Living Our Lives Well is More Important Than Anything – Chapter 15

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Chapter 15:

The furniture in the room exuded a smell of decayed dust, as if it had been deserted for many years. The windows were wide open, letting in a continuous cold draft. Although it was the height of summer, it felt as cold as autumn.

Qi Leyuan had been trying to get Li Chunzhou's attention all along and finally succeeded. She then picked him up.

Li Chunzhou absentmindedly looked around while casually petting the slightly rumpled Li Li in her arms.

Mi Hongbao felt an itch at the back of his neck, as if someone was gently brushing it with a small brush.

He reached back to touch it but found nothing. Nevertheless, the itch persisted. Mi Hongbao paused and looked up behind him, his expression changing suddenly - there was no brush, only a pair of feet hovering in the air, swaying behind his head in the hallway draft.

Even the itch was caused by the tassel on the blood-red embroidered shoe lightly brushing against his neck.

Mi Hongbao couldn't help but say a swear word, quickly pulling Li Chunzhou back, using anger to fight against fear.

Qi Leyuan also noticed the resentment rising from the body. The body hanging from the ceiling beam was wearing a bright red wedding dress, tied around the neck with red satin used for hanging people. The eyes were gone, leaving only bloody holes, staining the clothes even redder.

Under the bloodstains, the face could vaguely be recognized as Red Bean's. Just a moment ago, she was a lively, rosy-cheeked girl, but now her face was as white as a sheet, lifeless and dark. Two dark bloody holes stared at Mi Hongbao, the expression on her face numb and soundless, making it hard to breathe.

Mi Hongbao blinked hard, and the body disappeared in an instant. He grabbed Li Chunzhou's hand, sweat beading on his forehead, and urgently said, "Lady Chun, we need to go quickly!"

The thing seemed to have disappeared, but who knew if it was invisible, maybe standing right behind them at this moment...

Mi Hongbao didn't dare to think further, his mind filled only with the idea of quickly escaping with Li Chunzhou.

He took a big step, trying to push open the wooden door to escape. As he approached, he found the door was locked. With his push, two windows also closed with a creak, firmly shut despite his attempts to kick them open.

"Darn it..." Mi Hongbao softly cursed, continuing to quickly think of a way to escape.

As the windows were closed, the room quickly darkened, giving off an eerie calm before the storm feeling.

The scene in front suddenly darkened again. Wang Yaozu, who was just fierce and cruel, appeared in front of the two of them. He was still as if he couldn't see them at all, kneeling on the ground with tears streaming down his face, desperately begging while quickly knocking his head.

The woman ghost in red clothes grabbed his hair, sharp nails pierced Wang Yaozu's scalp, and he screamed in pain, "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!! I was wrong! Sis... sis!! Please spare me... spare me, please!"

Before he could finish speaking, with a sharp and painful scream, the female ghost forcibly pulled out his head and spine, like pulling out a blooming rose from a vase made of flesh, she pulled out a bright red, bloody, throbbing head.

Blood burst out suddenly, a bloody, meaty head, was held by the female ghost in her hand.

Wang Yaozu's body fell, Mi Hongbao felt a chill on his face, as if fresh blood had splashed on him. He reached up to touch it, and it was indeed real blood, a strong smell of rust hitting him.

Li Chunzhou reached out, tugged on Mi Hongbao's sleeve, and said, "Don't stare too long, you'll be confused."

Unsure if it was her voice that startled her, the woman in the red wedding dress slowly turned her head, holding the steaming spine in her hand. Her empty eye sockets had no eyeballs, tears of blood flowing down in winding streams.

The voice of the female ghost gradually became crazed and twisted, shouting wildly, "Why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why!!! Stay here with me too!"

She screamed, at first pleading, then becoming more and more hysterical. The tears of blood from the female ghost's eye sockets dripped down, staining her red embroidered shoes even more alluring crimson.

The ground suddenly felt soft and unstable under their feet. Mi Hongbao looked down and saw a mass of red flesh covering the ground, with some large chunks showing intact fingernail shapes. The flesh was slowly wriggling beneath their feet, making them feel nauseous.

They were stepping on countless broken pieces of bodies, while the woman in red was rushing towards them at an impossible speed.

Mi Hongbao acted quickly, pulling Li Chunzhou behind him to protect her. Despite raising his arms to shield himself, a bone-chilling coldness struck him to the core. Soon, Mi Hongbao felt his consciousness fading as he collapsed to the ground, feeling weak and helpless.

Unable to stand anymore, Mi Hongbao mustered all his strength in his final moment to defiantly raise a middle finger towards the woman in red.


When Mi Hongbao woke up again, he felt himself being supported on both sides. He wearily opened his eyes to see Li Chunzhou's face inches away from his, leaving him stunned for a moment before he gathered his thoughts.

After a moment, amidst a series of rooster calls, Mi Hongbao regained his senses. He shook off Li Zhexuan's hand supporting him, about to ask what had just happened when Li Chunzhou covered his mouth, whispering, "Don't speak! The woman ghost is still around."

Li Chunzhou helped Mi Hongbao sit down next to a giant tree, holding up a young chicken and explaining, "After you passed out, Li Li suddenly emitted a white light, which made the woman ghost disappear temporarily."

Mi Hongbao remembered the horrifying and surreal events just now, hesitantly asking, "This chicken...?"

