The Diary of Working in Stormwind – Chapter 021

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Chapter 021: "Two Against One"

Greed said something in Elvish, slowly rising up despite his head not sticking out much above the grass, but his angry twisted face was clearly visible.

The elf, unfazed, spoke a phrase in Dwarven language with pauses between each word, then burst into laughter.

With gritted teeth, Greed shouted and shot out, while the elf smiled and drew his bow. His slender arm packed with immense power effortlessly pulled back the bowstring and released, the arrow shot out like a bullet towards the charging dwarf!

In a flash, before Jesse could react, the latter already pulled out a small round shield from behind accurately deflecting the arrow!

The dwarf continued to sprint through the grass, the smile faded from the elf's face. He grabbed the second arrow, aimed forward, and let go.

Greed was too fast, leaving no room for drawing the bow.

The elf crossed his arms in front of his chest, gracefully drew out two curved swords - one long and one short - from his waist. He calmly sidestepped Greed's sword thrust, turned around and both swords struck down simultaneously, the dwarf directly pushing them away with his shield. However, the dagger strike from his right hand was just a feint, swiftly skimming past the shield and thrusting towards the dwarf's waist... The dwarf reacted swiftly, lifting his round shield with force to block the elf's blade, who then spun back, stepping two steps backwards, ready with a high and low sword stance.

Greed tossed the small round shield to the side, cursed in Dwarven, and switched to dual-wielding swords. This time, the elf's face appeared more serious than before, preparing for a full-force counterattack.

Jesse, who was watching from behind, was amazed by the swift movements in the last couple rounds. Would rushing into this level of fight not result in getting a few holes stabbed on the side?

Greed was not in a good position. If he didn't help and ended up losing, he would be in big trouble. So, he also took out his axe and circled around.

The elf noticed the movement on this side with a quick glance. Greed roared and rushed forward with his sword raised, frowning as he blocked the fierce strike with his two swords. However, the dwarf's strength was so great that the blade was pressed against his shoulder.

Gritting his teeth, the elf glanced at the Stromgarde emblem on the sword handle as Jesse had already arrived behind him!

Jesse rudely swung his axe horizontally towards the elf's waist. With a grunt, the elf turned his neck to relieve the pressure from the dwarf's sword and dodged Jesse's swing, smoothly evading like a slippery weasel.

He continuously retreated, keeping Jesse and Greed in front of him, his gaze following his own golden hair strand sliding down the dwarf's blade.

"Just for a plant, huh?" The elf looked at the two and said, "Risking your lives over this?"

"Aren't you too?" Jesse retorted, "It's two against one for you."

Greed sneered, "It's no longer about that plant. Elf, just accept your fate."

"Yes, yes," the elf said to Jesse. "It's not about this plant anymore. Mr. Dwarf wants to regain his meaningless glory and dignity, but I don't want him to get it back."

"Die!" Greed shouted and rushed forward with his sword. The elf just snorted and skillfully redirected Dwarf's attack with his sword. He then took a step back and threw a dagger towards Greed. The dagger grazed Greed's leg, leaving a cut before landing in the soil. Greed groaned and fell to the ground.


Jesse couldn't keep up with the others. Seeing Greed in trouble, he threw his axe. The Lumberjack Axe spun through the air accurately towards the elf, but the elf easily dodged it.

"Human, are you out of your mind?"

Jesse, watching Greed trying to get up and the elf looking at him sideways, suddenly came up with a foolish idea.

He silently recited some English dialogues he had memorized before, pretending to cast a spell like Surena did in the basement, gesturing with his hands in front of his chest.

The elf was startled and quickly pointed towards Jesse, moving his lips slightly. Suddenly, Jesse felt like a string in his brain had snapped. A strong ringing sound engulfed all his consciousness.

It felt like the whole space was pressing down on him. He tried to speak but couldn't, tried to yell but no sound came out. His head was spinning, and he couldn't stand steady.

He fell to the ground and got a mouthful of mud. He watched as Greed punched the elf in the jaw, sending the elf flying several meters away and crashing to the ground.

Jesse couldn't help but chuckle. The elf fell for it, thinking Jesse was going to cast a spell and trying everything to stop him.

He thought the elf might throw a flying knife or shoot an arrow to stop his efforts.

He had no intention of casting a spell. His focus was on the elf, confident he could dodge as much as possible, or at least not let a careless blow harm his vital parts, to buy time for Greed to counterattack. He didn't expect the elf to cast a spell that immobilized him.

Is this what it feels like to be countered by a spell? He felt like he had been hit in the back of the head by a wall.


Just when he thought Greed had won, the elf roared and stood up, casting a spell that pinned Greed in place with a huge ice block that emerged from the ground, immobilizing his legs.

"You two idiots... I've had enough." The elf stepped back, pointing at them and declaring, "I'm taking this plant. What are you going to do? Come fight me, you two crazies... I've had the worst luck today. Let's see what you can do to stop me!"

He limped as he walked, his voice weak. Touching his bruised cheek from the punch, he cursed and headed towards Kingsblood when a sudden sharp metal sound stopped his ranting.

"Ah!!! Kill me, you shorty, hairy monster, blind dog, and that darned short-lived monkey! I'll burn down Goldshire, no, I'll bury your old home under a snow blast from Ironforge, I'll wipe out all you lowly mongrels in this world..."

The elf's insults quickly turned into sobs, and Greed waited for him to finish before saying, "If you don't help me release the ice, I can't help you dismantle the trap."

"Dismantle? Curse this junk made by the dwarf, it must be broken to be so hard to dismantle!" The elf shouted with a tearful voice.

"Brother." Greed looked at Jesse, who was already dizzy from a spell hitting his head, and said, "Go see what goodies he has in his bag."

Hearing this, Jesse immediately perked up.