The Diary of Working in Stormwind – Chapter 022

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Chapter 022: Allies? Bah!

The elf was already in despair. He sat on the ground, staring mercilessly at the trap clamped onto his foot without moving.

In theory, he should have had enough strength to crack open the trap, but he didn't even try.

A series of embarrassing battles, coupled with the shame of being caught in the trap, caused his brain to short-circuit.

It's summer now, even though Duskwood is cooler than other places, ice cubes on the hot dwarf skin won't last long.

Greed quickly broke free from the magic, picked up his sword, pulled out the dagger stuck in the ground, picked up his small shield and strapped it to his arm, swaggering over to the elf.

The elf looked up dazedly at the dwarf and said, "Cut off my head and use it as a decoration on your silly earth fireplace, maybe that will earn you some reputation in the dwarven caves of Loch Modan."

"I am Dwarf Wildhammer, pretty boy," Greed couldn't help laughing at his appearance and squatted down to start cutting grass.

He muttered while cutting, "But your words about Bronzebeard really touched my heart, worthy of praise."

"Whatever, Bronzebeard, Wildhammer, who cares, maybe only you yourselves understand this so clearly, hmm?" The elf shouted, then lowered his head and murmured, "That really hurts."

"Give me your sword," Greed said, holding a bundle of Kingsblood he had cut.

"It's already in your hand."

"The other one."

The elf reluctantly handed over his long sword, which the dwarf weighed in his hand and said, "I could sell it for a dozen silver coins."

Jesse picked up the elf's travel bag that had been thrown on the ground not far away and was surprised to find some herbs inside when he opened it.

Inside were some valuable herbs, such as Kingsblood, Briarthorn, a bit of Grave Moss in small pouches, and even a completely unknown vine-like herb, possibly Earthroot. Jesse couldn't be sure and would need to compare it to his scrolls.

There were also four glass bottles of different colored potions inside. Jesse thought about opening one to smell it but decided against it, knowing that with his alchemy knowledge, he probably wouldn't be able to discern much from the scent. He decided not to risk any evaporation or other issues by opening them.

Inside the travel bag was also a small cloth pouch containing some biscuits and cheese. Jesse couldn't resist trying a biscuit, finding it slightly salty with a rich spice flavor that refreshed him and restored some of his energy that had been depleted earlier.

The cheese had a raspberry flavor, something Jesse had never tasted before since he had arrived. It was the closest thing to ice cream taste he had encountered since crossing over.

Were these snacks made by the elves? His stomach growled in response.

Jesse didn't devour everything in one go, instead picking up the bag and walking over to Greed, saying, "I reckon we could make a good amount of money. We might get forty or fifty silver coins from this trip."

Greed jingled the two knives in his hands and remarked, "These two knives could fetch some money too."

"Were you robbers before? The humans have taken back Stormwind. You can go north and find a proper job," the elf said with a smirk.

"They are not robbers, they are just defending themselves. Don't forget that you started this," Jesse said. "Taking your things is to compensate for the harm we suffered, and taking your weapons is to prevent you from chasing us."

After saying that, he glanced at the bow on the elf's back and asked, "Greed, should we take that too?"

"I completely forgot," Greed said. "But if we take that, how will he deal with wild wolves?"

"Leave him two arrows," Jesse said. "The elf's arrows are so well-made, they should work as makeshift daggers."

Greed chuckled and took the bow off the elf.

The elf stared at the dwarf without saying a word, simply accepting the situation.

Jesse continued rummaging through the bag and suddenly found a box adorned with a beautiful little pouch inside.

After taking out the box, the elf couldn't help but blink, as if trying hard not to look.

Open the box and inside there is a necklace with a beautiful gemstone that is hard to tell if it's gold or green.

"What is this?" he asked the elf.

"Cat's eye stone," the elf said. "I can see that both of you are not rich, willing to work hard to earn some money. Take it with you."

Jesse asked again, "Is this necklace yours, or did you steal it?"

"Why would I steal someone else's necklace?" the elf said. "Do I look like I need money?"

Greed glanced at Jesse and said, "This boy really asks for a beating."

"This thing is an amulet given to me by a lady," the elf said. "Take it, spare my life. Even if this amulet works, I won't disappoint her kindness."

Hearing this, Jesse suddenly lost interest in taking it by force.

"Um..." he hesitated for a moment.

"Let's leave this to him," Greed said with a sigh, "Let him have a little hope in this darkness, so he won't be so lonely when he dies."

Jesse threw the necklace by the elf's feet and said, "We took the box, you can keep the necklace."

The elf picked up the necklace and held it in his hand, hesitated for a moment, then looked at Jesse and asked, "Human, are you a warlock?"

"Huh?" Jesse asked, "Why do you say that?"

The elf said, "You were about to cast a spell on me just now, like a warlock. Don't worry, we don't have a strong aversion to shadow practitioners. I just wanted to tell you that yesterday I found an Orc Warlock hiding in an abandoned human farm to the south, after I killed him, I didn't touch his things. There is a very tall windmill on that farm, with only one blade left on the windmill, you can see it from far away, very unique. If you have time, you can go there and see if there's anything you need. This necklace is important to me, consider this information as a thank you for leaving it."

"It's probably around 3 o'clock in the afternoon now, if you leave now and hurry, you should be able to get back to Raven Hill before nightfall, if that's where you came from."

Greed whispered, "That warlock might have herbs like Grave Moss or Kingsblood, which are related to Shadow Magic, worth checking out."

Jesse nodded, his mind filled with thoughts of demonic books and dark magic. If that warlock had any spell treasures, wouldn't he make a significant leap in progress?

The elf said, "You go ahead, I'll rest for a while and regain my strength, I can break this beast trap on my own."

"Let's keep a weapon with you for protection." Greed looked at the two elf knives in his hand, ready to put one down for him, but was surprised when the elf pulled out three different-sized daggers from his waist and said, "It's not necessary."

"Alright then." Greed tucked his weapons into his waist, slung the quiver behind him, and carried the bow on his shoulder, saying, "Let's go."

"By the way," the elf said, "there's a bottle of pink potion in the bag, leave that bottle of potion to me."

"Pink?" Greed looked at Jesse taking out the bottle of potion and asked, "Is this a healing potion?"

The elf said, "Exactly, you wouldn't want your Quel'Thalas allies to be limping and getting eaten by wolves, would you?"

"Allies? Pah!" Greed spat, and the elf laughed.