"I said Li Li isn't just an ordinary chicken!" bragged Li Chunzhou proudly, "It has superpowers!"

Mi Hongbao nodded silently, but his eyes held a sense of worry and doubt.

Clearly, he found it more believable that Li Chunzhou was scared out of her mind rather than believing a chicken had superpowers.

But... even so, Lady Chun didn't leave me behind! Mi Hongbao gazed at Li Chunzhou with gratitude, silently thinking – she must really love me...

Seeing Mi Hongbao daydreaming about love, Qi Leyuan was getting impatient. He pecked Mi Hongbao's thigh hard, making him yelp in pain and gasp for air.

When Mi Hongbao passed out, the ghost's first move was not attacking him, but reaching out to grab Qi Leyuan from Li Chunzhou's embrace.

The image of the ghost pulling someone's spine was vivid in Qi Leyuan's mind. Qi Leyuan let out the loudest crow of his life, triggering his passive survival skill, temporarily weakening the ghost's power. Then, the three of them and a chicken were teleported to a nearby forest behind the house.

Qi Leyuan had never hated being a chicken as much as he did now. He had some items in his inventory and knew a bit about exorcism, but being limited by his chicken form made it impossible for Qi Leyuan to help kill the ghost. It was simply wishful thinking!

Furthermore, as a chicken, he couldn't speak, making it impossible to communicate with Mi Hongbao.

Qi Leyuan stood on Mi Hongbao's legs, looking warily at Li Chunzhou. Now that there was a bit of breathing space, he had the chance to think about everything that had just happened. Upon closer thought, Qi Leyuan realized that Li Chunzhou's reaction just now was also a bit strange. From seeing the female ghost in the room to now, Li Chunzhou had been too calm, not at all like a teenage girl...

Qi Leyuan's heart skipped a beat, feeling a chill down his back. He didn't know if the Li Chunzhou in front of him still had her own consciousness.

Or perhaps, is she really "Li Chunzhou"...?

If Li Chunzhou had really been replaced or possessed by someone else, when did this start? From the female ghost rushing towards them? Or from stepping into that eerie room? Or could it be that they had already fallen into a trap of evil since setting foot on this mountain...?

Obviously, Mi Hongbao had also thought about this question. After escaping from the recent danger, with blood finally rushing back to his brain, he had some energy left to think. He furrowed his brows, pondered for a moment, and hesitantly asked, "Lady Chun, why did you bring me to this mountain? Do you know that there are 'ghosts' here...?"

Li Chunzhou twirled a strand of her hair, giving him a puzzled look. She fell silent for a moment, quickly returning to normal. Li Chunzhou helplessly looked at Mi Hongbao and said, "I told you not to stare at her..."

She reached out to touch Mi Hongbao's eyes, but he quickly dodged.

Li Chunzhou's hand awkwardly hung in the air, looking at the puzzled expression on her face. Mi Hongbao instinctively wanted to explain, but in the end, he didn't say a single word.

Li Chunzhou smiled slightly and asked softly, "What are you afraid of, A'bao...? Do you think I would take this opportunity to dig your eyes out?"

This time, Mi Hongbao didn't respond, he just adjusted his sitting position slightly.

This is a position convenient for escaping at any time.

The chilling sense of being watched didn't disappear. Although the moonlight was bright tonight, the surroundings were still pitch black among the shadows of the trees, making it feel like something was lurking in the darkness.

Seeing Mi Hongbao silent, Qi Leyuan also took a few steps back, silently moving away from "Li Chunzhou". He stayed close to Mi Hongbao's thigh. Seeing them both like this, Li Chunzhou didn't explain, she went downstairs, saying to herself, "Do you know why the red bean is dressed in wedding clothes and had its eyes gouged out?"

"Do you know her?" Mi Hongbao's face still looked cautious, asking tentatively, "Could it be... that ghost we saw in the yard, the girl who was sold?"

"Yes, I know her... sort of." Li Chunzhou replied, giving the answer to herself. She lowered her head, lightly touching her own eyes with her slender fingertips, saying softly, "Because the girls who are matched in Yin marriages are usually blinded to prevent them from being dissatisfied with the marriage and seeking revenge."

Mi Hongbao's expression was not good, staring at Li Chunzhou, asking, "How do you know these things? Lady Chun never goes out all year round, who would talk about these unlucky things in the Spring Flowers Tower?"

Li Chunzhou did not answer, but opened her eyes and stared directly at Mi Hongbao. She smiled mysteriously and continued, "Moreover, the best way for that girl who was matched in the Yin marriage to die is the same as the groom... Do you remember the young master of the Qi family who hanged himself?"

The young master of the Qi family hanged himself because of a prostitute, causing a sensation in Shengjing City. That prostitute performed in a second-rate brothel, and it was said that after the young master of Qi hanged himself, he went mad and stood at the door every day speaking nonsense.

So Hóngdòu Wáng was hanged by her own family members.

Mi Hongbao suddenly realized, "The Qi family who arranges ghost marriages?"

If the girl in front of them is a female ghost, then she wouldn't know the latest happenings in the city. Thinking this, Mi Hongbao felt a bit relieved and approached Li Chunzhou, even exposing his vulnerable neck in front of her.

Just as he was thinking about discussing how to escape with the person in front of him, he suddenly heard Li Chunzhou's voice clearly coming from nearby, "A'bao! Where are you?!"

Mi Hongbao froze in place, two Lady Chuns...?