The Diary of Working in Stormwind – Chapter 009

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Chapter 009: Discount Price

Stepping outside, Jesse watched the pedestrians coming and going in the morning, realizing that the people in Mage Quarter seemed to have similar tastes in fashion, mostly wearing blue, purple outer robes or short shirts, light-colored trousers, etc. Even those who were a bit different did not stand out too much.

Jesse's shabby linen cloth shirt seemed out of place among the people entering and leaving Wizard's Sanctum.

Since he needed to fit in at Mage Quarter, it would be better to buy new clothes first to avoid being mistaken for a thief.

Not far from the entrance of Mage Quarter, under the base of the city wall, there was a tailor shop. An old oak tree by the door was almost merging with the stone wall, casting shade over the second-floor windows and partly hiding the tailor shop's sign.

However, you could still see clearly, it said "Duncan Family - Tailoring".

Jesse had been to this shop the last time he looked for a job, as soon as he walked in, the red-haired boss frowned.

"Why is it you again? Didn't I tell you last time there were no jobs for you?"

"I would like to see some clothes, sir."

"Um, alright, any specific requests?"

"What kind of clothes do mage assistants usually wear? Could you recommend something for me?"

The boss raised his glasses, glanced at the ring on Jesse's hand, and said, "Your question is too broad. Assistants are neither mages nor apprentices, you can mix and match as you like according to your own preferences."

Alright, alright, I understand. Assistants are neither apprentices nor mages. Not everyone you see in the Mage Quarter needs to remind me carefully, right?

Muttering to himself like this, Jesse glanced at the fabric spread out on the counter, then hesitated a little as he looked at the clothes being arranged by a few apprentice tailors nearby.

The clothes here are all made of good quality fabric and seem quite expensive. But why not just keep wearing these clothes instead of going to other stores outside, since everyone wears similar clothes at the construction site.

He casually touched a piece of clothing that felt quite nice, but it seemed to still be a light blue jacket made of linen cloth.

"How much is this clothing?"

"3 silver coins, sir. If you pay 4 silver coins, we can tailor a set according to your size, which is very cost-effective. You can come to pick it up the day after tomorrow."

Upon hearing this price, Jesse was stunned, but all he said was, "Sorry, I'm in a hurry."

"Then you can take it with just 3 silver coins. It's a great deal."

Is this torn linen clothing really worth so much money? Jesse glanced at him, then looked at other clothes displayed elsewhere. He felt that this might be the cheapest thing in the store, and the spending level in the Mage Quarter didn't quite match his current financial situation.

"To be honest, I am here to buy clothes on behalf of my boss, so whether I buy it or not doesn't matter." He said sternly, "So I have some specific requirements."

"I'm listening."

"I need a magical cloak with some resistance to shadows and preferably to flames too. Otherwise, linen clothes are too easy to catch on fire, which is not good for fighting."

Jesse paused and leaned closer to the shocked boss.

"Have you heard about Gnolls entering Elwynn Forest again? The magic of Gnoll Warlocks is serious. I need to ensure the safety of the master, so I have high standards. If it's difficult, it's okay, I'll go somewhere else."

The boss nodded slowly and said, "A cloak with enchantments, needing resistance to shadows and flames, has high requirements. It's best to use silk because silk blends better with animal products and arcane magic than linen cloth, enhancing the power of enchantments. I understand. Let me fetch one for you to see..."

"You actually have it?!" This time it was Jesse's turn to be stunned. He had only planned to make a ridiculous suggestion and then leave the tailor shop gracefully after being rejected by the boss, but he had overlooked the fact that this shop was specifically for mages.

Then what should he request to ensure that there is none here? A full-body suit of armor engraved with a golden lion emblem, preferably with shoulder pads shaped like a metal dragon with a wide-open mouth?

With a look befitting a big customer, the boss turned and ran into the basement. The apprentices looked over because of the boss's reaction, and Jesse, who was about to slip away, was frozen in place by their collective gaze.

Shortly after, the boss came out carrying a beautifully decorated wooden box. Just the box alone would cost Jesse a fortune even if he were sold by weight.

Excitedly trembling, the boss held a small copper key in his hand and opened the lock, slowly lifting the lid of the box. A not-so-obvious stream of air rushed out of the box, making his hair tremble slightly.

Is this magic a bit too much?

Inside the box was a thin black outer robe with a faint purple hue. It was indeed made of silk and the sewing was very exquisite. It was the first time he had seen a product with sewing quality that could rival the synthetic clothes he had seen in his previous life.

"Cloak of the Deceased." The shopkeeper whispered in a low voice, "The original seamstress of this garment was a mage renowned in Stormwind. But in reality, he secretly practiced Necromancy. To prevent the dead energy from harming himself, he magically sewed this garment, which naturally possessed resistance to shadow."

With a slightly raised tone, he continued, "The famous royal court mage, Master Nelas Eran, passed this garment to his apprentice, Alfred Vanbrunt. To combat the Orc Warlock's fire magic, he personally enchanted the garment with fire resistance, making it exactly what you need."

As the story reached this point, he narrated like a singing minstrel, "However, Master Vanbrunt fell in a decisive battle in Hillsbrad Foothills. His grandson sold us this garment, which was said to have been damaged at the hem by the Red Dragon's flames, so we altered it from a robe to a short coat."

Upon hearing this, Jesse was dumbfounded.

After a while, he finally asked, "Didn't you say it had fire resistance, then how did it get burned by the Red Dragon? Isn't that false advertising?"

"Even the strongest armor can't withstand a punch from a mountain giant, sir," the shopkeeper said with a wry smile.

Jesse remarked, "That's the truth, but the name is really ominous. If I were its owner, wouldn't I become the deceased?"

The boss sighed and said, "Honestly, that's why this clothing is hard to sell. But I can see that your boss may have given you a limited budget, so this could actually work out well for you! Because it doesn't have a nice name, we'll give you a discount."

"How much?"

"7 gold coins, and you can take it."

Jesse felt really silly.

"Indeed... it's actually quite cheap."


"But I don't have the authority to decide on something so good, I'll go back and ask the boss's opinion, and then consider the price."

"No problem, we're always patient with our big customers." The boss smiled, packed up the clothes, and bid Jesse farewell.

Leaving the tailor shop, the sunlight was a bit dazzling.

When Jesse saw a dress that cost 7 gold coins, he found it hard to accept and became more aware.

Since he didn't have much money now, it was better not to think about buying clothes. Instead, he should focus on getting the medicine first.