Samsara Games: Very Easy! – Chapter 280

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Chapter 280: how old are you!

December 10th, in the evening.

In a village of the European Union, belonging to a small county under the 18th line, they enjoyed an improved standard of living brought about by economic development, but it wasn't too much of a luxury.

It simply spent five hundred peaceful and calm years. It worked when it needed to work, and rested when it needed to rest. Everyone lived an ordinary and safe life, and the most important events were getting married and having children, and celebrating happy occasions.

If there was something special, it was only during the month of December each year. The village chief would lead a seven-day ceremony, starting on the 11th and ending on the 18th.

Men were not required to participate, but all women had to. Even those who worked outside the village or were less than ten years old had to join. The ceremony itself was not sacred and did not require any offerings. Even the decorative offerings would become ingredients for the feast that night.

The only requirement was a long and silent mourning ceremony. The village witches would kneel in front of the central altar of the village in the evening and recite an ancient chant consisting of one thousand and eight characters.

Devoutly mourning, praying, and wishing, hoping to take away sickness and discomfort, and to offer happiness and well-being.

The ceremony had been going on for five hundred years, without interruption. It had become a cultural tradition in the witch village, and served as an emotional bond among the people who had left the village. Many outsiders were also interested and would participate, but could never match the witches' devoutness.

Not all witches participated in the ceremony with such devotion, but all the witches who did participate gradually became devout during the ceremony. They could feel a mysterious and enduring warmth there.

So, in December, the witch village became especially lively. Many people who were away could only meet during this time to connect and have a good conversation. On the tenth day, many witches from all over the country hurried back to the village. The village was overcrowded for a while.

The village chief in the Witch Village has always been a woman. The old village chief arrived a bit late, leading a woman who looked unfamiliar.

"It's been a long time since you last came back, right?"

"Yes, it's been twenty years."

"You still look so young, just like when you woke up."

"I never thought there would be a day when I wake up again."

"How have these twenty years been for you?"

"Very good. I have traveled through the Alliance and visited Europa. I am satisfied."

"That's great, that's great... It's been so long, let's go have a drink."

"You are getting old, it's better not to drink."

"Hahaha, I'm only fifty-seven years old, don't treat me like an old lady."

The village chief led the woman in gray clothes to the crowded bar. It was the only place in the village for people to enjoy themselves. The TV was playing a live competition between the Tulip Academy and the Blue Iris University.

Originally, a competition at a school wouldn't attract much attention. The reason it was moved to this channel is because one of the little girls participating in the competition is from this village. Michelle Hope , the village elders, who were once young themselves, were amazed to see how the little girl had grown up.

Some of the older, kind-hearted aunties and uncles felt happy for her success, but also regretted that she couldn't make it back for the ceremony.

"Oh, Michelle," greeted the village chief and others. They found a corner to sit down and exclaimed, "This girl couldn't make it back this year. She's a talented student at the Tulip Academy. It's a shame you can't see her."

"Now you can see her," the woman said with a sparkle in her eyes. She whispered, "The Tulip Academy... the school under the golden tree."

"By the way, since she couldn't make it back for the ceremony, it shouldn't affect her, right?" the village chief suddenly thought.

"The Golden Tree can dispel some curses. Don't worry, as long as you are the king's subjects, you will be protected on this land. The red moonlight is becoming more and more violent. Sooner or later, more witches will realize this. Without the protection and blessings of the Golden Tree, they can only wait to go mad. And the lost traditional witches can only wait to have their minds corrupted. It's their own fault."

"... "the village chief remained silent.

"I was a bit harsh," the woman said, raising her cup to drink. "I'll punish myself with a drink."

"I understand. After all, forgetting the past is like betraying it. There's no need for mercy towards traitors, right?"

The woman smiled lightly and looked at the TV screen. "Let's watch the competition and see what new spells have been invented recently."


The battle armor and gear were all ready, but this level of preparation seemed to only be suitable for 'dying beautifully.'"

If she wanted to have a more extravagant death, she could ask that group of crazy people from the Fire Transmission Society to paint an exploding spell on her body.

Once defeated, the Death Forbidden Holy Domain would be triggered, and she would explode into the most brilliant fireworks, just like a monster in a special effects movie.

As long as she exploded, she wouldn't have to worry about dying in an ugly way. That would be a magnificent way to live and explode in death.

Michelle thought about these jokes to comfort herself as she walked towards the arena, and she noticed the cold stares from the audience.

...The pressure was immense.

"Contestant, please prepare..."

"Alright, alright, don't rush me!" Michelle glared at the staff member who was reminding her, like an irritated little cat.

