Daddy, Please Let Me Be Your Fan! – Chapter 11

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Chapter 11: Ones Who Can Never Become An Idol

The live broadcast room exploded.

Everyone knew that a popular girl group idol could earn the company tens of millions of dollars. The total income generated by the group's commercial performances, endorsements, business activities, stage tickets, and other projects could easily reach billions in a year.

However, if the grading system was fully implemented, some explosively popular girl groups might plummet after being graded, face activity restrictions, lose commercial value, and incur immeasurable losses.

Not to mention on a global scale, just in Daxia Country's region, the impact of this policy on the profit chain was extensive. From a practical standpoint, implementing this policy brought no benefit but only harm.

Even if it may seem beneficial for all consumers and viewers, it still carries a magical and absurd feeling.

"Is this a joke? Are they trying to create a dramatic effect?"

"Damn it, I checked the official website and they really introduced this policy. A variety show actually promoted it faster than the country itself. No kidding, this is serious stuff."

“For real? But there was no hint of it before, like suddenly time-traveling."

"Unbelievable, whether in Daxia Country or the whole Donghong Federation, idols don't have a high status in the industry. Why is the idol industry the first to implement grading restrictions?"

"I’m getting excited. Now I really believe 'Dazzling Stage' will make a big impact."

"Why do I feel a bit scared? Is the goal of such a large-scale plan really that simple?"

Dream Weaver Rabbit's voice became even more intense, almost breaking the hearts of most trainees at the scene:

"Starting from October, all active idols will undergo reevaluation."

"And 'Dazzling Stage' will grant the winning group of the first round the fourth tier, which is the national level idol qualification!"

"Isn't it interesting? Trainees, you will surpass the efforts of your seniors, ignore their past achievements, and stand at the same starting line with those idols who have caused a stir."

"You could even use this chance to trample all others at your feet and become a global world idol!"

"But everything has its cost. If you get eliminated midway, you will permanently lose the qualification to be judged as an idol, and will never have the chance to stand on the stage again!"

Dream Weaver Rabbit's words rang loud and clear, echoing in the waiting room.

The audience in the live-streaming room was greatly shocked:

"F*ck, for real?"

"Being eliminated means never being able to step on stage again? Can't be an idol anymore?"

"Motherf*cker, how can we easily push the pretty girls inside without any burden? Elimination means the end of our true dreams!"

"This is too brutal, just imagining it makes my heart race with fear."

"Damn, make the girl I like run away quickly. It's okay to debut later, but unable to debut in a lifetime is the real problem."

"Dazzling Stage: Let me give you a little shock of elimination."

"This show is really ridiculous, but somehow it ignites a sense of excitement, what's going on?"

"I am already burning with passion. Willing to take this risk and burn on stage, isn’t it what is called chasing dreams?"

"People who like Bad Ending would be ecstatic."

The trainees looked at each other. Rather than feeling nervous or hesitant, it’s more like confused, as if their brains overheated

This information was too vast and too absurd.

Especially the trainees from company backgrounds, who received no hints from their managers.

If it wasn't for knowing the scale of this show was huge, and the underground fortress-like giant base has already been given a strong shock in advance, such nonsensical declarations seem like April Fool's jokes, which were hard to believe.

Dream Weaver Rabbit seemed to have anticipated this. It snapped its fingers, and in front of all the trainees, a controllable virtual screen popped up.

"You can use it to communicate with family, friends, and the company, and also surf the internet to confirm the truth of those words just now."

"In addition, the program group maintains a free and fair attitude, giving everyone present four hours to make a decision."

"During this time, you can choose to leave the show unconditionally, or enter the arena directly and select a seat."

"Of course, to avoid any misunderstandings, I want to share an insider message with everyone here."

"The Idol Grading System evaluation considers various aspects, it is strict and challenging, but unlike this show, contestants who fails will not be permanently out of the competition."

"Only the contestants who are willing to persist despite knowing this, meet the participation criteria for this show!"

"I wonder, out of the 374 trainees here, how many will risk their lives and futures?"

The voice faded away.

An illusionary clock projection formed overhead in the room, symbolizing the start of a countdown.

Dream Weaver Rabbit bowed respectfully, ignoring the trainees in the room and the increasing numbers in the live broadcast room. They disappeared like dust particles, leaving behind a somewhat sinister laughter echoing in the room.

The waiting room quickly turned chaotic, with some trainees confirming the truth and almost immediately choosing to apply to leave, following the staff's guidance.

This was the most normal decision.

No matter how many people are participating, the Sea City district's winning group only had single-digit spots available. No one could be sure they would stand out in it, most likely they would just end up as cannon fodder.

But being that cannon fodder came with a price – a lifetime without a chance to stand on the stage.

This was too heavy and too crazy.

The majority of those who chose to stay could be divided into three categories: fools who had high hopes but little talent, gamblers who were willing to bet everything, and... individuals who were powerful, confident, and ambitious!

The first two categories were the minority, and most of them belonged to the last category.

In other words, even just in the Sea City district alone, "Dazzling Stage" was much more intense than typical talent shows!

Even if the situation may not be clear at first glance, after discussing it with their agents, the trainees understood the situation clearly, and deciding to continue or give up was not that difficult.

This led to almost a hundred out of the 374 trainees choosing to leave within just ten minutes.

Half of them knew their own limits, while the other half were forced to leave by the entertainment company.

The audience in the live room, after experiencing the first wave of contestants dropping out, became even more anxious and uneasy, some even more excited than the contestants:

"Why hasn't Lin Bao'er left yet? Is she really going to compete? Help!"

"Darn it, Yi Bao, stay calm! Mom doesn't want you to compete!"

"Dazzling Stage is the worst! Isn't this elimination mechanism too extreme? Is it necessary to be so harsh?"

"I'm really scared, my little sister I voted for hasn't left yet. What if she competes and gets eliminated? What should I do in the future?"

"Although life offers many choices, cutting off dreams in this way feels too cruel."