Living Our Lives Well is More Important Than Anything – Chapter 20

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Chapter 20:

Li Chunzhou looked up at Liang Changfeng and smiled. She was very beautiful, although her looks didn't fit the current popular standards. However, this uniqueness in her appearance highlighted her distinctive charm.

Gu Lingfan was also beautiful, which was why she had held the title of Oiran for three years. But when the intense sun and the cool moon appeared at the same time, few people would pay attention to the moon on purpose.

Bi Yuansi noticed that Gu Lingfan's delicate hand, gripping tightly to the staircase railing, had a slight paleness due to the force she was exerting.

Qi Leyuan came out from the crowd, maliciously stomped on Bi Yuansi's shoe, and then swaggered towards the upper elegant room.

Li Chunzhou accompanied the Second Prince into the elegant room, Jian Yi stopped knowingly, stood outside the room, and didn't follow inside.

As soon as they entered, Li Chunzhou threw herself into the arms of the Second Prince, raised on her tiptoes, reached out with both hands to hold the Second Prince's face, looked at the faint dark circles under his eyes, frowned unhappily, and said, "Second Master hasn't rested well in a long time..."

She knelt on the bed, then placed the Second Prince's head on her lap, using skilled techniques to massage him.

Li Chunzhou's abdomen softly moved up and down with her breath, and after watching for a while, the Second Prince inexplicably reached out his hand and lightly touched her abdomen through her clothes, feeling Li Chunzhou's warm body temperature and vibrant vitality.

Probably because he was born into the Wang family, from a young age the Second Prince was taught to maintain his royal dignity, rarely revealing his emotions in public. Despite living like this for almost thirty years... at this moment, the Second Prince suddenly recalled the feeling of sneaking into the empty Chang Le Palace as a child and sleeping beside the late emperor.

The late emperor's black hair covered his face and eyes, as if he couldn't break free. Young Liang Changfeng had a vague feeling at that time - as if he was about to be drowned in the warm embrace of his mother.

While Li Chunzhou's abdomen was flat, with only a slight curve as she knelt on the bed, the Second Prince placed his hand on her waist, seeming as though he could encircle it with both hands. Although he would hold Li Chunzhou around the waist normally, this was a completely different feeling.

Despite there being no child in Li Chunzhou's belly, there was a vague sense of motherhood in her gentle posture. The Second Prince reached his hand under Li Chunzhou's clothes, leaving it there, as if he was somewhat enamored by the soft touch on her abdomen.

When the former queen passed away at a young age of around 35 or 36 years old, the second prince was only 15. Before the former queen's death, she held his hand tightly and made him promise to become emperor one day.

After the former queen was buried in the imperial tomb, she remained trapped in the deep palace even in death.

Every year during the ceremonies, the emperor always set aside some time for his second son. He would speak to his late mother while offering incense, and the sound of firecrackers, red paper scraps flying in the wind, and the smell of incense ash filled the air. Rumors of the second prince killing his mother lingered in the palace.

Eventually, everything fades away. In the windy first month, Liang Changfeng knelt in the grand hall, lighting incense. Regardless of beliefs on ghosts and spirits, he remained expressionless, gazing blankly ahead like an actor performing.

Although he didn't feel sorrow himself, the second prince shed two tears as everyone else wept, showing an unusual side to those who knew him well.

The second prince sat up straight, holding Li Chunzhou on his lap, absentmindedly rubbing her waist, gradually relaxing.

Li Chunzhou struggled to sit up, placing a small table from the bedside on the bed before curling back up on the second prince's lap. Her mouth was full of sweet pastries as she asked, "Second Master, is there going to be a war in the north?"

The fighting in the northwest has been at a standstill for several months. It's a bit better now in the summer, but when autumn arrives, the Turkic people, lacking resources, might head south to plunder Daliang. At that time, the northwest will surely be a scene of relentless warfare and misery.

The second prince dismissed Li Chunzhou's crumbs with his thumb and casually replied, "If General Mi is reassigned, it means war is coming. If not, then it won't happen."

The Mi family has been stationed at the border of Daliang for generations. General Mi, who is Mi Hongbao's father, died in the northwest.

Mi Hongbao's mother, Madame Mi, is the Emperor's younger sister. If we talk about their family ranks, Mi Hongbao is actually the Second Prince's nephew.

The Mi family has always been loyal, but Mi Hongbao grew up spoiled by Madame Mi and has never been on the battlefield. He is known as a pampered young man.

If Daliang and the Turks really fight, it seems that the only person from the Mi family who can lead the army now is General Mi.

