Daddy, Please Let Me Be Your Fan! – Chapter 10

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Chapter 10: A Revolution in the Entertainment Circle

When this statement came out, the bullet comments in the live stream room suddenly united and began discussing the information in this sentence.

"What does it mean to gamble on an idol career?"

"What kind of talent show doesn't require gambling on an idol career?"

"Indeed, if you are eliminated, you won't be able to debut and it will be a waste of one year. For some older contestants, this year is like a death sentence, a lifetime without a stage."

"That's not necessarily true. Don't forget, in the promotional PV for 'Dazzling Stage,' they repeatedly mention a new elimination mechanism and the most crucial entertainment revolution. The program group definitely has some new tricks up their sleeve."

Most trainees in the waiting room also had a similar reaction.

Dreams, hard work, idol career, starlight, and the future.

It can be said that almost every talent show binds itself to these key words.

After all, doing this not only strengthens the suspense, but also allows the audience to empathize with the contestants, creating a better program effect. So why not do it?

So in their hearts, it was almost the same routine, not worth paying attention to.

The current plot segment will likely be edited into the show, so it's better to focus on facial expressions rather than analyzing these words.

The program group seemed to anticipate this situation.

After the sound of the words faded, the entire waiting room was filled with projected 3D images.

In just a few breaths, bullet comments burst out like millions of splashing water from a missile, covering the screen of the live broadcast room and continuously scrolling down.

Because all of these are recent negative news about the entertainment industry.

This includes, but is not limited to, a certain actress acting as a pimp, arranging sexual transactions among her female artists.

A certain A-list male actor went clubbing during filming and seduced underage fans.

A well-known director openly practiced the unwritten rules of the industry when selecting or marrying a future partner.

The popular celebrity was caught kissing their lover on the street, and even partying and doing drugs together.

The talent show and entertainment company colluded to preselect the winner and fabricated fake voting data.

These news clips, shown in just half a minute, deeply showed how corrupt the entertainment industry has become, covering everything from illegal gambling, drugs, and prostitution.

Prostitution, drug use, secret rules, false advertising, tax evasion, hit and run accidents...

The trainees were shocked and started discussing:

"How dare they! Can they really release such a thing in public?"

"They probably won't include it in the final show, but it's really bold."

"Are they trying to create competitive differentiation for the show? Are they trying to present themselves as a positive influence?"

Knowing the truth, the audience in the live stream was even more shocked, and the bullet comments were filled with uproar:

"Oh no, this livestream watched by millions of people, all these scandals being revealed, is 'Dazzling Stage' turning into a bomb of entertainment industry?"

"Wow, folks, let's directly relive the history of collapse once again."

"Wow, this is amazing! Now the livestream chat room will also trend."

And as the bullet comments complained, the explosive disclosure of dark history aroused the public's curiosity and gossip. This show was already among the top three trending, but with this new development, it dominates almost all of the 'Dazzling Stage.'

The number of people in the livestream room is skyrocketing, and the bullet comments are like a tsunami.

Some people follow the trend to mock and curse the overall situation, expressing their disappointment.

Some people share their own tragic collapse stories, while others simply seek amusement.

But no matter which one, they have already begun to realize that 'Dazzling Stage' is about to make a big move.

By voluntarily releasing this information, it has caused the audience's dissatisfaction and disgust towards the overall situation. It's completely disadvantageous for a talent show program!

The program group left enough time for the audience to think.

The virtual projection removed the dark material and weaved soft light into lines. In the bullet comments that praised the cutting-edge technology, an animal that resembled a cartoon character appeared in the large waiting room.

Its fur was pure white, its eyes were bright red, and it looked like a rabbit and a fox. The overall style was adorable and cute.

This was the mascot called Dream Weaver Rabbit, used as a trademark and a symbol of the promotional campaign for "Dazzling Stage".

At this moment, the mascot, dressed in a suit, acted as the host and spoke provocatively:

"Everyone has seen it. In recent years, there have been frequent chaos and scandals in the entertainment industry. It seems that no matter how perfect the public image is managed, it is still prone to collapse and disasters."

"Don't you feel heartbroken? Don't you feel regret? Don't you feel disgust for this kind of atmosphere?"

"I believe you are all dissatisfied with the current entertainment industry and tired of the increasingly mediocre idol stars, right?"

"But now, in order to let people around the world see truly deserving public figures standing on the stage, more than 100 governments from countries like the Donghong Federation, the Sacred United Country, and the Order Alliance, have jointly created this global planning called 'Dazzling Stage'!" (note: what is the exact name used for this country, Sacred United Country or Holy Union?)

"Just like the slogan in the PV trailer shows, this show will start an unprecedented entertainment revolution! The whole world's entertainment industry history will be divided into two completely different eras with 'Dazzling Stage' as the dividing line!"

"Yes, you heard it right! It will be a great show that creates miracles! And as the audience, you will be the ones to participate in reshaping the entire entertainment industry and being the catalyst for change in the world of artists!"

The lights in the waiting room changed, and the restless drumbeat music echoed. Dream Weaver Rabbit's voice became more excited. Before the audience in the live room could react, another bombshell-like news dropped.

"Now, the public figures around the world will face strict scrutiny."

"Many people you know will quietly retire from the big screen, and even face legal sanctions."

At this moment, to increase persuasiveness, the projected images and sound in the room synchronized and immediately revealed an inspection list involving hundreds of entertainment companies, as well as a few blurred celebrity interview images.

The bullet comments in the live room became even more frenzied, and the number of online viewers skyrocketed every minute.

But this is not the end, a huge amount of information continued to bombard the crowd:

"And more importantly, the idol profession will be the first to undergo a revolution with the introduction of a grading system this year!"

"If nothing unexpected happens, the official website of the country has already published a detailed explanation of the relevant policies."

As soon as the words were spoken, a clear image of the official website page appeared in front of each trainee, showing the new system in vivid detail.

County, city, province, country, federation, world.

In short, it was roughly divided into six levels based on the range of influence.

Only by obtaining the corresponding level qualification could one appear on the official television station and channel.