I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 99

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Chapter 99: Cybertyrant!

One by one, sparkling pictures gradually emerged from the mist.

"Operator Fragment - Fusion Slime×1"

It's another piece of Fusion Slime, perhaps it can be obtained someday, but not now.

However, Bai Yan remembers clearly that this fellow's beginnings were in the "Night Union" laboratory, not in the Air Alliance.

It can only escape with its own help.

"Relic Fragment · Blink Blade × 1"

"Relic Fragment · Dead Sea Scrolls × 1"

"Operator Fragment - Moon Witch×1"

Upon seeing this fragment, Bai Yan's mind started to wander, thinking of the gorgeous face of the witch Merete Chambers. For the time being, she remained at the Demon Hunt Agency with nothing to do.

However, with the strong and indisputably powerful "Emperor" present, even the Moon Witch would not act recklessly.

But it's only a matter of time before she makes a move, and Bai Yan is well aware of this fact.

However, prior to that, as a highly respected member of the Demon Hunt Agency, taking the initiative and exposing her would be tantamount to courting death.

"It would be best to isolate her before any conflict arises, thus bringing about a peaceful resolution."

He muttered to himself:

"Obtaining the 'Moon Witch' would be of no less significance than possessing 'Queen of the Scarlet Moon' in the mid-term… Unfortunately, her influence doesn't extend to Tatsumi City, nor even to the Air Alliance, limiting her utility in the short term."


Bai Yan is actually aware of the entire background of the Moon Witch.

Merete Chambers is just one of her many names. She has numerous identities and names all over the world, making her a mysterious existence that can be considered "unfathomable" in the eyes of many.

The Euro League actually has a moon cult that worships the witch who reincarnates from generation to generation. They believe that one day she will be able to rival the "Rainbows". Members of the cult have been brainwashed since birth and are completely loyal to the Moon Witch's reincarnated body.

However, perhaps few could imagine that… the holy woman, leader, and deity of this ancient sect, a trinity of the highest authority… would actually be hidden in a city of another nation.

To be honest, both publicly and privately, Bai Yan really wants to obtain the "Moon Witch".

Not for any other reason, only because he wants to see the astounded expression of this type of "scheming witch, toying with people's minds".

It's quite fascinating to think about, isn't it?

"Hmm, maybe she and I have the same type of stand…"

Bai Yan chuckled and muttered to himself.

"Pleasure weirdo."

"Fragment of Relic · Gungnir × 1"

In Bai Yan's impression, Gungnir was a decent and powerful Relic, but gathering one fragment after another… it was just too slow.

There isn't currently a better way to quickly gather Relics or Sacred Runes, so the only option is to wait for the opening of the "Fragment Exchange".

"Perhaps, the second playthrough will have the 'Fragment Exchange' function opened earlier?"

Bai Yan continued to mutter to himself.

"Operator Fragment · Girl Psychic Elene×1"

Well, she is a hardworking girl, a versatile Core Operator, and the other impressions weren't very profound.

"Core Operator · Cybertyrant×1!"

Got it!

Bai Yan let out a breath, feeling slightly conflicted. Cybertyrant was not a completely weak character in the game "Babel Tower". Actually, there were only a few Core Operators who were truly terrible.

The problem lies in the fact that this Operator's location is not in Tatsumi City at all, not even in the Air Alliance!

"This is the first Core Operator stationed in another city, seemingly having difficulty providing additional assistance to other operators, and like 'Psychic Dancer', is also a specialized player."

Next, several different fragments emerged.

"Sacred Rune Fragment · Feathered Snake Quetzalcoatl×1"

"Operator Fragment · Truth Scholar×1"

"Operator Fragment · Moon Witch×1"

Moon Witch had never before drawn even a single fragment, but this time Bai Yan got two fragments in one breath.

Bai Yan raised an eyebrow, could this be fate?

"Sacred Rune · Frigga×1!"

His eyes lit up at the sight of a new Core Operator and a new Sacred Rune.

Choosing to do a ten-summon gacha was definitely not a bad idea!

The new Sacred Rune, "Frigga," possesses the power of "the Mother of All Things" and its power is actually a plain and simple "healing ability."

Sacred Rune · Frigga, "Provides the power to heal everything, converts a large amount of the user's stamina, and can instantly heal someone as long as they have a breath."

"Replacing MP with HP, it possesses a plain but practical power. So far, their 'Blood of Darkness' and 'The Heart of Life' both fail to restore injuries at the brink of death, and can only self-heal but not heal others… But with 'Frigga', everyone obtains the power of healing."

Bai Yan fell into contemplation. Each Core Operator can only equip one Sacred Rune, although they can also be swapped.

