Living Our Lives Well is More Important Than Anything – Chapter 10

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Chapter 10:

Mama Li noticed the hidden tensions between the group and sighed. What was the use of raising such a famous leading lady? First, there was the Second Prince occupying someone, then the Second Prince left the capital, and now this infamous troublemaker stuck around. Many people were willing to pay a high price to see the true appearance of the Peony Lady, but few became regular customers; either scared off by the Second Prince's reputation or intimidated by the Crown Prince of the Northern Marquis.

Because of this, Li Chunzhou did not earn much money for the Spring Flowers Tower. Mi Hongbao was crafty, rarely bringing silver coins but only jewelry and jade ornaments for Li Chunzhou.

The silver coins received by the girls had to be turned in, but jewelry could be kept. Otherwise, if a customer saw the jewelry they gave to one girl being worn by another, Mama Li would lose face.

However, things would be different after the end of this month. Mama Li calculated the date and realized Li Chunzhou would turn fifteen this month and would soon be allowed to show her face.

Li Chunzhou just opened the door and smiled, saying, "Master Qian, you're here?"

The people in the room excitedly stood up and walked quickly to the door to greet her. However, Master Qian's joyful expression disappeared immediately upon seeing Mi Hongbao's stern face behind Li Chunzhou, turning into a look of fear instead.

Mi Hongbao was surprised that the person in the room was not the son of the Qian family, but he still looked displeased.

Li Chunzhou walked in naturally holding a chicken, as if she didn't notice the tense atmosphere in the room.

Qian Chaoxin felt a bit awkward, knowing who the young man next to Li Chunzhou was. After all, Mi Hongbao was the only son of the Northern Marquis, famous for being a playboy in Shengjing City.

What really made Qian Chaoxin embarrassed was that he thought the Crown Prince of the Northern Marquis probably didn't know him.

Qian Chaoxin hesitated whether to introduce himself, knowing that getting to know this future Northern Marquis would be a great opportunity for him, regardless of his education or achievements.

However, the current situation was a bit delicate, especially with the young prince glaring fiercely at him. Qian Chaoxin wanted to speak several times but remained silent.

Finally, Li Chunzhou took the lead and called Qian Chaoxin by his name, Boyuan, with a smile, as if they were long-time friends.

Qian Chaoxin was amazed and couldn't think clearly when he saw Li Chunzhou's beautiful smile, he just nodded randomly.

Seeing Mi Hongbao's expression, he snorted coldly and muttered "fool!".

After Li Chunzhou put Qi Leyuan down, he walked around to look at the room, and after hearing a sour sniff from above, he chuckled twice, "Hmm?!" (You're not doing too well either, right?!)

The player Zhenxing found dead this morning was found in a room similar to the environment here. Qi Leyuan looked around and didn't find any way for someone to enter besides the window and the door. The crime scene is now sealed, the authorities only came once in the afternoon and didn't find anything.

Normally, after such an incident, the entire Spring Flowers Tower should be closed for investigation, but Mama Li has been running businesses in Shengjing City for many years and has good connections. The authorities turned a blind eye and only sealed off one room, just for show.

Li Chunzhou picked up a pastry from the table, stuffed it into her mouth, and her cheek puffed up like a little hamster. She smiled and asked, "I heard Boyuan came to take an exam from Xunyang, was the scenery beautiful on the way?"

When talking about his hometown and what he saw along the way, Qian Chaoxin felt more relaxed, and started to speak freely, even Mi Hongbao let go of his arms he had been holding in front of him and listened attentively.

Li Chunzhou loved listening to others talk about the outside world. Whenever the topic came up, she didn't need to pretend. Her eyes naturally showed a yearning and longing expression.

The guests who visit the Spring Flowers Tower come from all over the world. Li Chunzhou has heard from them about the strange animals in the mountains, rice and wheat growing halfway up the mountains, cow dung drying on the ground, apple trees full of apples in autumn, endless wheat fields... It's strange, when talking about these things, they all seem like very normal and good people, but when desire arises, they seem to regress into uncivilized beasts.

When Qian Chaoxin talked, Li Chunzhou smiled and listened attentively to him while eating pastries. She was a good listener and supportive, which made Qian Chaoxin more confident as he spoke.

After hesitating for a moment, he nervously asked, "I wonder... How did Miss Chunzhou know my name is 'Boyuan'?"

"She heard about the name 'Boyuan' from others," Li Chunzhou replied with a infectious smile on her face, making people feel warm and as if they were seeing the sun.

As they continued talking, Qian Chaoxin naturally asked for more details about the matter. They engaged in a lively conversation back and forth.

Anyone who spent more than an hour with Li Chunzhou found it hard not to like her. Those who opened up to her about their past felt that Li Chunzhou cared about them. It was a common misconception.

It's a common misunderstanding.

Time flew by quickly as Qian Chaoxin and Mi Hongbao talked from one topic to another, with Qian Chaoxin being fascinated and Mi Hongbao listening eagerly. Li Chunzhou, however, gently reminded them it was time to part ways.

Mi Hongbao, who grew up in the capital city and lost his father in battle when he was young, was curious about the outside world due to his strict upbringing by his mother.

Realizing he had become lost in the conversation, Mi Hongbao felt a bit embarrassed. He pretended to be serious and said, "Yes, Lady Chun, let's go."

Qian Chaoxin looked a bit sad, Li Chunzhou smiled and started a conversation, "Have you heard about the merchants this morning, Master Qian?"

Qian Chaoxin was pleasantly surprised and grateful that Li Chunzhou wanted to stay longer. He nodded repeatedly and said eagerly, "Yes, I heard about it. Mr. Zhen and I are from the same hometown. He has a good reputation there, deeply in love with his wife. Everyone says they have a great relationship, but when they arrived in the capital city..."

He seemed a bit regretful. Mi Hongbao sneered and said, "Deeply in love and still visited a brothel? Rumors are clearly false!"

Li Chunzhou glanced at him, then looked out of the dark window at the dreary sky and slowly added, "Maybe not. He truly loves his wife, but... you never know in this world."