The Diary of Working in Stormwind – Chapter 019

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Chapter 019: Awakening in the Dead Land

"Here." Jesse handed a small bronze spoon to Greed.

Greed took it and looked at the one in Jesse's hand, furrowing his brows he asked, "What's this strange thing again?"

"Used for digging Grave Moss." Jesse said as he began to scrape the leg bone with the spoon, putting some into a small bag.

This time, it was Greed's turn to feel like vomiting. He ran to the wall and started gagging but only a bit of stomach acid came out since he hadn't eaten anything that morning.

"7 silver per pound, Greed," Jesse said, pursing his lips, then continued scraping.

"7 silver coins!" Greed shouted and then realized something was wrong, "Forget it, didn't you say you don't sell Grave Moss?! What's the use of 7 gold coins anyway!"

Despite cursing, he still wiped his mouth and ran to the side of the stone coffin, then pushed open the coffin lid and started scraping.

Even though there was only a thin layer on the surface of the corpse, after scraping for a while, a considerable amount of Grave Moss was scraped out. It might not weigh a pound, but it should be as much as a bottle of cola, about half a pound's worth.

As they worked, it wasn't as disgusting anymore. They scraped while pushing open the coffin lid and continued scraping upwards.

Until it was completely pushed open, Greed saw the face of the corpse.

"Jesse, hey." Greed nudged Jesse, who was still absent-mindedly scraping Grave Moss.

"Look, is this person looking at me? I'm afraid I'm having a hallucination."

"Hmm?" Jesse glanced over and saw that the face of the corpse's owner was surprisingly intact, lying in dirty water with eyes open, looking very lifelike.

At that moment, the corpse's eyes shifted and looked towards Jesse.

"He didn't look at you, he looked at me," said Jesse before continuing to scratch.

Greed slapped Jesse on the back of his head and shouted, "He's just a living butt!"


Jesse was suddenly awakened by this slap, his brain automatically blocking out horrifying things in order to focus on scratching Grave Moss seriously.

A corpse suddenly grabbed Greed's arm, causing him to howl. Jesse quickly chopped off the living corpse's arm with an axe, the dwarf shook off the arm, grabbed a bag and tools, and ran out.

Jesse picked up the axe and followed Greed. He almost slipped and fell, while the corpse suddenly sat up from the stone coffin, let out a weak breath, staggered to its feet and started chasing after them.

They didn't even look back, exerting all their strength to escape upwards. As they approached the door of the tomb, they saw a zombie blocking their way.

"Get out of the way!"

Greed roared, swinging his sword and fiercely charging forward, cleanly cutting off the zombie's head with one strike, then kicking the headless body down.

Jesse followed out of the tomb and was surprised to see zombies standing everywhere in the cemetery.

As they walked towards the hole, they heard strange noises coming from there.

Some hunched, rotten-flesh creatures were pushing through bushes, avoiding tombstones and rushing towards them. Some ran on all fours like wild beasts rather than humans.

"Ghoul… Quick, run the other way!" Greed pointed behind and urged Jesse to run fast.

Jesse turned and ran, knowing the only way out for both of them was through the hole behind the ghouls.

The surrounding fences were too high with sharp spikes to climb over, preventing them from escaping.

The ghouls were fast, weaving through the dumb zombie crowd like wild dogs, heading straight for the two. Jesse had little time to think of a solution.

When they reached the fence, the dwarf tossed out the bag of herbs and luggage, then looked at Jesse and said, "Come here."

"What are you going to do?"

The dwarf didn't answer, grabbed Jesse, and threw him out before Jesse could say anything.

Jesse's mind went blank, feeling a strange force throwing him into the air, scraping against iron spikes and tearing his clothes with a sharp pain in his back.

After falling to the ground, he felt dizzy, grimacing and touching his back, relieved to find no blood, maybe just a scratch.

