Daddy, Please Let Me Be Your Fan! – Chapter 13

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Chapter 13: Choose a Seat

Area for waiting.

The two of them disappeared from view, leaving over two hundred trainees, each reacting in different ways.

Chu Yuanqing was not the most decisive among the trainees, but she was the least burdened.

Among the trainees present, there were many with popular works, they almost secured seats in the upper circle at the beginning, so deciding to participate in the competition was not that difficult for them.

However, these individuals had received a lot of resources from the company. Such significant decisions had to be discussed with their agents and senior management to decide together whether to participate. They couldn't make a decision on their own.

As for others who lacked strength or were at a medium level among the trainees, not to mention the dreamy amateurs, they were even more tangled in their decision-making process.

Chen Yining saw this clearly, feeling somewhat frustrated at the moment.

Even though the call was short, she already knew the scene was being live-streamed.

In this situation, as the first contestant who chose to compete, Chu Yuanqing would get more camera time, attention from a lot of viewers, and even more screen time in the future, it's a win-win situation.

Not to mention, as a talent show program, the final product would also be edited and broadcast nationwide.

Being the first contestant, the appearance of Chu Yuanqing in the final video was a sure thing. Regardless of how much attention she got, her amateur status would be smoothed out, and even made into a tool to win over the audience.

Being the daughter of Yunlan Entertainment company, Chen Yining had the capital to make such a risky bet. Regardless of her dad's nagging, she could jump at the opportunity to be the first contestant and seize this skyrocketing chance.

It all came down to a split-second decision.

After a moment of thought, Chen Yining stopped dwelling on it, she lifted her beautiful face, proud and confident written all over her features.

This time I lost due to the lack of awareness.

It’s already a fact, so I must accept the loss to move on.

I will win back grandly next time.

The trainees had different thoughts, but the same thing was that Chu Yuanqing, who decided to compete early, was like a catfish entering a pond, prompting them to make decisions early.

The audience in the live stream room didn't need to think too much, as bullet comments were crazily popping up:

"The first girl is absolutely stunning, I want to support her!"

"I have a feeling that this will be where the dream begins."

"She's so brave! It's only been ten minutes, and she's already decided to compete?"

"Is she not understanding the seriousness of the situation, or is she too confident in her own abilities?"

"I just checked the contestants' information on the official website, these two sisters are pure amateurs! They don't have an entertainment company backing them, no wonder they made the decision so quickly."

"Isn't that more risky? How can they compete with other contestants based on pure skills? It can only be said that their courage is commendable."

"I just want to know if they have opened social media accounts. I really want to follow them closely."

The online feedback was just as Chen Yining expected.

Although opinions varied, everyone was curious about Chu Yuanqing and the following Chu Wang Shu.

The audience quickly turned into detectives, eagerly searching for the social media accounts of the two like CEO's secretaries scouring the internet.

Chu Yuanqing’s identity seemed carefully hidden, with traces of her life barely visible, and her Weibo account almost empty.

However, even with a small number of followers initially, it quickly jumped to five digits, with even an official certification as a contestant on "Dazzling Stage."

Chu Wang Shu's situation was similar.

The difference was that she had many social media accounts, leaving a more significant trail of her life. Although she had fewer fans compared to Chu Yuanqing, her engagement and discussions were much more active and popular.

Yet, at that moment, the two at the center of attention were unaware of all this.

The entrance passage was about a hundred meters long, surrounded by moving lights and high-tech vibes. Sometimes, the lights formed the logos of sponsors. Upon exiting, there was a wide open space bathed in sunlight. Looking up, you could see a realistic virtual projection of a dome, making it feel like a large sports stadium.

The stage and the mentor's seat ahead were empty. Guarding them from behind were many seats arranged in the form of a pyramid, going from high to low. The higher the seat, the more luxuriously decorated it was. The seats at the very top were the most magnificent, resembling lofty thrones.

Chu Wang Shu blinked hesitantly.

Roughly speaking, the higher the seat number, the stronger the player's skill.

By the rules, trainees could freely choose their seats. As one of the first to enter, they could easily take high seats.

That being said, choosing the upper circle or the Carry Center naturally attracted attention.

However, if one's skill couldn't impress the audience, there was a risk of being seen as seeking attention. Choosing a low seat might make one seem to lack ambition and presence, resulting in less camera time.

It can be said that this stage tests one's ability to adapt quickly.

How to showcase personal charm within a suitable range and earn more camera time is a profound skill.

Inside this place, there are many things to consider, not just strength and fame, but also acting skills, speaking ability, body movements, entrance order, information about opponents, and even the mysterious connection with the audience.

Talent shows had their own cruelty. All the trainees who passed the auditions had good looks, but when put together, a beautiful girl didn't seem that special anymore among a hundred similarly beautiful girls, and there were not enough camera shots for everyone.

In other words, competition and intense rivalry are inevitable outcomes.

If someone handled this stage carelessly, they might only get very few camera shots later on and be at risk of immediate elimination.

Therefore, the trainees' choices in this stage were a major highlight early in the talent show.

Chu Yuanqing looked serious with her small face and glanced around, blinking as she asked:

"Are we choosing seats?"

Chu Wang Shu, relieved, nodded repeatedly.

"Yes, yes. Where do you think is the best place to sit?"

Chu Yuanqing casually replied:

"I think any seat is fine."

With that, she didn't think too much and stepped onto the first step, walking up.

The audience in the live broadcast room was closely watching:

"It's starting, it's starting! The classic seat selection segment, can't wait to see it!"

"I have a feeling that the seat selection for this show will be different from regular talent shows."

"That’s a given. If you're eliminated, you'll lose your idol status forever. The contestants who choose to compete won't miss any opportunity to show themselves!"

"Where will Chu Yuanqing choose to sit?"

"She's so brave, no need to think, she will definitely choose the Carry Center!"

"It's hard to say, the amateur Chu Yuanqing has weaknesses in skills. Strategically speaking, it's risky to go to the Carry Center and be challenged by newcomers. It's best to choose the upper circle outside the Carry Center."

"Indeed, confidence and bravery are good qualities, but arrogance and recklessness are not."