The Diary of Working in Stormwind – Chapter 008

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Chapter 008: A New Plan

In fact, ever since hearing the novice warlock Surena casting spells in the basement of The Slaughtered Lamb that day, an idea had taken shape in Jesse's mind.

It involved listening to the incantations from those warlocks, memorizing the approximate pronunciation, and then piecing them together to master the complete spells upon returning.

Of course, this is really hard. A spell can have dozens of words. Luckily, Jesse had some knowledge of languages from his past life, so he felt a bit confident about it.

Listening and silently repeating it over and over again, just like practicing English listening before, he thought he would remember it in a short time.

However, repeating it over and over again didn't just mean listening. It meant enduring the harm of Black Magic again and again, testing his resistance.

Next comes the hardest part, finding the true original words of these spells.

So far, humans have mainly interacted with demons through the Tirisfal Guardian Council. They have been trying to stop demons from infiltrating Azeroth from the Twisting Nether for over two thousand years.

After Medivh was killed and his mother, the last true Tirisfal Guardian, went missing, the Tirisfal Guardian Council lost its significance. A lot of demon-related information and books were lost as well.

Not to mention the high elves who studied demons in ancient times, their collection is over ten thousand years old. Even magical protected ancient books are hard to come by nowadays.

At this time, human warlocks in Stormwind mostly learned their spells from orcs. Some were obtained from orc prisoners, and some were found in damaged spell books.

Most of these books were damaged or nearly destroyed in wars. Whatever little content survived became invaluable treasures, hidden by powerful warlocks and mages for research and learning purposes.

In short, the warlocks practicing dark magic secretly in these underground dungeons cannot possibly have these precious spell books. They must be learning spells through word of mouth from other warlocks, practicing by finding "practice dummies" like Jesse to see the effects.

That's also why their spells' effects are unstable.

The main reason is that many warlocks practicing dark magic secretly during this time period do not know what language their spells are in.

Many even think it's some kind of Orcish or Ogre runic language, leading them to wrongly study Orcish language dictionaries or Ogre research from scholars during the war.

This situation improved only during the Third Orc War, the scourge and the battle of Mount Hyjal a dozen years later.

By then, a large number of demons invaded here through the Burning Legion, scattered after their defeat and fled to different parts of Azeroth, spreading true demon magic to the locals who worshipped them as gods and believers. The increasing number of portals also brought Azeroth closer to the Twisting Nether, making demon summoning easier.

At the same time, organized Orc and Ogre warlocks hid in forests and abandoned towns, spreading many demon-related spells and languages, leading to a large development of Azeroth warlocks.

Unfortunately, that wouldn't happen until a dozen years later.

Now, it's very likely that only Jesse in all of Stormwind knows that the spells of shadow and fel magic are actually not Orcish, far from Ogre, but a mix of lots of Demonic, with a little Dread Lord language – the ancient Nathrezim language, the native language of the lords of the abyss, and the language of the dark deities in the shadowy void – Shath'Yar, all intertwined to form complex spells.

He wanted to go to the library to find records about Demonic, or Eredar language, because Demonic is just a dialect of Eredar language after all.

Next, it was time to use the correct method to correct these jumbled spells and make a breakthrough.

After cleaning Malinmage's study, walking on the spiral walkway of Mage Quarter, Jesse looked at the dark alley leading to The Slaughtered Lamb tavern, turned a corner, and headed towards another popular inn in Mage Quarter.

This was where most mages who were tired of the snacks and bread in the Wizard's Sanctum often visited, the famous The Blue Recluse, a home for spellcasters.

Compared to The Slaughtered Lamb, this place was clearly much livelier, with a wider hall and even split into two levels.

At the railing on the upper level, a group of tipsy young apprentices were discussing how their mentors performed in today's classes, and some were predicting how the Alliance expedition would drive back the evil beasts in the cursed land through Dark Portal, and then completely destroy that gate.

Some mentioned that once the expedition succeeded, Azeroth's safety would be guaranteed, and Stormwind rebuilt in the disaster would be able to rise from the ashes, transforming into a new star of the Alliance, the hope of humanity, with house prices increasing ten or twenty times.

