Daddy, Please Let Me Be Your Fan! – Chapter 12

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Chapter 12: Dream Weaver Rabbit, I Agree to Compete

At this moment.

The number of people watching the livestream has reached tens of millions, and besides the trainees who already had a fanbase, other talented beginners who were beautiful or managed to leave an impression were also getting a lot of attention.

At the same time, public opinion on the internet was continuing to intensify.

The top hot search has changed from "Official Recording of ‘Dazzling Stage’!" to "Is the elimination system of ‘Dazzling Stage’ fair?"

Some criticized the program group's elimination system as too strange, even questioning if it was illegal.

Some believed that the rules of the program group were openly announced, if you thought it was unacceptable, you could refuse to participate, so nothing was questionable.

Some believed that each contestant's decision should be respected, as everyone was the protagonist of their own life, responsible for their own choices, which was not a bad thing.

Amid the overwhelming wave of public opinion, the current most pressing issue for people was still one question, that was…

Who will be the first trainee to decide to participate?

Currently, in the highly anticipated waiting room, we could see a variety of life stories on display.

Those popular contestants, even if they disn't join this show, would still have a chance to debut in the future. But if they missed the "Dazzling Stage", they might not have another opportunity at a global idol talent show in their lifetime.

This was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to change fate.

However, the cruel outcome of failure made it very difficult for people to make a quick decision.

Chu Yuanqing sat still, looking calm and composed.

She had no interest in becoming an idol, and with her limited time left, she didn't care about the cost of elimination. The reason she hadn't entered yet was because her daughter was still by her side.

Chu Yuanqing didn't know what decision Little Shu would ultimately make.

However, at this pivotal moment in deciding her path in life, she wanted to accompany Little Shu in her own way.

Thinking about this, Chu Yuanqing's serious face showed a hint of almost loving pity.

Sadly, this sudden surge of tenderness quickly vanished like dandelion seeds in the wind, restrained by self-control.

Chu Wang Shu didn't notice the strange look from her side, she had been daydreaming for a very long time.

In the almost frozen ten minutes, the dialing interface on the virtual screen still hadn't had any numbers entered.


Even though she didn't understand, rebel against, or feel disappointed in him, but at the turning point of her life, the first person she thought of was still her only close family.

But like feeling timid in a familiar place, yet also showing the stubbornness unique to youth.

The girl pursed her lips, hesitated for a long time, and then moved the virtual screen aside, no longer looking at it, and didn't dial Chu Yuanying's number.

Chu Yuanqing sighed in her heart, feeling both lost and relieved.

She held back her emotions and asked:

"Have you decided whether you want to join or not?"

Chu Wang Shu hesitated for a moment, then softly said:

"Kind of? Because I joined the competition not to become an idol. It’s more like a summer job to me."

"So if I get eliminated, it's not a big deal. Besides, while failing might lead to regret, missing this opportunity would be a shame."

"Since both ways can lead to regret, it doesn’t hurt to give it a try."

"I think, even if I can't perform on stage in the future, I could try acting. There are many paths in life. And who's to say I will definitely fail?"

She spoke sincerely and seriously, not hiding her worries and inner conflict, as if she was confessing to a close friend rather than a recent acquaintance, until suddenly she paused, and asked:

"By the way, I haven't told you my name yet, have I?"

Chu Wang Shu blinked and introduced herself earnestly:

"I'm Chu Wang Shu, Chu from the Chu Ci, and Wang Shu from Wang Shu in the Chu Ci."

Chu Yuanqing's mind was unsettled, she found it hard to control her emotions.

The name she was using now was only one letter different from her original name, they even sounded similar, making people easily think more about it when hearing it.

She couldn't lie, hesitate, or avoid speaking.

Because the name would eventually be revealed in the show, deliberately hiding it would only look suspicious.

Thinking about this, Chu Yuanqing tried to stay calm, pretended to be surprised, and casually replied:

"What a coincidence! My last name is also Chu, and I'm called Chu Yuanqing."

"Yuanqing is the Yuanqing from the past book 'Farewell to the Jianghu'."

Chu Wang Shu was stunned.

This name was so similar to her father's, it was almost too coincidental to be just a coincidence.

"Maybe it's fate."

Chu Wang Shu mumbled to himself, looking at the other person with a somewhat confused expression, and asked,

"Do you think I should participate in the competition?"

Chu Yuanqing remained silent and didn't answer immediately. She seemed to be considering it, and after a while, she slowly spoke,

"I'm glad you chose to ask me this question."

"But precisely because of this, I cannot give you an answer."

"Deciding whether or not to participate may seem important at the moment, but looking at your whole life, you will definitely encounter similar situations in the future, where you will have to make many equally important decisions."

"You can't always ask others for advice, can you?"

"So, you need to start learning to make decisions for yourself from now on."

Chu Wang Shu seemed a bit lost in thought.

It's strange, she only met this stranger today.

Her words seemed to be guiding her on how to proceed in life, with a gentle yet stern attitude, like a close elder.

Chu Yuanqing fell silent, stood up after speaking, and walked alone to the entrance, placing her hand on the control panel, and whispered:

"Dream Weaver Rabbit, I agree to compete."

Her voice faded away.

Endless streams of colorful data, like rays of light falling from the sky, formed the illusion of Dream Weaver Rabbit.

The mascot extended its hand, as if sealing a contract, and touched her delicate hand on the control panel.

In the next moment, Dream Weaver Rabbit broke apart with a bang, turning into numerous dazzling and light ribbons, dancing in the sky like petals, slowly fluttering down.

All channels in the live room switched to a close-up shot at the same time.

Chu Yuanqing looked up, her clear eyes like a calm lake, reflecting the falling streamers. Her delicate young face slowly unfolded in front of the camera, with a slight curve on her lips and a smile that ripples and fades in an instant.

But that stunning image ultimately froze in a certain frame, waiting to be explored by others.

The entrance light strips lit up, and the name tags were printed automatically in the console groove.

Chu Yuanqing stuck it to her waist and walked forward.

"Wait, I want to participate too!"

Chu Wang Shu spoke quickly, typing on the virtual screen, editing a short message after a few minutes of hesitation, cursing himself under his breath, then sending it decisively. He then came over and pressed his hand on the console, scanning his palm print into the intelligent system and automatically signing the relevant agreements.

However, this time, the special effects from before didn't appear again.

The streamers had fallen to the ground, shattered into tiny specks of light.

The little girl didn't care much about it, she quickly grabbed her printed name tag and caught up with Chu Yuanqing, who seemed to be waiting for her, and they entered the stadium together.