"...I understand the heavy psychological pressure, you can try taking deep breaths." The staff member was a spiritual mage, who knew how to help people relax and relieve their inner pressure.

Michelle thought to herself, "I hope you can understand, I'm not afraid of Yun Chuyou but the Blood Noble above her!"

The time has come.

Alena and Judy went to the audience seats to avoid putting pressure on her.

There were many people in the audience seats. I wonder if they were waiting to see someone get hurt.

She took a deep breath and walked to the center of the duel arena, facing the Ming Country or one of the sharpest swords in the world.

The fiery clouds in the sky gradually dimmed as a blood moon rose slowly.

Scarlet Curse had little impression of the immortal world. She was surrounded by a soothing aura that dispelled all curses and negated any negative effects on her mind. Only the most impure and corrupted aura could affect her.

Yun Chuyou floated above the ground, stepping on her sword, hovering a few inches above the ground. She didn't do it to look down on others, but because she was so used to it. Even if she was mistakenly seen as a superior person, she wouldn't explain, because that's just how she always was.

She wasn't considered arrogant because of her true haughty nature, but because her strength was too outstanding and impressive.

Fairies don't express emotions as much, just like how she doesn't care who her opponent is or how many rounds she has to fight.

It's just a difference between a single swing of the sword and a few swings.

She stared at her opponent, waiting for the signal to start.

The arena was tense, hanging by a thread.


The sound announcing the start of the match rang out and in an instant, it felt like time froze. Yun Chuyou, with her hand holding the sword loosely, didn't actually draw her sword. Instead, she swept her sleeve down, causing a shower of frost to fall and transform into an invincible sword.

This was the second time everyone saw her swing her sword, the same scene as before, the same moves, without any mercy. The sword energy filled the sky like a blizzard, once again turning the situation into an instant victory.

A sigh arose from the audience, thinking that Michelle would have taken the first move and interrupted her opponent's sword energy, but they didn't expect her to just stand there and take a full hit.

Dulahhan was overwhelmed with buffs, let alone Michelle, the unconventional Dragonborn who didn't like exercising.

However, the audience gave up, but the professors who saw through it all smiled.

A golden light resisted the frosty sword energy, and Michelle basked in the golden light, once again unleashing the power of the Golden Engraving.

Yun Chuyou was surprised for a moment, saying, "It actually blocked it."

Michelle exhaled white mist. She had a strong constitution, but even if she activated the first stage of her berserk blood, she wouldn't be able to withstand it. If she took this sword head-on, she would inevitably be defeated, her body split in half and frozen into pieces of ice, ending in a gruesome death.

In a remote village, there were two powerful individuals, Yun Chuyou and Dulahhan. Yun Chuyou possessed a mystical sword called the "Frost Sword Qi," which had the ability to weaken the enemy's power. On the other hand, Dulahhan had the Golden Engraving, a special power that was not as strong as the Frost Sword Qi but still formidable.

As the story progressed, it became clear that both Yun Chuyou and Dulahhan were evenly matched.

In a bar in the village, a woman with gray hair and clothes expressed disbelief, "The Golden Engraving? Where did she get it from? How is this even possible?"

Meanwhile, Earth Dragon Monk sitting in the audience let out a sigh of relief, "Finally, the disadvantage has been balanced. Now we can at least hold on for a few more minutes."

The vice principal asked, "What does the Blood Noble think about this?"

Sasha said, "We're so lucky to see the true power of the magical realm in the Ming Country."


Yun Chuyou stood on one foot, and in an instant, the ground was covered in a layer of frost.

To wield a magical sword, she had to grip it with all five fingers to truly activate its power.

As she pointed her sword, it didn't seem to move, but the sword's light rained down like heavy drops, gracefully descending.

Michelle was captivated by the beautiful scenery but also worried about not having an umbrella to shield herself from the rain.

Using the infinite power transformed from the Golden Engraving, she desperately tried to defend herself. However, her lack of combat experience made her rely purely on brute strength without knowing how to utilize it effectively.

A surprise attack from a dragon's tooth? No, in the blink of an eye, it would be shredded by the sword's energy.

As Yun Chuyou effortlessly moved around, she prepared herself for the next strike.

Michelle gritted her teeth, contemplating whether to take a gamble that could lead to mutual destruction. Suddenly, a sword energy broke through the golden defense and slashed her shoulder, causing blood to flow profusely.

She felt a strong pain, and the idea of fighting back quickly came to her mind. Just as she was about to strike one final blow, she heard a familiar voice.

"Oh no, not this woman again, bullying my alternate account for no reason!"