Hearing this, Jesse felt a tingle on his scalp, damn those locals were really confident.

The most important thing was that their predictions were not baseless, if they were just talking nonsense, Jesse wouldn't care so much.

The Kingdom of Stormwind stood strong for many years, gradually becoming the most stable and powerful human government. Stormwind, the capital of this kingdom, also became the largest human settlement in the whole land of Azeroth, causing property prices to rise steadily.

As for how high it could rise, he couldn't say for sure, since the game didn't mention any related content. He just hoped to make money faster than the rise in house prices.

Currently, if no major changes are made, the outlook is not optimistic.

However, he wasn't here to listen to the wind, but to plan his next move, grab a quick lunch, take a break, and wait for Amy Malin to hand him the assistant badge in the afternoon.

When he sat down, the sommelier approached and asked if he wanted to eat or drink something. Jesse asked for the prices of a few dishes and desserts, feeling more nervous.

Especially after hearing the discussion on the future direction of Stormwind's economy earlier, he felt that even buying slightly more expensive things was a kind of sin.

He ordered a piece of Stormwind cheese for 6 copper coins, a slice of dry bread, and some necessary protein, salt, and carbohydrates to sustain until the afternoon when he could freeload on snacks at the Wizard's Sanctum. It would be ridiculous if he fainted on the spot from waiting too long.

Lost in thought, his stomach growled. As the "dishes" arrived one by one, he quickly stuffed a few into his mouth, finally feeling energized to start thinking about his next steps.

Once he got the assistant badge, he could enter the library and head straight to the alchemy and herbalism section. His goal was to make Shadow Protection Potions, any kind of potion, elixir, or tonic related to resisting shadow magic.

We need to get these special potions ready for our next adventure to The Slaughtered Lamb.

We can't run around naked like last time, it was too painful and risky dealing with those foolish warlocks who might cast unpredictable magic on us. We need to protect ourselves and stay healthy.

Our body is our most precious asset. If our body fails us, we lose everything.

Once we have the potion recipes, we'll search for the herbs we need.

It's impossible for us to buy those herbs. In Lordaeron, even the most common Peacebloom cost a few silver coins per pound. Other herbs are likely to be even more expensive.

In the game world, if it costs one or two silver coins to collect a pound of Peacebloom, it means risking our lives and investing a lot of effort to gather herbs.

Shadow potions are even more expensive. They usually appear at higher levels and require rare herbs like Mageroyal and Kingsblood, which are found in dangerous areas.

We must bring Greed with us and gather as many herbs as possible to maximize our profits and share the rewards with him.

We should only travel during the day to avoid the increased danger from monsters at night.

Even though it may take some time away from making money, can working in Stormwind help him buy a house? He doesn't have the ability to know for sure.

Although the recent adventures were so dangerous that they almost cost him his life, Jesse is now too scared to take such risks again. However, he has realized that those experiences have changed his beliefs a little.

In the afternoon, Jesse returned to Malin's study, where Amy was waiting for him.

"Your badge is ready," Amy said, holding a delicate small box. She opened it and took out a ring made of an unknown metal. "This is your assistant badge, it's just for you."

Jesse examined the ring carefully, touched it, smelled it, and felt that it might be made of copper, so it wouldn't fetch much money.

Moreover, arcane magic was used to carve his initials on it, marking him as an assistant. If he sold it, he would probably have bad luck soon.

However, this ring was his key to entering the magical world, and he wasn't short-sighted enough to sell it.

"Thank you, Miss Malin."

"Just call me Amy, since we might be spending a lot of time together in the future. By the way, do you need any other help from me?"

"Uh." Jesse looked around the study and said, "I want to borrow a scroll."

He needed a scroll to write down the recipe and approximate location. If he relied solely on memory and missed something, it would be a big loss.

The items sold in shops related to paper, ink, and carvings were priced like robberies, so he never even thought about going inside.

Amy handed Jesse a paper scroll, and with thanks, Jesse took the insignia and hurried to Wizard's Sanctum.