I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 97 Part 2

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Chapter 97: New Friend (2)

[I command you to evacuate all the people in the cinema.]

I just remembered, yes, my friends are still waiting for my triumphant return in the family.

Hmm, I must become stronger.

"Savior, it seems like that guy is about to come out."

Maryse's tone was no longer mischievous, but rather staring at the gradually burning big screen. The face that belonged to her mother in memory seemed to be gradually fading away.

I, myself, have long been unable to return to the "past".

As for what freedom can be achieved in the "future", it all depends on how I grasp the "present" moment.

No matter how embellished, whether it is a possibility to save the world, or a hero of Tatsumi City, actually, I am just a dog raised by Babel Tower at the moment, haha.

Very well then, let me fully utilize this identity to climb back up to the family that despises me.

"One day, I will become the head of the Augustus family."

As the cast list was projected onto the screen, the smoke man slowly walked out and Maryse immediately became vigilant.

It had no eyes, mouth, or other facial features, didn't speak any language, and only emitted black smoke, which condensed into elusive black words in mid-air.

"I am an envoy from the shadow realm, a devout believer in 'Pupil of Chaos'. Why do you seek an audience with me?"

Maryse pondered for a moment, then pretended to have a fervent and devout expression, sticking out her tongue and saying, "Ahahaha, I too am a devout follower of Pupil of Chaos! Please enlighten me, let's conquer this world together!"

As a result, the smoke man became very excited, his arm once again turned into a new line of text, and the shaking became even greater!

"No, you are deceiving me!"

"The great Pupil of Chaos doesn't need to conquer the world, for everything is within His sight!"

Maryse withdrew her tongue and coldly said, "Oh well, forget it. I'll beat you to death!"

After the staged battle, Maryse was somewhat disheveled as she hid behind many chairs in the destroyed screening room with her Enchanted Pistol, attentively watching the angry smoke person.

Soon, Maryse was stunned.

It gradually absorbed the smoke constantly emitted from the burning screen, and its body underwent a terrifying transformation!

Enormous enlargement!

"I was wrong, I shouldn't have set fire…" Maryse clicked her tongue, didn't expect this.

The smoke figure that had undergone an enormous enlargement quickly broke through the roof, and the projection hall collapsed with a bang.

Under Bai Yan's early manipulation, Maryse had already utilized the "Invisible Cloak of Hermes" to become ephemeral, thus completely avoiding the various damages caused by the collapse.

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The massively enlarged smoke person began to heedlessly destroy, its gigantic limbs made of black smoke continuously smashing the load-bearing structures of the houses, causing the entire cinema to begin to tremble and teeter.

While the cinema-goers had already evacuated, Maryse remained in a state of etherealness, waiting for the rampage of the colossal smoke person to come to its conclusion.


After the cinema collapsed, the people on the roadside looked in astonishment at the huge smoke figure, looking at each other in silence. Some turned and ran, while others retreated while taking shots, recording the terrifying image of the huge monster.


"Run fast!"

"Oh my god!"

The giant smoke figure made a roaring motion without uttering a sound. Its right arm dispersed once again, coalescing into a long, massive hammer, and brought it down upon the pedestrians who had not fled far enough.

Psychic Domination!

You should run faster! What a group of fools!

Maryse has reached the smoke person and voluntarily released her intangibility. She placed her hands on its feet and used the maximum power of Psychic Domination.

However, she felt significant resistance. At the moment when she used her psychic power to control it, her mind began to spin, and her mental energy was rapidly depleted.

This guy is really strong!

Maryse gritted her teeth and said, "Oh Savior, please allow me to be of some use."

Golden patterns started to bloom with radiance on her back!

Sacred Rune - Athena!

Reuse the previous ability!

Under the influence of double Psychic Domination, the giant smoke man gradually became slow in movement, and finally could not move at all in place, and the people around were evacuated completely.

Maryse suddenly felt that she didn't dislike becoming a hero…at least she would be admired by people.

Irena, you must wait for me. I will go back and reclaim what I have lost by myself!

[I command you to self-destruct!]

This thing became too powerful after being greatly enlarged. Maryse struggled to give the order to self-destruct.

The giant smoke man roared once again, and the black smoke on its body began to scatter, rapidly collapsing and shattering. Its originally enormous body was gradually shrinking.

"Success?" Maryse questioned with a slight hesitation.

However, just when the smoke man was only reduced to half, the self-destruction suddenly ended.

Maryse suddenly felt a violent dizziness, realizing that she had been thrown out.

Her head hit hard on the ruins of the cinema. Maryse felt a tremendous pain and her vision became blurry, only able to see the giant smoke man gradually approaching her.

She no longer had the energy to use "Psychic Domination" anymore.

"Am I going to die like this?"

Just then, a white-haired woman stood in front of Maryse.

Dressed in a black coat, carrying a black sword, with long white hair, she appeared so reliable.

[Don't worry, I will intercept it.]

Maryse was stunned.

"It's okay now."

Mu Ling slowly spoke, staring at the restless enemies in front of her.

She wasn't brought here under control, but happened to be searching for cult members nearby and rushed over immediately after hearing the news.

[With me here, no one will die in this place.]

Maryse opened her mouth, wanting to say something, but in the end only let out a sound.


Joining Babel Tower certainly turned out to be my lucky break.

With this, she had two friends now… She lied down calmly and waited patiently for her wound to heal.

Mu Ling felt the strange maliciousness but wasn't afraid at all, she simply waited for an opportunity in silence.

"Among the enemies that confront us outside of 'automatic' mode, you are the strongest… This is a test, I won't rely entirely on our Savior."

"Only by completing this trial, can I truly grow."

Finally, its arms suddenly lengthened, striking like black tentacles!

"Deep Blue World!"