"Wars cost a lot of money, right? If Second Master runs out of money, Lady Chun will sell her jewelry and give the silver she gets to Second Master," Li Chunzhou said playfully in his arms.

The Second Prince chuckled, knowing she was just teasing him. He smiled and gently held her chin, saying, "Silly girl, having power can bring in a lot of money easily... You treasure those jewels, so keep them."

The Second Prince caressed Li Chunzhou's face in his arms, like he was touching a beloved artwork or a precious ornament. He carefully inspected her, making sure she was not damaged or broken.

After confirming she was unharmed, the Second Prince rested his chin on Li Chunzhou's shoulder, his eyes glancing around slyly, like a snake observing everything in the shadows. He calmly asked, "Lady Chun, where did you and Mi Hongbao disappear to this morning?"

He showed no emotion on his face, calmly saying, "The Dark Guard said you both suddenly vanished... Lady Chun, don't you want to explain?"

Li Chunzhou chewed slowly and casually said, "In the morning, we went to a small hill outside the city because a maid had run away, so we went to search for her. If Second Master doesn't believe me, he can ask the First Prince anytime, as for the Dark Guard who lost track of us..."

She half seriously said, "Maybe it's haunted there."

Second Prince's eyes were faint, giving off an aloof feeling if gazed upon for too long. He looked down at Li Chunzhou for two or three seconds, remaining silent.

On the other hand, the scent of peony flowers behind Li Chunzhou wafted towards Second Prince's nose, causing him to subtly lower his head as if to smell the heart of that peony flower.

Li Chunzhou obediently stayed still.

Just as Second Prince was about to touch the peony flower on Li Chunzhou's head, he suddenly tilted his head and bit her earlobe. Li Chunzhou slightly dodged, blinked, and looked at him puzzledly.

Second Prince was amused by her charming demeanor, he kissed her on the lips and said, "I will be going on a sea voyage next month."

Li Chunzhou already knew about this, but she still pretended to be surprised, widened her eyes, and asked, "Where is Second Master going?"

"Not sure yet, but it shouldn't be a short trip, might have to cross the Sky Pool, and then return." Second Prince gazed into the distance, his eyes tired and unfocused.

"Is Second Master looking for something?" Li Chunzhou asked.

"No, just to see if there's anywhere in the world different from Daliang,"

Li Chunzhou didn't quite understand, "If we don't know what's on the other side of the Tianchi, why waste so much time?"

Second Prince held her chin and gazed at her clear and innocent face, tinged with some childishness and foolishness, kissing her eyes, and casually said with a smile, "If we don't go now when we can, others might occupy the place in the future, and our people won't be able to go. Our descendants will blame us..."

"Oh... Then Second Master, go ahead." Li Chunzhou blinked, nestled in his arms, and nodded slowly.

Second Prince lowered his head to look at her and joked, "Why do I feel like you're not reluctant at all?"

In her heart, Li Chunzhou thought, talking about going there, it's been said for ten years, and she had never seen what next month would be like anyway, so what is there to be reluctant about?

But these words couldn't be said in front of Second Prince. Li Chunzhou just buried her head deep into his chest, putting on a look of reluctance yet feigned strength.

Second Prince stroked her hair and suddenly asked, "This journey may last a few years at least. Would you like to come with me?"

Li Chunzhou looked up in surprise. Throughout all the cycles before, he had never said that before.

But she only paused for a moment before smiling brightly and cheerfully agreeing, "Okay!"

Whether she truly felt it or not, Li Chunzhou always showed a pleasant expression.

The Second Prince touched her smooth face with satisfaction, saying nothing. Li Chunzhou tried to look into his eyes that remained inscrutable after all these years, still unable to fathom what the Second Prince was thinking.

For a person like the Second Prince in a high position, physical desires and pleasure were already easily attainable, while the sense of mental control was what truly attracted him.

Whether it was Li Chunzhou's inconsistency or her schemes, the Second Prince understood everything, yet he didn't mind. In fact, he enjoyed this semi-reluctant submission. It was only when he saw others having to flatter him due to his power and status that the Second Prince felt a particularly genuine sense of pleasure.

Whether this flattery stemmed from the temptation of power or the pressure of power was not important.


Although Gu Lingfan was willing to give Bi Yuansi an opportunity to talk upstairs, she only wanted to see Bi Yuansi alone. As for the others who weren't qualified to go upstairs, Mama Li found a girl to accompany them in the hall for tea and chat.

This unlucky girl is Xinlan again.