Currently, "Nightsaber" is the most suitable to equip it.

This is because her physical advantage is much greater than the other two.

"And then, it's your turn."

Bai Yan's eyes gazed at the pixelated figure of the new operator, and he spoke slowly.



Night Union.

The Ring City.

The Seventy-Ninth Layer.

The dim night sky was devoid of any light, while murky raindrops kept falling incessantly. The dirty, viscous air was enough to make an unprepared person feel suffocated.

Many numb individuals walked on the streets of Wood District, a considerable number of them were armed.

Their outfits and attire differed greatly from those in Tatsumi City, more flamboyant and ostentatious, with extreme and exaggerated colors.

In the rain, a man approaching his thirties wore a black hooded coat, lowered his head silently and proceeded towards the new street of Wood District.

He arrived at the entrance of New Street, standing in front of an automatic processor and staring at the scanning device.


"Scan complete. Welcome, Ryan Acker."

"Remaining credit points: 779. May I ask what you would like to purchase? We highly recommend the newly released 'Ultimate Otaku Happy Water' by the Rock Morgan group, which will instantly make you forget all your worries! We also offer a discount for returning customers!"

The young man took a deep breath and said, "I need two basic purifiers."

"Beep, shipment completed."

Two spray-type small bottles fell out of the delivery port of the automated processor. The man leaned down to pick them up and quickly left.

Soon, he returned to his home in New Street.

Although it's called "New Street", it has actually been around for over fifty years and is old and dilapidated. The man's home in the cluster apartment is also extremely small, barely forty square meters.

In the small house where he lived, besides him, there was also a young girl sitting in front of a computer.

She sat in a shabby but technologically advanced mechanical wheelchair, with short black hair and a very outstanding appearance. Her face had a uniquely gentle feeling.

The girl had no legs, lost both arms, and her right eye was also a shiny artificial eye.

Her only left eye was as beautiful as a blue gemstone, pure and flawless. Anyone who saw it couldn't help but admire it.

"Brother, you're back!"

Amy turned her head happily and looked at her brother Ryan with a tender and joyful smile.

The Ring City is the largest city of Night Union and one of the most famous cities in the world. It is a super-sized city built by the Rock Morgan Group.

(Translated by Gravity Tales 😩)

The Ring City is naturally shaped like the letter "O", and it has a total of 200 levels from the lowest to the highest, each housing a large population.

The so-called night sky is actually a virtual screen simulation product created on the fifty-first to one-hundredth floors, where the fifty floors are inhabited by poor people who live without seeing the sunlight all day long. Many of them have no secure jobs and just struggle to survive.

Amy and Ryan are two siblings who depend on each other for survival.

In order to supplement their income and save money, Amy has been working on online jobs, some of which belong to hackers.

"Amy, listen to me. I've found a way to make money recently. If it succeeds, we can get a huge sum!"

Ryan's expression was excited as he approached and said, "As long as I save enough money, I can send you to the upper level, and then you will definitely be able to cure your body… I swear to you!"

Amy was slightly stunned, her smile disappeared, and she frowned, "Brother, is your job really… legal?"

Ryan obviously was not surprised by this question and showed a gentle smile.

"Don't worry, it's a legal job. It was introduced to me by my good friend Gill, who grew up with us since childhood, so it definitely won't harm us."

"With you around, I would never dare to engage in any unlawful activity." he added.

Amy pondered for a moment before remarking, "Ah, so it was Gill who introduced you… But it seems like he hasn't been in touch with us much lately."

Ryan furrowed her brows, and upon seeing this, Amy nodded earnestly and said, "Brother, don't worry, I'll find a way to save up money too."

"Someday, the two of us will ascend to the upper levels, to areas above the 100th floor… It's just a matter of time."

Ryan nodded and said,

"Hmm, Amy, I have something else to do, remember to use these two purifiers."

Ryan glanced at the time and suddenly became anxious. He left hastily, leaving behind two spray bottles.

The air purifier is a daily necessity here. People living in the heavily polluted lower levels of society will easily suffer from various illnesses if they don't use air purifiers regularly.

Amy glanced at the company mark "Rock Morgan" on the purifier bottle and bit her lip slightly.

"Rock Morgan……"

Let's see if there are any new hacking jobs next.

She shook her head.

Perhaps it was time to take on a more challenging task, Amy bit her lip again… Danger and money always go hand in hand, she must accept this fact.

She took a deep breath, her gaze became resolute.

Brother, our family will have money.

Suddenly, Amy heard a voice.

Ruthless and directly appearing in her mind, it caused an uncontrollable fear.


[You have been chosen by fate.]