I Have a Ghost Dairy – Chapter 161

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Chapter 161: Becoming Famous

When Xu Shengtian's video went viral, many people started flooding into his live stream.

Xu Shengtian looked at the fast-scrolling barrage of messages with excitement. "Everyone, don't worry, don't worry. This is my uncle. He passed out."

"But that ghost has already been dealt with by Master Chu Tian. So I believe my uncle will be fine."

Holding a selfie stick, Xu Shengtian opened another room nearby. "Look, this room is where I keep my little brothers. Look at them, they're all sleeping like dead pigs."

"What? Actors? Impossible. Look at the injuries on their bodies. I beat them up. If I didn't, they would run out and get themselves killed. The most reckless one had his leg broken by me."

"You can ask Master Chu Tian about it. He's the big boss here in Luohe City. He's in charge of this city."

"The mayor? No, no, no. Not the mayor, he's the person in charge."

"Look at the scenery. Yes, yes, I promise I'm not lying to you. This is Luohe City."

"Little sister, watch over Uncle Er and the injured crowd while I go outside to help."

Xu Xiaoxiao, who was beside her, was absolutely frustrated with her heartless cousin. What time was it already??

So many people died, and you don't feel any sadness at all. You're even live-streaming. Not to mention, we don't know what's happening with Grandpa right now.

Once Xu Xiaoxiao had signal, she immediately called the hospital for help.

However, the city is in chaos right now. Either no one answers the phone, or it's a busy tone. We can only wait for outside rescue for now.

Just as Xu Shengtian was about to go downstairs, suddenly his livestream went black. The platform prompted, "This livestream has been permanently banned."

"Oh my goodness!" Xu Shengtian felt a wave of sorrow, "What the heck is going on?"

"What the heck yourself!" Xu Xiaoxiao snapped back at him, giving him a smack on the head, "Hurry up and drive to Grandpa's place. I'll take care of the people here."

Xu Shengtian, feeling down, reluctantly agreed and then sadly realized that all the videos he had previously posted were being deleted and taken off various platforms, one by one.


After Xu Shengtian's things started to become popular, the relevant departments responded and immediately began a series of "crab" operations.

However, many people still saved the video and changed the title, spreading it privately through platforms like cloud storage. Even in various private groups, this small video is being circulated everywhere.

What's even more incredible is that someone saw this video on a restricted website.

At the same time, the video was also spread to foreign countries, where foreigners watched it in astonishment. Some even asked if their own countries had such "superhumans."

Some people directly pointed out that this video was as fake as it could get, purely for the sake of hype.

But for those who knew the "truth," this information was extremely valuable as it could help them understand the characteristics of an S-class ghost.

People in the paranormal community abroad also had doubts. They believed that the man in the video sealed the Black Sun; otherwise, how could Luohe City's Ghost Domain disappear out of nowhere, not just once but twice?

This second time should have been the final and most fierce counterattack from an S-class ghost, but ultimately it was suppressed, and the Ghost Domain didn't reappear for the second time.

At the same time, people from various official organizations abroad are using their own channels to find out the identity of the man in the video.

Very quickly, they learned a name: Chu Jiang.

Naturally, this information spread from within the country, causing a stir in the paranormal community. Many people speculated right away whether the man could be the local authority figure in Luohe City.

After all, this paranormal incident occurred very suddenly, and there were no reports of any powerful individuals being in Luohe City at the time.

Some people knew Wang Lei, but they analyzed the height, body shape, and other characteristics of the man in the video and concluded that he was not Wang Lei.

Shortly after, news about this new figure, Chu Jiang, started to circulate.

In fact, many people already knew this name when the S-class event first occurred. They also knew that he had replaced Wang Lei and was a newcomer who had recently taken office.

However, at that time, the people who knew didn't pay much attention because they considered him an unknown minor character.

It wasn't until the related videos were released that they started to take notice.

The news comes from two main sources. One is from inside the research institute. Many people search for information about the person in charge of Luohe City due to the S-class event.

The other part comes from people who have personally interacted with Chu Jiang, such as people from Sincerity Company or Ghost Master Shi Tao who had contact with Chu Jiang during the Luozhou City Stretching Ghost event.

Of course, a name is not top-secret information, but after Xu Shengtian's video was released, Chu Jiang's detailed file was immediately classified as top secret by the high-ranking officials of the research institute.

Aside from a few individuals who can access the file, others only know Chu Jiang's name and his codename "Blood Hand."

As for his background, how many ghosts he has, or any remarkable achievements in the past, no one knows.

As time goes by and more information is revealed, news about a conflict between Chu Jiang and Captain Yan Wanli also spreads.

This includes how they became enemies and how Chu Jiang made Yan Wanli kneel and beg for mercy.

In short, someone with the surname Yan unfortunately became a stepping stone for someone else...

About half a day after the Ghost Domain disappeared, someone summarized the existing information about Chu Jiang that night.

Chu Jiang, with the code name "Blood Hand," was a new Ghost Master who had been in the position for less than six months, maybe even shorter.

He joined Research Institute No. 21 just half a month ago.

Chu Jiang had at least one ghost attached to him. He could release blood from his right hand to attack, but other details are unknown.

He had a conflict with the captain of the research institute, Yan Wanli.

There are multiple different versions of what exactly happened, so we can't confirm any of them for now. However, we do know that in the end, Chu Jiang came out on top, and many people from the research institute witnessed it firsthand.

Chu Jiang didn't have much time as the head of Luohe City, but as soon as he took office, he resolved a C-grade incident that occurred at the local university.

Shortly after that, the Black Sun appeared, and an S-class event erupted. Nobody knew the specific situation inside the Ghost Domain.

It was around four minutes past four in the afternoon when the Ghost Domain collapsed, then reappeared, and collapsed again at four-fifteen.

After that, the S-class event was officially declared concluded, and the research institute and official rescue personnel began to enter Luohe City for search and rescue.

Currently, we can confirm that at least more than half of the people in the entire city are still alive, and the proportion may be even higher, possibly reaching three-quarters.

This survival rate is terrifyingly high, much higher than all existing S-class events, and even including some A-class events.