Realizing Greed was still inside, Jesse grabbed the railing and said, "Are you stupid? How did you get out?"

"You run, back to Raven Hill, if I can't handle these ghouls..." the dwarf gestured with his sword, not finishing the sentence.

"Shut up... let me think," Jesse looked around, noticing zombies and ghouls approaching, recalling a scene from a TV show.

Like in "The Walking Dead," right?

He picked up the Lumberjack Axe, smashing it against the iron railing, the deafening metal clang startled Greed and made the zombies and ghouls hesitate for a moment.

"Now, run... Greed, find a way to reach that hole on the other side."

"I understand, be careful!" Greed rolled into the bushes next to the strange noises made by the ghouls and zombies.

After the dwarf disappeared, Jesse stood alone in front of the fence, holding tightly onto the rusty Lumberjack Axe. Facing the swaying shadows standing upright in the foggy graveyard, he suddenly felt a strong sense of loneliness gripping his heart.

He swung the axe again and smashed the iron fence. The zombies seemed to be startled and started moving towards him.

Before he could swing the axe again, a ghoul suddenly jumped in front of his face, its eerie arm reaching out from between the bars, almost grabbing Jesse's neck!

Jesse was so scared that his heart skipped a beat, he stepped back two steps, looking at the monster with swollen eyes, rotten flesh, and sharp teeth like a wild wolf, unconsciously swallowing a mouthful of saliva.

At this moment, the second, third, and fourth ghouls all crawled onto the fence, growling lowly and reaching out their arms. One even spat out green pus, almost splashing onto Jesse.

These ghouls were like a group of crazed baboons starving for food, and Jesse was like a juicy fruit in their eyes.

Jesse hesitated for a long time and didn't dare to approach. Just then, one of the ghouls seemed to hear something, paused for a moment, and glanced back.

"Get lost." Jesse cursed under his breath, charging forward with the axe to smash the fence again. This immediately caught the attention of all the ghouls, and they reached out as if madly trying to grab Jesse's arms and collar. Jesse took several steps back and was tripped by a stone. After checking his arms and body for injuries and finding none, he breathed a sigh of relief.

"You brainless bunch, come at me!" he shouted, feeling his voice was much weaker compared to the sound of the axe hitting the railing. He found a chance to switch positions and knocked again, avoiding the ghouls' attacks.

This time, he felt like he had found a trick.

More and more zombies gathered, each staring directly at Jesse on the railing. But Jesse had gotten used to it by now, feeling safer with each knock.

Until one ghoul looked up and noticed the top of the fence.

Seeing this, Jesse froze, feeling increasingly parched.

He cleared his throat, the ghoul suddenly jumped up, almost grabbing the sharp top of the fence.

"I..." he mumbled anxiously, grabbing a cloth bag to run, when suddenly someone caught his collar.

"Go away!" Jesse pushed back, seeing Greed standing behind him.

"It's me, it's me!" Greed saw Jesse sweating profusely, shook him hard by the neck and said, "Now, let's go!"

"Go... go."

Two people picked up all their luggage and ran into the forest until they could no longer hear the zombies' howls before slowly stopping.

Jesse threw his dirty yellowed shirt into a bush, put on a new brown linen shirt, sat on the ground, stared with wide eyes, and panted heavily.

"You see, Jesse," Greed swallowed some saliva and said, "Even the bravest warrior among the Wildhammer cannot remain calm in such a situation, I assure you. You are absolutely the bravest human I have ever seen. If you do not become a knight or a royal guardsman in the future, then it must be that Wrynn boy is blind or the entire kingdom has some issues in their heads."

After a long time, Jesse murmured, "I will never come back again."

Unable to hold back, Greed chuckled, Jesse glanced at him and then laughed too.

The two of them laughed for a while, then Jesse asked, "What time is it now?"

Greed's smile gradually disappeared from his face, and then he coldly said, "If I could afford a pocket watch, would I be risking my life here with you?"