Daddy, Please Let Me Be Your Fan! – Chapter 15

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Chapter 15: Maybe Being An Idol Is Actually Pretty Great?!

In the live stream chat, comments flooded in:

"Damn, this conversation feels so real, let's dig a bit deeper."

"Wow, they're so good, if it were me, I would've been poked to death."

"Aww, amateur sister is so nice, it's great to see this perspective."

"But why do they have to sit together in the last two seats? Are they two dummies?"

"Don't ask. Didn't you see Chu Wang Shu sticking with that sister the whole time? If you asked, they would answer ‘strong sisterly bond’."

"I laughed so hard. The first and second ones entered and sat in the second-to-last and last seats. Didn't they want us to see them?"

"Then they stimulated my rebel spirit. I will see them for sure!"

Chu Wang Shu's head buzzed, chewing on the meaning of the words. She remembered the text message she sent before entering the venue and suddenly felt somewhat relieved. She couldn't help but smile, feeling a bit shy.


"But the other contestants are all very talented, I am just average among them, it's difficult to stand out, right?"

Chu Yuanqing encouraged seriously:

"Didn't you already get accepted into the Sea City Art School with a scholarship? Just have more confidence, treat this show like an exam. Your hard work and sweat won't be in vain. In the end, no matter the outcome, you will gain something."

Maybe it had been a long time since she sat down and had a proper chat with her daughter.

This sentence was like opening the floodgates, making her speak earnestly for five minutes about "chicken soup for the soul."

At first, Chu Wang Shu felt very moved, but as she listened, it felt like she was back in class. She involuntarily sat up straight, corrected her posture, nodded obediently from time to time, and felt a bit dizzy.

"Woo woo woo, Qing Qing, I am so touched, but please don't say anything more!"

The livestream room mocked this harshly:

"Haha, she's making chicken soup for ten million people."

"Don't say that, seriously, the chicken soup tastes great and has already moved me."

"So funny, do they not know each other before? Why do they seem so familiar?"

"Hahaha, following each other in the competition, sitting together until second to the last place, doesn't seem like something ordinary friends would do."

"They are both cute, but watching only their camera views is a bit boring."

"We have no choice, the official knows the show's effects, the livestream room can only see the competition, and the trainees outside doing what choices are completely unknown."

"Oh no, I'm so anxious! The trainee sister I like hasn't left yet, I don't know if she will compete."

Ever since Chu Yuanqing chose to compete, the program group in Sea City voluntarily closed down the other channels, making the choices for the other trainees uncertain.

This caused a lot of distress for the fans of some top contestants. Unless they are very confident in the abilities of their favorite contestant, who would want them to participate in this crazy show?

If they get eliminated, they may never be able to become idols in their lifetime.

This punishment mechanism was too heavy, heavy enough that even fans who cared a little about their favorite contestants would choose to wait in the live broadcast room just to see if their favorites fall into the trap.

Time passed slowly, and suddenly the giant screen on the stage lit up.

"Here it comes! The classic segment!"

"What company's logo will it be?"

"Don't ask for much, as long as it's the Yunlan Entertainment! Most of the ones I support are from that company!"

Different from what was expected, after the Dream Weaver Rabbit logo appeared on the screen, it jumped straight to the countdown, and with the progression of three, two, one, lively background music started playing.

The girl walked through the corridor and entered into a vast expanse. Her appearance was sweet, with an innocent and peaceful charm. Her pure white dress highlighted her innocence and loveliness.

This was the young idol who had some contact with Chu Yuanqing before.

Kirimi Miyuki was very good at controlling her expression. Even though she knew she was live streaming, she could suppress her nervousness and show a perfect and sincere smile.

This would be her last chance.

If she couldn't debut successfully on "Dazzling Stage," there would be a clear boundary that separated her from the stage for her lifetime.

Therefore, the elimination mechanism of the program group didn't make her hesitate for too long. The reason she came in now was just to spend some time replying to fan messages and contacting her family and friends.

At this moment, the bullet comments were chaotic and noisy.

The trainee who walked out from the entrance looked good, but was also very unfamiliar. Although she might be an amateur, she showed no signs of nervousness in front of the camera. Her expression and demeanor were natural and she appeared very relaxed and confident.

Chu Yuanqing looked at the familiar face, blinked, was about to say something, but was interrupted by her daughter.

She introduced, saying:

"Kirimi Miyuki, I know her."

"Is she very famous?"

Chu Wang Shu thought for a moment and replied:

"I'm not sure, maybe not?"

"I heard other contestants talking in the waiting room earlier. She seemed to have been an idol in the island country for many years, but didn't really make it big. This time she's probably trying to get popular and make a comeback with this project."

Listening to the conversation in the live room, an analysis followed:

"When this contestant entered, the company logo wasn't shown on the screen, implying she's an individual trainee, most likely terminated her contract with her previous company."

"I can't really say, it's a bit complicated. Does the island country Tokyo also have a sub-project called 'Dazzling Stage'? Why did she come all the way here to compete when she's not participating in her own country?"

"Haha, maybe she thinks she can compete better with entertainment celebrities from here."

"Maybe she doesn't have a good reputation in the entertainment industry in her home country?"

"Not sure, I do follow the idol industry in the island country, but I don't remember this person. She's quite attractive though, but if she has come this far down, it's probably due to her lack of business skills."

The audience from Daxia Country clearly didn't have a good opinion of Kirimi Miyuki.

Even though 'Dazzling Stage' was a global project, regular people wouldn't want a non-local participant to win in a show held in their own country.

Not to mention, the extreme elimination rules of this show have made some fans extremely anxious.

Kirimi Miyuki being disliked was almost a certain outcome.

Chu Yuanqing watched the foolish person who slipped like a penguin in the rain, recalling the girl who waited earnestly in the storm and bowed sincerely, her thoughts drifting off.

"Being an idol always feels like a job with a lot of ups and downs."

If we were to use her impression as a metaphor, the lowest level of idols would be the unnoticed grassroots hero, while the peak would be the savior who protects human civilization.

Well, even though that's what she said, when she became the savior, there weren't many humans left alive, and she didn't have many flowers, applause, love, or support.

Thinking about it this way, maybe being an idol is actually pretty great?!