The Diary of Working in Stormwind – Chapter 014

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Chapter 014: The Holy Light Is With Me Now

The next morning, the streets were empty. Some merchants were getting ready to leave, but it seemed like the workers were still asleep.

Jesse asked a few caravans and then sadly told Greed, "I have bad news. These merchants are either going to Goldshire and Stormwind, or to Moonbrook. It looks like we might have to find our own way to Raven Hill."

"Find our own way? Are you kidding?" Greed said unhappily. "Do you want to swim across Nazferiti river with your own body?"

"We can find a bridge," Jesse suggested.

"So we have to walk south and find a bridge after that?" Greed groaned in agony. "That would take too long. We won't reach Raven Hill until the day after tomorrow. I regret coming with you. I want to go back to Stormwind!"

"Are you two headed to Raven Hill?"

A shiny covered wagon stopped next to them. Jesse glanced at the four beautiful horses in front. Unlike the thin, old horses that pulled the cargo wagons they had ridden before, these were gorgeous.

The speaker was in his fifties, dressed in a long gray robe. He held a staff with a beautiful gem encrusted at the top.

He wore a half-moon cross symbol representing the Holy Light, indicating he was a priest from the church.

"Yes, sir," Jesse said. "Could you give us a ride?"

"Of course," the priest said. "You two gentlemen can sit in the back as there's no more space here."

Jesse peeked inside and saw a Paladin wearing a blue shirt squeezed next to the priest. The Paladin leaned on a shield, holding a package with chainmail on the ground. Across from them, two other priests struggled to make room for the package. The priests also held stacks of books, and the top of the carriage was loaded with various heavy boxes.

In the seats at the back of the carriage, another male priest sat. Next to him were a few travelers like Jesse and Greed. There were only a few empty seats left.

"Praise the Holy Light!" Greed excitedly climbed onto the carriage. A young priest opposite him smiled as a dwarf sat down, looking as if the doctrine of the Holy Light had just been perfectly spread.

"May I ask, how much is the fare for this trip?" Jesse asked after sitting down.

"We don't charge any money," the young priest said. "We are headed to Grand Town and passing by Raven Hill, so it's on our way."

"I love the Holy Light," Greed said. "I've loved it since my time in Aerie Peak."

"The Holy Light also loves every hopeful person like you," the young priest said with a smile.

Jesse never really thought much about Holy Light. When he was young, he tried wishing to Holy Light just to see what would happen, because since Holy Light existed in this world, he didn't need to stick to his old atheist beliefs and struggle with a fantasy world.

As expected, Holy Light never responded to his calls.

It didn't heal him when he was injured, didn't heal his heart when he was sad, didn't stop the severe diarrhea he got after eating roasted river crab which almost took his life.

But he did see priests calling on Holy Light to heal other people's illnesses with his own eyes, so maybe Holy Light didn't really favor him as an "outsider."

"What are you going to do in Grand Town?" Jesse asked curiously.

"Heal the sick," the priest said. "Haven't you heard? South Elwynn is plagued with disease and necromantic contamination, many people in Grand Town are sick, and the medical resources there are seriously lacking. We are going there under Archbishop Alonsus Faol's orders to support our church brothers."

Jesse looked up at the boxes tied to the top of the wagon and said, "So are those all potions inside?"

"Some of them are," the priest answered. "And some are food, medical books, and such. If you want, when we rest in Raven Hill, I can give you some."

"Oh, thank you so much," Jesse said. "But I feel like the people in Grand Town need help more than us."

The priest smiled and said, "You are young and energetic. Would you like to help out at the Cathedral of Light in Stormwind?"

Jesse had thought about becoming a priest before, but he didn't feel a connection with the Holy Light, so he didn't bother getting involved with the church.

This was the first time he had chatted with a member of the Holy Light Church for so long. Their friendliness and warmth made him feel a bit uneasy. Even someone like him, who tended to be cautious around missionaries, felt a bit relaxed.

He knew that it was mainly because the other person was willing to take them to Raven Hill.

But in the dangerous world of Azeroth, ordinary people living in hardship needed exactly this kind of help, didn't they?

Perhaps that's why, despite facing numerous disasters, the Holy Light remained the most widespread and deeply rooted faith in this land.

"I will consider it," Jesse said.

"That's great to hear. Even your consideration is an honor to me," the priest replied.

"I want a treat," Greed said. "I heard the pastries at the cathedral are delicious. Do you happen to have any?"

"That thing is called a Sunfruit," the priest took out a small cloth bag from behind and pulled out a bright yellow fruit that looked like an orange, asking, "Is this what you're talking about?"

Greed took one and immediately took a bite, with golden fruit juice dripping all over his lips.

"Yes, this taste, so sweet!"

Watching Greed enjoy the fruit so much, Jesse also licked his lips, and the priest handed a fruit to him, "Want to try?"

Jesse took a bite and felt a bit sour, the texture was like a plum, even more fragrant than a plum, just not as sweet.

Considering that this world might not have the breeding technology from the 21st century, having such delicious fruits was already quite remarkable, much better than the odd fruits he had eaten in Lordaeron by countless times.

The priest told many stories of the Holy Light Church resisting Orc invasions in Redridge and Hillsbrad Foothills, as well as some heroic deeds of the newly established Silver Hand Knights, some of which Jesse had never heard of.

To his surprise, the priest even mentioned one of the leaders of the Silver Hand, a well-known character in the game World of Warcraft, who later became one of the leaders of the Alliance, Tirion Fordring.

Listening to the stories and exchanging knowledge about the Orc War over the years, Greed excitedly recounted everything, even the few nearby travelers who were initially silent joined in.

Time passed quickly, just after noon, everyone finished their food and the carriage had reached the bridge over the Nazferiti River.

After crossing the bridge, the carriage continued along the river bank, getting closer to Duskwood ahead. Greed kept watching the direction the carriage was heading, wanting to see when the sky would start turning dark, while the priest and some travelers were taking a nap.

Jesse gazed at the wide expanse of the Nazferiti River, the longest river on the continent, flowing from the mountains where Karazhan was located through Elwynn, all the way to the southernmost point where it meets the sea in Stranglethorn.

The midday sunlight shone on the water, creating a shimmering spectacle.

As Jesse looked, he suddenly saw something white floating among the water grass not far away.

He tapped Greed and pointed at the object, asking, "What's that?"