Daddy, Please Let Me Be Your Fan! – Chapter 14

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Chapter 14: You Can Also Become The Moon

The race track.

Chu Yuanqing, amidst the attention of many, climbed seven steps, ignored numerous seats, and reached the highest point.

The girl stood still, her fingertips touching the cold crystal edge of the throne. She appeared calm, with lowered eyes, overlooking the scenery below, exuding a sense of majesty.

In the live broadcast room, bullet comments fell like snow:

"Even a small one has dignity!"

"Sigh, serious yet cute expression, definitely a fan."

"Wow, is she really going to sit there?"

"Can't believe she actually thinks she has the ability to be Carry Center."

"Being good-looking doesn't matter much, Carry Center cares about ability."

The audience's opinions were mixed and chaotic.

Chu Wang Shu understood the importance of choosing seats; she watched the girl's movements anxiously and asked:

"Do you want to sit at Carry Center?"

Chu Yuanqing glanced at her with confusion, as if asking why she would pose such a silly question.

"No, just curious."

The girl touched the intricate pattern with her small, white hand and observed intently:

"Because this seat is gold-plated."

"Also, its outer material is natural amethyst, the cutting technique and texture are excellent. Regardless of the artistic value, it is definitely valuable."

Chu Yuanqing looked serious and earnestly warned:

"So, you'd better not sit here, as you won't be able to afford it if you break it."

The audience in the live stream room was greatly impressed:

"Why is this contestant's focus so practical and unique?"

"Carry Center: Do I need you to worry about breaking me? Just sit on me!"

"Darn it, don't use such strange excuses not to sit in the Carry Center!"

"Haha, I’m wondering why she was being so careful earlier. It turns out that because she was afraid of breaking and having to pay for it."

"Exception! It's an exception! Other contestants definitely don't do this!"

Chu Wang Shu, upon hearing this, suddenly remembered the painful incident of when he broke a fence in the scenic area at the age of ten, resulting in her father being fined five hundred yuan.

At this moment,

The little girl felt like she was transported back to that summer when she couldn't have ice cream because of it. Instinctively, she took three steps back, looking at Carry Center as if facing a formidable enemy, and agreed, saying:

"So expensive?"

"You're right, let's not sit here."

The live broadcast room was filled with question marks:

"666666, no wonder they all have the same surname Chu. Family members, right?"

"How could they be fooled so easily? Are they fools, or silly puppies? So cute, let's have some fun!"

"Doing everything in haste will only harm you!"

"I'm so anxious, I'm so anxious, I'm so anxious, where are they going to sit?"

"I know you're anxious, but just hold on for now, take a look first, and take a chance on the upper circle."

Even though the betting in the live room hadn't stopped, Chu Yuanqing showed no intention of sitting down for the next three minutes. Instead, she seemed to be studying something, walking around all the seats.


Chu Wang Shu kept trotting behind her, like a chick following its mother hen, with a clear innocence that seemed untainted by knowledge, causing the audience in the live room to start questioning the worth of Sea City Art University's sponsored student position.

Chu Yuanqing was oblivious to this. After checking the last seat, she looked up at the Dream Weaver Rabbit logo on the stage curtain, feeling a sense of dark humor inside, murmuring in a complicated tone:

"There are only 101 seats."

With that, she went towards a seat on her own.

Chu Wang Shu was still thinking about where to sit.

Although she had practiced dancing for a few years, she didn't have much stage experience, and her singing and writing skills were not good. It was very difficult for her to compare with other trainees in overall ability. She would only be told that she didn't deserve to be in the upper circle...

Before her related thoughts could continue to spread, they suddenly turned blank upon seeing where someone sat.

Chu Wang Shu looked confused and saw a girl, sitting in seat 101 with her eyes closed as if getting ready to sleep. Her mind was filled with questions and she couldn't understand.

What happened?

Am I dreaming?

Am I not normal, or is she not normal?

At that moment, the live broadcast room was greatly shocked, even more confused than her:

"What is she here for?"

"Darn it, going in first and choosing the last one, huh?"

"Oh man, that's hilarious."

"I get it, she's trying to create a dramatic effect."

"Well done, lady, you've caught my attention."

"I don't believe it, just a little trick to catch my eye! She's definitely going to move to a different seat later!"

Chu Wang Shu walked to the furthest, darkest corner of the lowest level area, sat next to the other person, and suddenly felt like Seat 100 made her feel damp all over.

Besides that, there was also an inexplicable sense of relief.

Hmmm... Should rubbish just stay in the trash can?

Chu Wang Shu had a realization that the elimination process of this talent show was forcing contestants to compete viciously with each other. With her own strengths, jumping into the fray might be embarrassing. Instead, she decided to take a different approach and carve out a new path for competition.

As expected of Qing Qing, so clever!

After the little girl had made up her mind, she even started to feel a bit comfortable. She didn't think about what kind of path she was embarking on by sitting there. Instead, she happily started chatting with the people around her.

"Qing Qing, why do you want to participate in the talent show?"

Chu Yuanqing hesitated for a moment, feeling that being called by her daughter in this way was too abstract. She subconsciously wanted to reject this nickname.


This young girl of this age interacted with her friends like this. If she couldn't even do this, how could she get along with her daughter as a friend?

No! Hold back! Get used to it!

Chu Yuanqing pursed her lips, giving herself encouragement in her heart.

Oh, how should I answer this question again?

In short, the truth definitely cannot be spoken, otherwise, it's easy to kill the topic, so need to add a bit of childlike innocence and fun at this age.

The girl pondered for a moment and cautiously said:

"Because... people on stage will become very dazzling?"

Chu Wang Shu was full of joy in her heart.

Alright, she didn't argue when I called her Qing Qing!

Does this mean we are already good friends? Happy.

Chu Wang Shu moved closer and said:

"I feel the same way, idols are like the moon."

"The moon?"

Chu Wang Shu said seriously:

"Well, because idols are just ordinary people at first, they also work hard and gain a lot of love from many people before they can stand on stage, shining brightly, no longer ordinary."

"Being different because of fans' love, doesn't that sound like the moon? The moon also shines because of the presence of the sun."

Chu Yuanqing listened carefully, feeling complicated.

This is the first time her daughter has confided her true thoughts.

Is an idol like the moon?

But to me, you have been the moon for a long time.

From the day you were born, even before you were named, you already were.

Chu Yuanqing's eyes lowered, hiding the love in her eyes, she smiled gently and encouraged:

"Chu Wang Shu, maybe you could also become the moon."

"After all, the person who named you seems to think so."