I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 98 Part 2

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Chapter 98: Returning to the Ten-Summon Big Family! (1)

Mu Ling calmly looked at Kessel's face and said slowly, "The power of the Savior is beyond your imagination. Give up the idea of catching us. We and the Demon Hunt Agency are not enemies."

"The purpose of the Babel Tower is to save the entire world."

"Oh, then stay and explain the situation in detail."

Kessel's expression remained unchanged as he raised his left hand again, and the solid color ring on his ring finger emitted a dazzling red light.

However, Mu Ling and Maryse were not affected.

Their bodies were gradually disappearing in the black mist.

"Is it not possible?"

Kessel watched helplessly as the two left, furrowing his brow deeply.

"Babel Tower, the Savior, does this name refer to the mastermind behind their actions…?"

He repeatedly recalled the memories accumulated over hundreds of years, but he never found anything about the "Savior." He had never heard of such a person before.

"Who exactly is he?" Kessel fell into contemplation.

Bai Yan stood among the many Night Watchers, silently.

As a Night Watcher with little combat power, he didn't take action, only calmly watched the scene.

Bai Yan felt no trace of nervousness rising in his heart. The only thing he had to do was to endure a smile among the crowd.


Returning to the office, Bai Yan calmly sat down on his seat feeling good about himself.

The "God of Sleep" sitting in the front rows was still asleep. From his angle, he could just see Black Vulture's delicate and fair waist slightly showing.

Will she catch a cold?

If Black Vulture were just an ordinary person, Bai Yan would really like to remind her to cover up, but he held back.

After all, the two sides are not so familiar, or rather quite unfamiliar, and they have not even said a single word to each other so far.

If he were to wake her up or remind her himself, the result would definitely become very awkward.

Soon, Holly walked over.

Although it was the weekend, she still came to the Demon Hunt Agency.

Bai Yan had the best relationship with her in the team, as they were the only ones who could chat in the office every day.

He understood why Holly was very happy when he joined.

While Holly was speaking, her rabbit ears were also swaying, "Oh my, those responsible for investigating Babel Tower or even the so-called 'Emperor' are not very reliable, hehe, they let the people of Babel Tower escape again."

She shook a finger and laughed again. "It's still the 'Black Mist' that's too powerful, making them come and go without a trace. Otherwise, I really want to fight that hunter."

Bai Yan couldn't help but smile when he heard it. "You want to fight that black-clothed white-haired girl? Can you win? Will you become a spicy rabbit head?"

"Recently, I have been watching videos about Babel Tower. In the past, I probably had a 50-50 chance of winning against her."

Holly pondered for a moment, furrowed her brows and said, "But in almost every video, she is getting stronger and stronger. Now, I am no match for her."

"The most terrifying thing about the Babel Tower is this," Holly sighed and envied, "It's ridiculous how fast she's getting stronger. Sometimes, I even wish I could be part of Babel Tower myself."

Bai Yan's smile was even more subtle, saying, "Perhaps those who want to become a part of Babel Tower will have to pay a terrible price, such as giving their soul to the owner of Babel Tower."

"Um, let's forget about it."

After hearing it, Holly immediately showed a frightened expression, as if she had associated it with many terrible things.

"If this is true, then they are really pitiful. Maybe they are just putting up a front, but behind the scenes, they have already been toyed with by the owner of Babel Tower…"

Bai Yan really wanted to say "What are you talking about? This is impossible" at this moment.

However, this statement is clearly not consistent with his own identity. After all, in theory, Holly's statement is also possible.

Therefore, he could only nod slightly.

"Hmm, perhaps."

"Enough said, I'm going to pick up the takeout."

"You're having lunch so early?"

After watching Holly leave, Bai Yan took out his phone and raised an eyebrow at the two big words on the screen.

"Mission failed."

Although Mu Ling repeatedly claimed that the mission was accomplished, in reality, the mission of catching the Alien was a failure.

She executed him directly!

Can this be called capture or arrest?

Bai Yan muttered, "Ah, but I can't blame her."

However, a failed mission doesn't mean there was no gain. The completion of the mission and the amount of reward are not entirely related.

"Reward acquired, legend points+80"

"The wreckage of 'Shadow Guest' was successfully collected and can be invested in developing new special techniques for resource development."

"Ah, it turns out to be a material belonging to the 'special development' series."

Bai Yan squinted his eyes, with a smile on his lips, obviously in a very good mood, as he has once again accumulated five hundred points.

Here has the time come for the summoning again!

However, this time Bai Yan had made a new decision.

He planned to return to the "Ten Summons" family.

Bai Yan was ready to invest all of the five hundred Source Energy Points in the "Destiny" pool this time, and then invest all of the next five hundred Source Energy Points in "Different Dimensions."


"Indeed, drawing five times from each of the two pools every time makes one feel a bit uneasy…"

Bai Yan took a deep breath and clicked on the "Destiny" option.

Ten draws!


The smile on his face deepened, and he muttered to himself, "Hmm, not bad… it's a new Operator!"