

Because there were few people at the competition venue, many fans who came to support their favorites didn't rush out to set the tone.

The doubts about Kirimi Miyuki's abilities in the bullet comments disappeared as more new trainees arrived, shifting the focus to these newcomers.

As time passed, more than thirty trainees appeared on the stage one after another.

These contestants can be found online with impressive popularity and past works in the entertainment industry, or they are outstanding trainees who have received professional training at the company for many years, showing strong abilities.

The most eye-catching one among them was Chen Yining, who entered the stage in the tenth place.

This young lady from Yunlan Entertainment had a strikingly beautiful face, with a classic bold-style appearance.

The girl's makeup was exquisite, her skin fair, and even her carefully styled hair was eye-catching raspberry red, matching the overall color scheme of her dress, accentuating her excellent body proportions and graceful silhouette without being overly flattering.

This can be described as a very aggressive and powerful beauty, especially with that swan-like proud self-esteem, adding a finishing touch that blends into her unique charm.

"Damn, when Chen Yining appeared, it felt like the girls next to her paled in comparison."

"Bold and beautiful women are like this, especially with that hair color that exudes idol vibe, it's like she has a natural halo effect."

"Raspberry red forever!"

"Even though she's a complete beginner, just based on her background, she's already grabbing attention."

"Indeed, Yunlan Entertainment's incubated artists aside, just with the large number of internet celebrities incubated by their subsidiary, promoting her casually would easily outshine many ordinary contestants."

When Chen Yining entered, she brought along three other trainees from Yunlan Entertainment, but she seemed to have no intention of sitting with her teammates. She watched as the three of them said goodbye and found their seats, while she stayed in place.

Soon, as the big screen flashed the company logo, a trainee with outstanding looks walked into the competition venue confidently.

The girl wore a velvet shirt, layered with a KENZO jacket, her silhouette visually pleasing with a slender and graceful figure, especially her long legs that were particularly eye-catching in proportion.

Her face was beautifully delicate, with an indifferent expression, giving off a cold and glamorous beauty.

This kind of coldness was different from Chu Wang Shu's.

Chu Wang Shu belonged to the type who easily breaks the ice, creating a huge contrast that makes her appear lovable.

She was the type who kept people at a distance, with features that hinted at a world-weary attitude. Her single eyelids, pale skin, pink lips, and a sweet yet cool vibe when she smiled, made her seem more relatable to the same gender.

Her appearance sparked a discussion among the surrounding trainees:

"That's Ji Shuzhu, a famous genius choreographer in the industry."

"Is she a big shot? I heard that she has uploaded dozens of original dance videos on her personal YouTube channel, some of them reaching millions of views."

"I remember her, she won a dance competition when she was 14 years old."

"But wasn't she planning to join the well-known dance group Sacred United Country? Why is she participating in 'Dazzling Stage' instead?"

Trainees needed to maintain their image, while the audience in the live studio didn't care at all, furiously typing on their keyboards and sending bullet comments:

"Oh my, even though the media announced that Ji Shuzhu would come, because she didn't update her social media accounts, I thought it was all talk."

"I did catch a glimpse of her when the broadcast could be split-screened, but I didn't expect her to choose to participate after hearing about this rule!"

"Ji Shuzhu came to the talent show, she's really popular, anyone who teams up with her will earn a lot."

"That's true, if she had more experience, based on her dance skills alone, she could easily be a dance teacher on a regular talent show."

"I'll tell you a secret, Chen Yining and Ji Shuzhu have known each other since they were little, they went to the same school in middle and high school, so how much Chen Yining participates in the competition might have something to do with this rich girl, the chance of these two teaming up later is very high."

"Darn it, aren't they together too strong?"

Just as the audience was wondering if this was fake news,

Ji Shuzhu looked around, spotted a rich girl, and went straight to her, softly saying:

"Where would you like to sit?"

Chen Yining smiled warmly and confidently replied:

"So far, we don't know how many spots will be available for debut on this show, so it's better to sit higher up."

The words fell silent.

Chen Yining's eyes scanned the upper circle. When she didn't find Chu Yuanqing, she raised her eyebrows in surprise. She continued to look down until she spotted a player who seemed to be dozing off in the darkest corner.

- Number 101.

Is this a deliberate attempt at creating a dramatic effect? Boring tactics.

The young girl frowned in disappointment. She preferred a straightforward victory and had no interest in opponents who chose to evade directly. Without thinking further, she stepped onto the stairs slowly and took a seat in position 2.

Ji Shuzhu sat next to her in position 3, each of them occupying a spot in the upper circle, causing quite a stir.

Talent shows have always been dominated by admirers of strength. With the emergence of the golden duo Chen Yining and Ji Shuzhu, Chu Yuanqing and her daughter, who were just idling by, faded into the background.

The studio busied themselves with the pair's chemistry, while others continued to enter, maintaining a constant flow of fresh and attractive girls.

And in such a lively atmosphere, the number of players who entered had reached as high as eighty.

The lonely throne at the top of the pyramid is still untouched by anyone, as if waiting for someone special to come.